The Department of Homeland Security Late To The Game 

Offers PSA or Did They?

Cristal M Clark 

You can always count on the United States Government and Law Enforcement communities to head off to the party, arrive late and offer a PSA literally thousands of people are already talking about. Thanks though, thanks. 

The Department of Homeland Security is certainly no stranger to the above and today in its infinite wisdom came out with a little PSA for us all, how heroic and brave. But really, let’s look at the real issue and ask the question before we get to the PSA shall we?

Why not put the PSA out last week like myself and several others did? Would it be just a might bit fair to suggest that this PSA was purposely put out in an attempt to sway the public opinion with regards to oh…what is that hot topic right now, no, no not abortion…what is it, oh, right, Gun Rights. 

The Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin Tuesday warning of a “heightened threat environment” over the next several months as they monitor both risks of domestic terrorism and foreign adversaries looking to sow discord within the U.S. to promote acts of violence.

The bulletin in part stated that “individuals in online forums that routinely promulgate domestic violent extremist and conspiracy theory-related content have praised the May 2022 mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas and encouraged copycat attacks.”

Yes, yes in part that can be somewhat true, we did see that play out a little last weekend where at least 17 were killed and, 62 were injured in mass shootings across the US over the weekend. 

What the PSA that the DHS released is telling you, is that if you are not in line and promptly on board with the narrative of law enforcement, DHS, the president, more gun control, that you perhaps feel a little discord and may or may not become a concern for them. Which is honestly, quite absurd. 

The simple fact is that we have been talking about increasing violence, for years. For fucks sake man, I’ve been doing it since 2016, warnings have gone out wide and far and from many experts, this is not getting better, so many of us predicted it worsening. Extremists are far from the issue, Law Enforcement is the fucking problem. Period and end of story. 

Sadly, the PSA that the Department of Homeland Security issued comes at a rather ill timed moment and that is, after multiple failures within our law enforcement community to thwart such attacks, many of which featured individuals known to law enforcement to be of a concern. To Thwart: prevent (someone) from accomplishing something. Like an individual you know may go off the rails and go on a mass shooting spree, someone you have interviewed, talked to friends and family about, perhaps a doctor. The mass shooters our law enforcement seems to be incapable of thwarting. 

The PSA does however, strangely enough fall on the hells of a promise by the Senate to quickly get something done in the way of more gun laws.

So to be clear and in case I need to spell it out for everyone, we are going to completely ignore the failures of the law enforcement community here, create more gun laws and the DHS is going to be watching right? 

Well, what happens when they blunder and fail to thwart another domestic attack? Who or what will they blame then? A killer that is hell bent on killing will find a way after all. 

Cristal M Clark

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Are We Facing The Summer of Violence?

Cristal M Clark

Tonight we as a nation are faced with yet another mass shooting, this one in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has left 4 dead including the gunman. In Uvalde, Texas, last week a gunman slaughtered 19 kids and two teachers and injured at least 17 people last week. A mass shooting in Buffalo last week. 

We are seeing unprecedented acts of violence creep up here in the US and on top of all of that, we are starting to finally see strong signs of a looming recession. 

If we get hit with a recession, it would be at the worst possible of times for the United States. If the events of last week in Uvalde did not leave you reeling with outrage I cannot fathom what sort of individual you are. We are hearing more and more cries for gun control and quite honestly, gun control is not the problem here. It is the very departments who are tasked with overseeing potential threats to this nation and blatantly ignoring the red flags, whilst sitting idly by and doing nothing so as to prevent yet another mass shooting. 

It is time to take a very honest and hard look at what the issues are and solve them before we legislate for more gun control. Who keeps letting these shootings happen? 


Well, if you look back at quite a few of our mass shootings in the nation, the FBI and in some cases local law enforcement. They had these individuals on a list, interviewed quite a few of them, our law enforcement agencies knew that most if not all of these mass shooters were problematic in nature, prior to a mass shooting, knew them to be mentally unstable and they stood out of each shooters way and allowed for the mass shootings to happen. 

So I would venture to say with absolute conviction that our very own men and women in uniform that line, the thin blue line failed at the whole protecting and serving part. And it’s not just mass shootings, hundreds of crimes are being reported every hour in this nation and nothing is fucking done about it. 

But you know what the thin blue line is engaging in rather than protecting and serving? Well that is quite the interesting thing, they have been engaging quite in common thuggery. 

Our law enforcement agencies were not created to protect and serve by the way, they were created under an administration that sought to control this country not to protect and serve. Policing was created under the civil war as a militarised group and to this day, our entire system is rife without moral, decency and a criminal mindset and still very much militarised. 

The Uvalde police stood outside and let children be slaughtered by a madman and they do not give a fuck for your sorrow. What policing has been for many years is a group of individuals who go after certain types of people, they harass, profile, intimidate, con people, kidnap, hold at gunpoint, bribe, set up and encourage criminal activity for the sole purpose of busting people. What they are not doing, is protecting and serving. 

Law enforcement in the United States makes up the largest organised criminal organisation in the world or perhaps second to the Narcos and the Sicario. They serve to intimidate and harass and incarcerate. In fact the entirety of our legal and judicial system does just that. They were designed to go after particular groups of individuals. Racketeering, for example, DA’s love this charge because the implications will allow for enhanced sentencing right, it means you can lock someone up who is not a murderer for the maximum amount of time, but if you look at all of the things that make up a racketeering charge it makes no bloody sense at all. I was held as prisoner in my own home and that guy didn’t get charges like racketeering, but lets say my neighbour who is part of a group law enforcement has targeted and labelled them as someone who is part of a criminal organisation, like a chess club but a wee bit more daring and my neighbour takes a hostage? Well he’s certainly fucked, he’ll be charged under what is that, the Colorado Organised Crime Control Act (CRS 18-17-104) The Colorado Organised Crime Control Act prohibits a number of criminal activities aimed at members of criminal enterprises. It prohibits racketeering activity, which generally includes crimes committed by gangs or organised crime. 

Law enforcement is utilising labels to do all of the things individuals who are charged under this law with, and they do it to those individuals because of a label. Law enforcement in the United States actively engages in the very activities that make up Organised Crime in this country. And we are turning a blind eye to it. 

So no, more gun laws simply will not work. We need to address the how and why and change those laws as well as the very people today we are tasking to enforce them. Today’s Policing is not the answer neither is the FBI for that matter, whatever book they are going by, well it needs to be tossed and rewritten to better fit into today’s world. The whole system in its very entirety needs to be torn down and changed. And more gun control is not going to fix a thing. 

Our laws here in the US by the way are instilled by judges who interpret them, yes, nothing is actually literal. So no the entire system before we can control mass shootings is already designed for failure.

Quite honestly, I wore the other boot once and I know all too well how law enforcement entraps certain people and why they choose to do that, it’s not right and it is never fair to the individuals who are ultimately charged and incarcerated. Law enforcement willing set them up, willingly engaged in criminal activity and created the drama so as to create the crime just so that they can charge them for no reason at all. On the flip side of that, I still talk to quite a few coppers, they don’t give a fuck anymore, they feel the public discontent and they don’t care about you, me or anyone. Many departments and agencies are hurting because they cannot fill the void. 

All of this is of particular importance because the sure tell signs of a recession are already here, and as people lose jobs, homes, food, shelter, comforts, they will in fact, react in violent ways. And do you believe the police or the FBI are going to step and protect any of you? Do you?

We must fix our legal system, every law written and change out our current bitter, hateful and uncaring law enforcement entity before we will ever be able to fix madmen with guns slaughtering innocent children. 

Cristal M Clark

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