US Department of Justice Possibly Makes Grave Mistake


Indictment of Julian Assange

Cristal M Clark


Heads are spinning over the recent indictment of Julian Assange, particularly the US Department of Justice’s rather oddly put together indictment which boils down to more or less hokum and fairy tales. Honestly, Trump who I would be shocked to learn approved of this indictment given his love for Julian during the 2016 election must be horrified by the indictment, not to mention his son’s own direct, not indirect or accidental but direct contact with WikiLeaks prior to the 2016 win of his father.


The worst fate of all, is that this indictment so as to ensure that the UK would extradite Julian back to the US to face charges, will more than likely cause some shit to hit the fan that which blows directly at Trump and his inner circle because the reality is simple, once this case gets into court, all bets are off and the US can’t keep Julian quiet then, he can and most likely will tell the truth, even if it hurts Trump, even at the risk of being jailed.


In the initial indictment against Julian it was in relation to a single hacking charge and had been more or less very deliberately drafted for the charge to appear to be more about the manner of obtaining classified materials and less about the prosecution of a journalist.

In the newest round of charges however, Julian is charged with seeking, obtaining, and publishing embarrassing US government secrets.

The US-UK extradition treaty in force: “Extradition shall not be granted if the offense for which extradition is requested is a political offense.”

So, the new indictment as I read them, seem to be very politically motivated. “Publishing Embarrassing US Government Secrets?” If I had been me filing the charges, I would have omitted the word “embarrassing” because the second you add it, it makes the entire ordeal rather childish and pointless. So, you were embarrassed? So what, get the fuck over it and move on and stop behaving like a temper tantrum throwing two-year old and while you’re at it, stop sucking your thumb in public because that is embarrassing the entire nation.

Julian’s defense will for sure delve into the First Amendment’s protection of the freedom of the press. That defense will also more than likely include testimony and documentary evidence about Julian’s journalistic bona fide sources like Chelsea Manning, and it will no doubt whatsoever, reach Donald Trump and his inner circle, who are in fact known publicly as supporters of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Trump during the 2016 campaign:

“I love WikLeaks, that WikiLeaks is amazing, that “WikiLeaks is like a treasure trove, boy, I love reading those WikiLeaks.”


It is no secret that Trump demands yes men on his team so this indictment against Julian Assange begs the question, did the US Department of Justice not think this through all the way, did they fail in getting Trump’s blessing or just blatantly go about indicting Julian without having a moment’s thought with regards to the outcome for Trump and his inner circle?

Cristal M Clark

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CIA hacking air-gapped networks?

US CIA-Crime-shop

US Central Intelligence Agency – Brutal Kangaroo


A newly released dump of intel by WikiLeaks details how the CIA developed a way to hack an air-gapped network using a USB and some creative malware. Technically speaking, this is not in anyway new information. It has always been known that one could hack an air-gapped network using a USB so as to either:

  1. Steal intel on the USB or;
  2. Download some type of malware so as to infect the network promoting the network to send out the requested data should the malware detect any open internet connection.

How does it work you ask?

The software consists of four specific applications:

Shattered Assurance

Drifting Deadline



And Finally my personal favorite, Brutal Kangaroo.

Shattered Assurance is the server-side of the code that forms the basis of the attack system and infects the USB drives that are plugged into an infected computer with the Drifting Deadline malware.

Once an infected thumb drive is plugged into a target computer that is set up to autorun its contents and is using Windows 7 as an operating system and running .Net 4.5, Drifting Deadline deploys Shadow malware onto the system.

Shadow is a much older piece of code that has both client and server versions and it is highly configurable for specific targets.

The operator can set it up to collect system data of up to 10% of the system’s memory, watermark all data it collects, and store it on an encrypted partition on the infected computer’s hard drive.

Once the infection has been achieved, Shadow will look for other connected systems and infect those too. It can be set up to put the pilfered data onto any new thumb drives that are installed in the system, or send it as a burst if it detects an open internet connection.

The final app in Brutal Kangaroo was once called Broken Promise, which is a tool used to examine the stolen data easily and quickly. Taken together, the Brutal Kangaroo suite could be very useful for defeating air-gapped machines and is certainly more feasible than more esoteric methods.

Or one can just get a job working for the NSA and walk out the door with data and intel. Take your pick right?

At any rate, this should not come as a huge surprise to anyone, you would expect the CIA an intelligence agency to have this sort of tool what does however surprise me is the vivid detail that WikiLeaks released about how the malware works, the data dump details just how each app works together in order to gain the needed or wanted access to intel.

I am all for transparency when it comes to our Governments, but at what point do we begin to question the amount of intel released to the public?

Some of the documentation released in the latest WikiLeaks dump could cause problems later down the road because it fell into the wrong hands and if someone modified one or all of the app’s capabilities making it a worldwide problem like for instance with WannaCry?

Sometimes in our effort to keep our Government’s honest, we manage to create more of a problem than we do good. Anything having to do with Cyber-Security, Cyber-Warefare, Malware and the like, being detailed and released to the world under the guise of keeping our Government’s in check, is simply not accomplishing those efforts.

Cristal M Clark

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WikiLeaks vs The CIA & the tech industry


US Central Intelligence Agency

On Tuesday March the 7th, 2017 WikiLeaks released in great detail the CIA’s playbook so to speak, of cracking digital communications. Which by the way has been confirmed as pretty accurate by insiders.


What’s more is that many suspect WikiLeaks could not have gotten the intel without the help of someone who is or was on the inside.

So now, naturally of course the hunt is on for the individual or individuals who might have been responsible for just handing over the CIA’s playbook.

When news broke however, many American’s were nonchalant about it, meaning that most in fact were not shocked in the least. It was just like any other beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Julian Assange-Crimeshop

Since the dump, Julian Assange has lost a little face as well as far as the tech community is concerned.

The Vault 7 dump details just how the CIA uses modern technology and our reliance on it in an effort to do what the CIA should be doing, in case anyone missed it, they are a spy agency and as such, they spy on individuals both domestically and internationally.

Many american’s already assume that our government is spying on us or finding ways rather to do such a thing, save for some of these catchy headlines:

“After CIA lead Intel Security releases detection tool for EFI rootkits” – PCWorld

“The CIA could probably hack your smartphone. Here’s why they likely won’t” – Vox

“WikiLeaks’ CIA hacking dump sends tech firms scrambling for fixes.” – Reuters

And my personal favorite so far:

“Could the CIA really hack cars for assassinations?” – The Washington Post

The highlight of the WikiLeaks dump however shows a clear and consistent breakdown from the inside with regards to information seeping out from our most trusted intelligence agencies.

Which in and of itself is very troubling because clearly the breakdowns and the leaks keep coming forth with the help of those on the inside.

That leaves the biggest question of all, can the CIA find those that participated from the inside or not?

They didn’t seem to notice the intel leaving with the source before it was handed over to WikiLeaks.

Cristal M Clark

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Vladimir Putin, Edward Snowden, the nuclear arms race and IKEA


Edward Snowden –  Russia- United States of America

Some of today’s headlines read:

Trump and Putin agree: Let’s revive the nuclear arms race – The Washington Post

Russia Gives US cold shoulder saying relations between countries ‘frozen’ – CNN

Congress: Snowden is in contact with Russian intelligence – CBSNews

I could go on here but to be honest, all of the articles were about the same.

The Washington Post aside because they actually did a decent job of reporting on the revival of the nuclear arms race, the majority of the rest of the headlines I saw were more about fear mongering and how Edward Snowden is a traitor and must die…


First things first, Congress and US intelligence have absolutely zero proof to back up any claim that Edward Snowden is in contact with any intelligence agency or state sponsored hackers whatsoever, much less Russian intelligence.

Even if he was in touch with Russian intelligence, I am more than positive that he couldn’t possibly be giving them intel that they don’t already have access to or could get access to since Russia seems to employ every single decent hacker in the world these days…at least according to how it’s reported by our Government and our Media here in the US.

If you follow Edward Snowden on Twitter, you may have noticed his tweets today in response to the release of the HPSCI report that was released today, in an attempt to discredit Edward Snowden of course.

Edward Snowden tweeted:

“Sad result of the government’s misguided war on whistleblowers: it undermines the credibility of US Intelligence at a time we badly need it.”

And I couldn’t agree more with what he said.

Edward Snowden is a whistleblower, that is in black and white.

Edward could have tried to use the US Government’s whistleblower channels but the reality is that the United States Government has a pretty long history of not protecting whistleblowers regardless of the policy stating that it must.

Besides, he tried to warn the NSA of his concerns and he was blown off.

When will the government decide that the reality is, they need to hold themselves accountable.

The world knows now, the damage is done but rather than face the music it’s this childish behavior of “let’s get the guy who told on us and call him a criminal.”

The whole thing just reminds me of playground bullies who got busted for beating up some kid at recess.

Russia, Russia, Russia.

It’s not exactly a secret that the US has more or less ticked off Russia lately, of course the relationship is frozen and of course Russia wants to build up the nuclear arms programs.

Our Government hasn’t exactly done a stellar job of making sure they build proper relationships with the right world leaders the past few years, especially building a relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Why would Russia want to play in the same sandbox nicely?


So in a speech today, Vladimir Putin may have mentioned that Russia wants to strengthen its nuclear forces and in response to that Donald Trump may have tweeted a little something about doing the same.

Makes sense because you can’t really have a nuclear arms race with yourself…technically of course.

The real news that’s under-reported is that, Russia and the US are not the only countries attempting to strengthen nuclear arms forces.


The best headline in the news today comes from IKEA who has a message for everyone: Please, stop having sleepovers in the stores.”

I get it, if you have ever walked through an IKEA you know what I am talking about here, sometimes it’s like a maze, a long, never ending maze and some of the furniture looks pretty comfy…


Apparently and I had no clue this was even a thing, people are hiding in IKEA stores until closing and then having a sleepover and then sharing the sleepover with social media.

So if your weekend plans included a sleepover at IKEA, the chain really hopes that you have a change of heart, since they prefer you not.

Also, something that I don’t often do, ever, I am sharing the following message from WikiLeaks.
“This Christmas, support those who are unable to spend their holidays freely because they chose to expose the truth.

Cristal M Clark

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The real WikiLeaks October Surprise 


Actually reveals nothing but it’s 10th anniversary

Looks like we got punk’d…

Whether you stayed up, drug yourself from a deep slumber in the wee hours or simply waited to catch the AM news as you started your day eager to hear this big huge reveal that promised to shake things up from WikiLeaks…well you might have found yourself thoroughly disappointed upon learning that the WikiLeaks big reveal was just it’s happy 10th anniversary to itself.  


As it turned out all that WikiLeaks announced was it’s 10th anniversary.

First we heard that out of fear the announcement was being moved to Berlin, then later the announcement that came was that due to security concerns at the Ecuadorian Embassy, Julian Assange’s balcony announcement on Tuesday had been cancelled.


To be fair, Julian Assange never really came out and said one way or another if the big October announcement was in fact for sure going to have anything with anything other than WikiLeaks.

In looking back at Twitter, many of the tweets leading up to the big 10/4 announcement never really did say that the announcement had anything to do with specifically Hillary Clinton.

More like, that story was over inflated and perpetuated by the news media along with social media.

It certainly did leave a lot of folks anticipating and waiting for anything that might end Hillary Clinton’s bid for the U.S. presidency.

In the aftermath of the lack of anything significant being revealed by WikiLeaks, rumors have been flying around all day.

My personal favorite and one of the biggest was that Julian Assange fears extradition or worse death if he were to reveal anything that might shake up the race for the next President of the United States.

Quite frankly, I found that notion absurd to be honest. Realistically, the U.S. wants everyone to think that we keep being hacked by state sponsored hackers. Those hackers are sponsored from either China or Russia or maybe both right?

If Julian Assange had much of anything that might damage or swing the presidential race I would think that China, Russia or both would be tripping over themselves to swing the man one hell of an asylum deal.

That does make the most sense because we have a president on the way out the door and a congress not enthusiastic about making any major decisions right now.

So it’s not like any country granting Julian Assange asylum would have much to fear from the US in the way of sanctions or war.

Worst case scenario is they try to the public shame game again, which is really working out well judging from the continued political hacks and attempts to hack the polls…

Perhaps the truth is that the hype however was just a big publicity stunt to garner attention to the WikiLeaks 10th anniversary after all.

We simply got punk’d

Well played Julian Assange, well played


Happy 10th Anniversary WikiLeaks!

Cristal M Clark

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