Two Police Officers Shot Amid Breonna Taylor Protests

Louisville, Kentucky 

Cristal M Clark 

As curfew hit just minutes ago in Louisville, Kentucky, it was met with two officers being shot amid the decision not to charge any of the officers in the senseless killing at the hands of police of Breonna Taylor. 

The pain, anguish and suffering the community and our nation are feeling is insurmountable.  

Today the new heated protests broke out after the public learned that not a single police officer will be charged directly in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. 

Only one police officer faces 3 counts over shooting into neighboring apartments. That’s all that came out of the investigation according to a tearful Attorney General Daniel Cameron who announced the Louisville grand jury’s decision at a news conference today, as protesters against racial injustice and police brutality massed in the streets of Kentucky’s largest city.

Once again I am feeling let down and disheartened by a criminal justice system that is clearly designed to just fucking trash and kill black men and women. I am utterly without any words that could truly convey the heaviness that I feel in both my heart and my soul over today’s decision.

The message that has been sent is that Breonna Taylor, an innocent bystander was nothing more than collateral damage. 

A human being, an innocent human being is simply just collateral damage? Was a war going on in Kentucky that we somehow missed because the last time I heard the words “collateral damage,” used as a way to explain the killing of innocent human beings was during a fucking war, that was in another fucking country. 

What a way to dehumanize Breonna Taylor’s entire life.

Cities nationwide are bracing for more protests, riots, looting, violence and the potential to turn deadly because we have so many twisted minds and sides that aim to create confusion and chaos, cause harm and pain, and sway a public amid an even more sickening presidential election. 

The shooting to two police officers today is not the way to turn these protests into power, and at this moment no one knows who did the shooting nor do we know the condition of the officers who were shot this evening. The police must also remain as vigilant as ever, with these agitators crossing state lines more and more, this is the perfect time for them to capitalize whatever story, belief or cause they hold by causing more problems for law enforcement and peaceful protesters. 

It is time to fix our severely broken, poorly designed criminal justice system, our judicial system. It was made to punish and kill those who are black and those who are poor. We are not the archaic individuals our ancestors were. It’s time to create change and to evolve. 

Cristal M Clark

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Political Texts and Calls Invade Consumer Privacy – Cross the Line

American’s Plead with Mobile Service Providers – Stop Political Texts & Calls  

Cristal M Clark 

American’s are getting fed up with all of the political calls and texts being sent out lately, mostly from seemingly the Republican party. We do not pay our high Mobile service bills just to be inundated with political pleas for donations and votes for Trump non-stop day and night. Some of these come in late at night or in the wee hours of the morning and quite frankly we are sick of it, it’s actually a turn off in terms of voter interest. 

Think of it like a potential romantic partner who is hitting someone up too much via texting/calling. It’s a complete turn off, makes us feel uneasy and creeped out, if the Rebulican party or any other political party wants funding they need to run an ad on television not inundate people with text messages and pre-recorded calls to our mobile devices. 

In general many American’s are feeling drained here, not only that but the calls and texts in particular the ones seemingly from the Trump campaign are crossing the line because people are reporting they never gave express permission to receive political texts or calls to mobile devices. From what I have found after carefully researching the problem is that overwhelmingly many of the invasive calls and texts being placed to mobile devices are being generated from the “Republican” party who are going after Democratic voters. Not only that but they could be coming from overseas, Russia namely. 

That highlights another issue in the US in that voter registrations are public so virtually anyone knows what party affiliation you are or can easily obtain that information from free, online public records. 

Here is what the FTC has to say about the issue:

Political campaign-related autodialed or prerecorded voice calls (including autodialed live calls, prerecorded voice messages, and text messages) are:

  • Not allowed to cell phones, pagers, or other mobile devices without the called party’s prior express consent.
  • Not allowed to protected phone lines such as emergency or toll-free lines, or lines serving hospitals or similar facilities, unless made with the called party’s prior express consent.
  • Allowed when made to landline telephones, even without prior express consent.

Robotexts are text messages generated through autodialing. Under the TCPA, these are considered a type of call and fall under all the robocall rules.  As text messages generally go to mobile phones, they require the called party’s prior express consent if they are generated using autodialing.

So my advice to everyone receiving these, if you are sick of them, get online and report every number you are getting calls and texts from to the FTC. You can store the numbers and report them weekly the point is, thousands of American’s are getting these calls and texts to mobile devices daily and in short it is legally a form of meddling as well as not allowed under current FTC rules and it needs to stop. 

Better Yet, The FTC can Fine Team Trump, a very large and bankrupting fine.

Cristal M Clark

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Agitators Who Support Trump Organize Violent Protest Across State Lines

Trump Encourages his Supporters to Cause Trouble 

Cristal M Clark 

If you look around right now, this very moment and study our environment you might notice we have two sides, you are either for Trump or you are not. The right and the left, and within those two core groups we have agitators on both sides. 

Those that seek to cause chaos and unrest in the vain hope of seeding a second civil war. The issue is twofold, Trump wins, all hell will break loose, Trump loses and all hell will break loose. Reportedly, law enforcement across the country fears what might happen here in the United States after the election. 

Case in point: A family of agitators from Meridian, Idaho organized a pro-Trump rally in Portland the one that in fact turned deadly. That’s right this idiotic family organized a rally in a state differing from that which they actually lived in for the sole intent and purpose of agitating protesters who are not 100% on board with Trump. Alek Kyzik started tweeting a few months back, not his real name by the way, he is actually 33-year-old Alex Kuzmenko, he and his family are also in fact immigrants from Belarus and Ukraine. 

Huge Trump supporters he and his family are it would seem. You see before organizing this rally that turned deadly, Alex had a YouTube channel dedicated to luxury cars, it turned at some point into a Trump support page. 

Which points to a more interesting issue, the FBI should be looking at immigrants in this country who are seeking to divide those who live here and immigrants who are seeking to cause problems such as organizing a pro-Trump rally in a state different from the one they live in for the sole intent of nothing more than deepening the divide between those that support Trump and those that do not. 

These agitators caused the death of an innocent man Aaron Jay Danielson a supporter of the far right group Patriot Prayer. Aaron Jay Danielson was shot and killed by a man who is a self described supporter of Antifa. 

Users on Reddit are commenting on it and the bad news for Trump is that the comments are far from in Trump’s favor:


19 points·1 hour ago

Notice how they have to drive from out of state, and usually a Mormon state.


13 points·1 hour ago

  1. Why can’t these assholes protest in Idaho? There is no reason for them to travel hundreds of miles to attempt to fuck up our city. You don’t see people from Portland going to Idaho to protest them…
  2. Why are organizations that want to improve ties to Russia so pro Trump? Trump hasn’t even done a decent job at improving ties with Russia – rather, he has escalated the proxy wars on multiple occasions for no reason.


11 points·1 hour ago

To answer your first question.. the protest is just a byproduct. The real goal is to just agitate people and it’s hard to do that in a town where everyone has the same political opinion as you.


Score hidden·35 minutes ago

Its all to antagonize those who are against their cult leader. The come looking to provoke then when they get a reaction they play the victim card and say things like “oh the left isn’t so tolerant after all!” and pretend to care about the first amendment. Then right wing news like fox picks it up and runs stories like “innocent trump supporters berated for their views” painting them like victims but never mentions they came hundreds of miles out of state to do this.


Vancouver7 points·1 hour ago

Tiny-Dick Energy!


Foster-Powell2 points·1 hour ago

Can we please just vote these fools back into hiding in the hills and out of existence…

These groups are posing a serious danger to our country and given the year everyone has had thus far, the last thing we need is for all of these groups to risk tossing our country into utter chaos after the presidential election. 

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump Knowingly and Admits to Killing American Citizens


Rage- Bob Woodword 

Cristal M Clark 

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus the American public has been at a complete loss as to where to get accurate information about how to protect ourselves, loved ones, neighbors and today we are hearing with our own ears that the US President knew on February 7, 2020 just how deadly the Coronavirus really was. He also knew that the virus does not just affect older people. 

He admitted to knowing how it is transmitted, how much more deadly than the flu it was, he admits to wanting to play it down rather than be a leader and be fucking honest with the citizens of this country. If he had been honest and had acted sooner, lives would have been saved. 

For Trump, this was about the stock market, wealth and him. 

Famed Author Bob Woodword interviewed Trump in March, one that was in fact recorded, which Bob is well known to do and Trump knew he was being recorded. Those audio recordings are all over the internet tonight. 

Lives could have been saved had Trump not attempted to lie to the American public, he continues to lie today to us. He continues to hold rallies where he encourages individuals to forgo wearing a mask, he mocks wearing a face mask, he encourages bad behaviors, dangerous behaviors and he has known as many of us suspected, the reckless behavior would cost lives, hundreds of thousands of lives. 

He is attempting to push health officials to downplay the virus, to mislead, to discourage simple safe best practices, he bullies the CDC, the FDA they go along with it?

Is this America or the largest criminal empire? 

Donald Trump has failed at keeping America Safe. I don’t want to hear this is China’s fault, it’s not, the lives lost here are plain and simple Donald J Trump’s fault. Every Single Death is Donald J Trump’s Fault. HE knowingly downplayed the virus and he knowingly misled an entire nation. 

Trump claims that he tried to downplay the virus to keep America prosperous, to keep American’s from panicking? Are you fucking kidding me? People are dying, have died, are facing long term health issues because of the virus, the US is in a recession, and his claim is to keep us safe, not panicked, prosperous? This guy is the one that encourages no wearing a face mask and gets pissed when a reporter refuses to remove the face mask before asking a question?

This is so incompitent and outrageous. Trump knowingly let his own people die under his watch, for stupid, pathetic and completely selfish reasons. 

Every single Republican should lose his/her seat for supporting this unfathomable monstrosity, for knowingly supporting his lies, his attempts to mislead an entire nation, his attempts to downplay a deadly virus all for the almighty vote.  

How many more things need to come out before congress and the senate stand up to him? What the fuck do we pay you for? We do not pay any of you to bury your heads in the sand and to play kick the can. 

Trump is also attempting to abuse his power by having the justice department defend him in a defamation case, a case by the way where he is accused of rape, his DNA is on file for that rape, he’s recently insulted our nations military, even top generals whom he called pussies and he discussed a secret nuclear weapon with Bob Woodward that he should not have fucking discussed with anyone. That is a military secret, well was actually. 

Donald Trump is dangerous, wreckless, he has no moral compass, he lies, he misleads, and if you think about it, the nuclear secrets he shared with Bob Woodward, who else Russia, China? Clearly he likes to brag. We all know Putin has something on Trump, so naturally it’s a given they have known for a while about this super top secret nuclear weapon. 

Are you joking me, this cannot be happening in this country. Both the senate and congress need to wake the fuck up and step up here. 

We did not have to shut our economy down – had Trump been honest

We did not have to lose as many lives as we have – had Trump been honest

We did not have to close states down – had Trump been honest

Our Unemployment rate would not be as bad – had Trump been honest

Schools would be able to open for in person classes – had Trump been honest

America Could have been great again – had Trump been honest and actually created testing production

His followers, how much does he care about you? Does he? He’d rather let you die because of his misinformation and his lies than live to vote for him.

Don’t want to cause a panic?

Are Black Men not coming to a neighborhood near me to overtake it and to make those affluent suburbs crime ridden shitholes?

What about defunding police, isn’t a rape going to fall upon deaf ears?

Hey where is that carivan of illegals these days?

Isn’t he suggesting we cast our votes twice because your mail in ballot is going to be compromised?

Hasn’t Portland been on fire for decades a fire only Trump can put out?

I could go on, Trump loves to fear monger because his weak base is afraid of actually growing past this archaic mindset.

Do something you cowards in Congress and the Senate. Stand up to this man and stop supporting him, like it or not, now is the time to walk away and to save the lives of American citizens, otherwise every life lost past this point is on all of Congress and the Senate. 

Donald Trump’s behavior is absolutely criminal and we the American people are tired of Congress and the US Senate just blindly letting it slide. 

It’s about time to see past parties and to stand with the citizens of this country against the monster you helped to create. It’s time to get rid of the virus sitting in the oval office before he kills any more American’s. 

Cristal M Clark

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2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 

Where Obtuse Behavior Replaces Common Sense

Cristal M Clark 

Not surprisingly the AP is now reporting the numbers are steadily rolling of those spreading Covid-19 far and wide after attending the 2020 Sturgis motorcycle rally. According to officials, the rally is now tied to roughly 250,000 new cases and that number is growing, in fact the rally is now being dubbed as a massive super spreader. 

The rally drew motorcycle enthusiasts from around the country, roughly 500,000 uncaring individuals, many of whom were seen without face coverings inside crowded bars, restaurants, and other indoor establishments. Now around half are responsible for spreading the virus even further. 

Health officials in South Dakota have said they don’t know how many people were exposed and have issued public warnings of possible COVID-19 exposure at 5 businesses popular with bikers.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (not exactly what I would call the brightest bulb in the pack), a Republican, has repeatedly defied calls to cancel large gatherings and staunchly opposes requirements to wear masks. This dumb ass actually welcomed the event.

I understand the tourism aspect but at what point does utter stupidity reign king here? This behavior from the attendees to the state of South Dakota is absolutely sickening. And these attendees, most of which are Trump fans who seek to defy orders to wear a face mask and to social distance; the two things that can actually help prevent the spread of the virus, feel like they are good ole American citizens who love this country? 

I call that bullshit, they don’t give a fuck about the United States the country they claim to be proud citizens of,  they don’t give a fuck about each other, you, me, rights, this country, if they did they would be patriotic and wear a goddamn face mask and socially distance, the two things science has actually proven help here. 

Whatsmore is that these are the same people who condemn the agitators who want  to burn cities and abolish the government. 


I almost have to laugh at the hypocrisy, the inability for each and every one of them to see that they are in fact behaving the very same way only instead of burn down a city and abolish the government they aim to just spread a potentially deadly virus. 

Fucking morons.  

The obtuse behavior is mind boggling. This is not the behavior of a rough and tough biker, this is the behavior of a disobedient 12 year old girl, who is about to defy her curfew. Disgusting. 

These guys should take note, we have people here in the US who actually cannot wear a face mask when out in public due to health reasons, innocent individuals who don’t want to catch the virus. We should be wearing face masks to protect them and others who might be vulnerable. 

It’s a sad day in America when you look around and start to notice that your fellow American’s don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves and their selfish wants and needs, so much for patriotism here. 

Cristal M Clark

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CDC Issues Order To Halt Some Evictions Due to Covid-19

No One Knows What That Means, Who Qualifies and What About The Banks?

Cristal M Clark 

Today the CDC issued a mandate halting evictions for some who have been affected by the Covid-19 Crisis which left many feeling a chill at the back of the neck. 

In order to get assistance, renters earning less than $99,000 per year must report they are unable to pay their rent or are likely to become homeless if evicted, White House officials said.

They must also show that they tried to obtain all government assistance currently available for rent or housing and that they are unable to make payments due to loss of household income, a layoff or extraordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Yet it is unclear how effective the moratorium will be without any extra funding behind the plan.

What it didn’t over was the banks, nothing is stopping the banks from foreclosing on a property where the property owner is no longer able to make payments because of the renter’s who are unable to pay the rent. What’s more is that could destabilize the housing market in a very, very bad way. Landlords in many places have been behind on payments because of the virus as well and it isn’t getting any better with millions still out of work or working a job that doesn’t cover the bills. As states opened, they did so with massive restrictions which meant not all laid off or furloughed workers were able to go back to the jobs they had and for others, where they worked didn’t make it through the country shutting down. 

It is not as easy to solve as many think, for renters this basically does nothing to cover any back rent, and for landlords they need that money in order to keep the banks from foreclosing which might not be the worst thing to happen. The cost of living has grossly outpaced wages, this might be something of a lesson learned type of situation. We need to address the cost of living across the US and make some sacrificial adjustments and banks, well they are going to end up holding a lot of bags that are worth more on their books than they truly are. 

It’s truly sad to see that within the Trump administration they can’t seem to figure out the economic crisis on all of it’s levels while the rest of us are watching it all  and see it so very clearly. The Trump administration haphazardly wants to put a used bandaid on the problem without noticing the other four sides of the equation.

I thought Trump as he likes to brag employs the best of the best, this is a clear indication of how inaccurate that is. They just keep digging the US and her out of work citizens into a deeper hole as the virus rages on rather than look at what other countries have done, countries that opened fully and who are not having issues. You see for some, they realized this is in fact something we must learn to live with and adjust how we live. Here in America Trump and his goons as well as his idiotic supporters can’t seem to grasp the simplicity of learning to live every day life with a virus that could kill them at the drop of a pin. 

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump Proves Joe Biden Right?

No, You Did Not Read That Wrong

Cristal M Clark 

So yesterday not only did Reddit Roast the United States but Donald J Trump made a wee bit of an error in that he basically spent quite a bit of time proving Joe Biden right. In case you missed that here is what happened:

Yesterday afternoon Joe Biden addressed the unrest in cities like Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Portland, Oregon during a speech in Pittsburgh saying that Donald Trump “long ago forfeited any moral leadership in this country.”

“He can’t stop the violence, because for years he’s fomented it, you know, he may believe mouthing the words ‘law and order’ makes him strong, but his failure to call on his own supporters to stop acting as an armed militia in this country shows how weak he is.”

Naturally that caused Donald Trump to respond during a press conference in which he decided it would wise to stoke the unfounded, outrageous and made up fears about “left-wing political violence” while refusing to condemn right-wing vigilantes, in fact he spent the day supporting them, including the 17-year-old supporter of his who has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of two protesters in Kenosha.

Bravo Donald Trump, Bravo dimwit. 

Trump hasn’t stopped at just that, he is continuing to pour fuel on the fire here, in fact he is like an out of control forest fire that has zero containment, just running wild and completely out of control. 

During a subsequent interview with Fox News’s Laura Ingraham Donald Trump pushed these unproven and nonsensical conspiracy theories about Joe Biden secretly being behind left-wing civil unrest. All came the day before Trump’s visit to Kenosha – you know the one trip he is making against the wishes of local and state officials, and the trip is for the stated purpose of showing support for law enforcement following the shooting of yet another unarmed Black man and then a string of protesters.

Trump has continually shown support for right wing vigilanties and shows a great deal of empathy for them which is not only fueling the fire but it’s also fanning it. 

Donald Trump of the 17 year old who had his mom drive him to the protest so he could shoot people: “That was an interesting situation. You saw the same tape that I saw, and he was trying to get away from protesters, I guess, it looks like, and he fell, and then they very violently attacked him, I guess he was in very big trouble. He probably would’ve been killed.”

Untrue, is our President really this retarded?  The kid was not trying to get away from anyone, he woefully showed up to a protest in support of Donald J Trump and was insane enough to kill innocent protesters in the name of our scumbag president. 

What a shit show. Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old supporter of Trump’s has been charged with murdering two protesters in Kenosha. By default Donald J Trump is in fact encouraging this vigilante type of problem for police. 

On Friday, a caravan of Trump supporters descended on downtown Portland, Oregon, where they clashed with protesters. Videos from the scene showed Trump supporters shooting people with paintball guns, macing people, and even driving through crowds in a manner that could have killed people.

And Trump is running around telling people that planes full of agitators are showing up to protest being flown all over the country to cause strife during protests and to cause looting and rioting? Something by the way that has been disproven. Meaning, it is a complete made up, a falsification, a lie. Outright lie. My guess would be they are being bussed in. Too expensive to fly all over. In part on that, while what Trump said has been disproven it is a fact that some who are showing up to protest as agitators are traveling, just not by plane. What Trump did was paint a picture of hundreds of people boarding planes to cause issues during protests, hence he is fear mongering. 

 A Trump supporter reportedly named Aaron Danielson was shot and killed in downtown Portland. Portland police say they have no suspect, and Donald Trump started the accusation that the shooting had a political motive.

During Trump’s idotic news conference on Monday, he made an evidence-free accusation that left-wing protesters have “killed a lot of people,” and announced that the departments of Homeland Security and Justice are forming a joint operations center to “investigate violent left-wing civil unrest.” All whilst refusing to condemn supporters of his who were filmed shooting paintball guns and macing people, saying “that was a peaceful protest” and “paint is not bullets.”

Last week Trump made the wild claim that “Portland has been burning for many years, for decades it’s been burning.” Ha, ha, ha, ha, omg does Donald Trump even know where the fuck Portland is? If you get a chance to visit Portland do it, it’s beautiful and hasn’t been on fire at all. 

Donald Trump habitually refuses to acknowledge that police violence and right-wing violence are problems in the US, and he does go out of his way to justify it.

So I’d say yesterday was a day well spent for the Biden campaign in terms of Donald Trump proving what Joe Biden said, to be absolutely, unequivocally correct. 

Cristal M Clark

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Reddit Roasts America 

Foreigners Share Their Unfiltered Thoughts About the State of America 

Cristal M Clark 

I suppose we should have expected something like this, it is 2020 and Donald Trump has turned the White House into a cesspool of White Trash the last 4 years, pretty much filling the swamp with well, white trash. Today on Reddit non-American’s shared their unfiltered opinions about the state of America as she stands as of today, and it’s actually really more true than most are willing to admit. 

Look folks it’s no secret Trump and his administration failed really eloquently when it came to Coronavirus, it is also no secret that he is the by far biggest offender of spreading misinformation, I mean today he announced that Portland is on fire every day due to the protests. Portland is not on fire, are the protests out of hand? Yes.

Donald Trump also turns into a whiny little bitch when he is losing, he blames, pouts, lies, spreads misinformation trying to play into his base – in fact, he is running an add about defunding the police, with video playing in the background depicting violent protests that have all happened during his watch. 

He also stirs the pot with regards to racism, he supports gun toting thugs showing up to a protest and shooting at protesters, killing people. Trump supports gun nuts who believe in and support vigilantism and those who want to become vigilantes. 

It’s like he is fighting Biden, defunding the police and the police all at the same bloody time. 

Tf? Hello Donald, you cannot have your cake and eat it too here. Trump will publicly praise these individuals and condemn protesters? Trump supports vigilantism, the act of violent, murderous behavior and yet can’t seem to educate himself enough to garner a shred of understanding for BLM? 

No, rioting and looting are not protesting, I agree with that and it is still a fact that the groups looting and rioting are agitators who stand apart from peaceful protesters. These are in fact individuals who want to see this country go to war with each other. Yet at the same time, Trump will support a vigilante over the police he also claims to support? I’m so confused. 

A simple question on Reddit today did really open a lot of eyes. The viral Reddit thread invited non-Americans on the internet to weigh in, asking them: “What is your genuine reaction to what’s going on in America right now?” 

And here are more than just a few highlights with regards to how the rest of the world is seeing America right now:

“It’s like watching Britney Spears go through that “shaved-head phase.”

“America amirite” replaced talking about the weather. Everyone is dumbfounded by what’s going on.”

“For me, the craziest (and sadly, most predicable) thing was how there were Americans protesting face mask mandates. You’d think the most patriotic thing they could’ve done for their fellow countrymen would be to protect them, but nah.”

“On the other hand it’s sad that we know more about US politics than local politics. People protest for BLM in Berlin, and nobody talks about other things going on elsewhere.”

“The US always appeared like an older, stronger brother – now it feels like this brother started using meth.”

That one stings right?

“Actually, this is bit kind of encapsulates us perfectly. Don’t look too closely or you’ll see all the flaws. And the people who live here pretend they don’t exist.”

“You’re so busy flinging shit at each other, you can’t see the mess you’ve made.”

“European That lived in india and now in the states.. when I look back at American coworkers being afraid to have to travel to our india office and this it’s all so bad there I chuckle.. the streets here have always been dirtier than what I saw in Bangalore.. ppl here just don’t learn anything about any other country and think every other country has so much less.. I mean I was asked how I coped living in india for 2 years with no toilets in the house.. like wtf my apartment in Bangalore was nicer than the one I have in San Francisco.. every country has good and bad sides to it but the arrogance in the US that every other country only has bad sides to them and only the US is free (so many more points here) that will always be mind boggling to me.”

“I knew there were lots of idiots, but the sheer quantity is mind-blowing. And how so many Americans just can’t handle a view that’s different to their own, or at least allow others to have a different view, is crazy.”

“I’m from Syria. Everybody knew some shit like this is gonna happen.”

“I live in the asshole of the world Bosnia,Balkan.And it seems to me America just hit puberty.”

“Still on their first constitution.”

“Living in another shithole country (Republic of Moldova, Eastern Europe) I can confirm that what happens in USA right now is what we are experiencing here for more than 30 years. Even before that, even before USSR, we were quite a polarized country (I can’t even call us a nation).”

Guess we have Trump to thank for making the “Shithole Country” thing take off, it’s quite a hit. 

“Kinda surprised cuz you guys actually have money can live well have acess to culture and just dont even bother to , not really surprised cuz my country is even worst so the fact that people go out of their way to do dumb shit is something im very aware.”

“For me, I feel like nothing in America can surprise me now, I’m just like, ‘Of course that’s happening now.’ I feel sorry for the sane people over there.”

“Being in the UK right now kind of feels like being in a little boat that has broken down and everyone’s too busy being mad at the captain to fix anything. But then you look to the left and there’s a big cruise ship burning as it sinks with people fighting on every deck, and the captain’s throwing gasoline on everything, and you feel a little bit better about the shitty boat you’re in.”

“Canadian here. Like others have said, it’s really all beyond comprehension. To see a once-great nation plunged into chaos and insanity, being ripped apart by a disease that is going unopposed, and is even supported by the country’s own president and many citizens. My country is going well, all things considered, but I’m a bit scared that it’s going to make its way to us. We’re protected by a thin border and border patrol really. The American tidal wave could be disastrous to us if we let them through. We need to keep the borders closed for non-commercial travel.”

“Honestly, it’s borderline beyond comprehension. It constantly feels a little more like a poorly written soap opera than real life.”

“I can’t believe how Americans can politicize EVERYTHING?! Wearing masks, postal service…and before these newer topics, universal healthcare, free (or at least vastly cheaper) university, higher taxation, etc. Those things are a reality in most developed countries, but in America it seems like you can just scream ‘socialism’ and people are against everything. From my German point of view, the two-party system and electoral votes are seriously fucked up, and even the moderate Democrats are pretty right-wing.”

“I don’t wanna talk about Trump, but wow, the anti-maskers piss me off. Like, dude, wear a fucking mask. How hard can it be?”

“This us also true in America. No one knows anything about their local politics. So many if these systemic issue would be better addressed if people focused their energy on their local communities.”

“It honestly just looks like a reality show. It’s really how you’d expect a country like america to be.”

It does not get any better the more you read and honestly, none of it is a lie or in any way, shape or form inaccurate. 

Both sides are to blame, both are stirring the pot, Trump is supporting a murderous teen who shot protesters, killing two and he is stirring the pot by painting the shooter as a victim? It isn’t getting any better, it in fact stands to get worse. This country very well could find herself at war by the new year. This young man not only set out to shoot people, he waltzed into a protest carrying a loaded weapon illegally, this young man had clear intent to kill all in the name of Donald J Trump. 

That isn’t just the only infraction here, we have adults having meltdowns over wearing a fucking mask. These people will literally inhale a bucket of KFC, wash it down with mashed potatoes and gravy without taking a single, solitary breath, and can’t wear a mask to run into the grocery store? And Trump supports that behavior. He managed to find some whack job doctor to go against the grain and agree with anything and everything Donald J Trump wants in an effort to sweep the truth under the rug while more American lives are lost? Are you kidding? I am utterly surprised the guy isn’t urging us to drink shots of bleach. 

The point is, Russia got precisely what she wanted here, manipulate, lie, throw a baboon into the oval office, rip America apart. And Russia is still meddling,  you see on social media all the time, in particular Facebook, so much misinformation is being shared through memes, fake news, groups that are not legitimate, it’s everywhere. 

I understand why the rest of the world views us the way they do, try be an American and watching your entire world fall apart all at the hands of some pretty piss poor leadership who could could give a shit less about even his supporters who are also dying of Covid, worse yet being charged criminally for pulling guns on people, calling the police on Blacks who are bird watching or strolling down the street, wrecking stores, hitting people, spitting on people, coughing on people, pulling guns on people all because they were asked to wear a mask into an establishment, the most patriotic thing you can do. Trump doesn’t like the all too real honesty of his own White House medical team with regards to Covid-19, so he brings some lackluster wannabe who just wants his name in a history book or two to go along with what Trump wants here because I’m sure somewhere Donald has a PHD right?  

On the other side, rioting and looting that isn’t helping, that too is making matters worse and that lends power to Trump’s cause, his base, his misinformation campaign. This is America and people shouldn’t fear living here, Blacks should not have to fear being stopped by a cop for any reason. Our president should be the loudest voice of all in support of Black lives, yet he prefers to stir the racial pot. 

And all of this is what Putin wanted. 

Congrats Putin. 

Cristal M Clark

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Homeless Advocates Get on TV and Lie to Media and Public

Denver, Colorado Homeless Sweep – Take II

Cristal M Clark

Today marks the second consecutive day in Denver, we fell witness to more homeless camp sweeps and several homeless advocates showing up and protesting the sweeps. Today however, while I was watching the sweeps live I witnessed a homeless advocate blatantly lie to both the media and to the public in an effort to justify his cause, or rather why Denver is seeing so many homeless individuals that should be allowed to camp in every and any public right of way of his or her choosing. 

The man informed the media and the watching public that the reason the numbers of homeless has increased is because of the pandemic. Right now, straight up I will call the guy and anyone else out on utilizing that excuse, it’s a flat out and blatant lie and it is pathetic. 

David Scott loads supplies into his tent home in downtown Denver. “As long as they keep it to where we’re getting cleaned, not swept, it’s all right,” says Scott.

Fact – up until the end of the July everyone on unemployment was getting a free additional $600 per week on top of their regular unemployment benefit. 

Fact – cities and states nationwide we have an eviction moratorium in place, hence people are not being evicted due to non payment of rent because of the pandemic. Which also brings up a really good question however, why were they not paying rent when they had the extra $600 per week? Sure I get that, no one is getting the additional $600 per week on top of the regular unemployment benefit now as it went away at the end of july however, here in Denver they are getting an extra $300 per week on top of the unemployment benefit currently. 

To be brutally honest, if they were not paying rent while they were receiving the extra $600 per week, what were they spending the money on? Paying other bills? Were they living beyond their means prior to the pandemic? I ask because to blame the pandemic for the homeless situation right now as of today does not make much sense, at all, not mathematically or logically. 

At any rate, it is understandable for those who did not start getting benefits for several months however you’d still be pretty hard pressed to believe they were actually evicted with courts and judicial systems shut down from around March until June, some still are not running at 100%, and evictions are not a priority.  

By the time many states refused to allow evictions, not to mention those who serve eviction paperwork such as sheriff deputies nationwide refusing to serve said notices during a pandemic, the moratoriums were already in place. So it still doesn’t make a lot of sense to use the excuse that the homeless situation in Denver or nationwide is due to the pandemic. 

The lies about the homeless in Denver and around the nation being due to the pandemic, need to stop otherwise put your money where your mouth is and prove it, unequivocally. 

For Denver, before anyone uses the pandemic as an excuse, I want to see the eviction notice from the property manager who sought to evict during a pandemic, I want the badge number of the sheriff’s deputy that served said notice, show us the name of the judge that signed off on it, those things would be on the paperwork after all, show us the proof that these individuals are homeless because of the pandemic but, be careful because while they cannot be evicted under the moratorium for non-payment of rent due to a job loss, they can still be evicted for reasons outside of that. 

The number of individuals who are homeless in Denver has been on the increase the past several years-fact we’ve been clearing homeless camps regularly since 2015 and that is primarily because:

People move to Denver because we are a growing and thriving city but fail to do a cost of living check before they move. 

The cost of living in Denver is too far above what the average wages are which is the fault of our city and state leaders who saw dollar signs rather than the inevitable, human strife and suffering because along with all of these super expensive highrise apartments the wages needed to live in them, did not follow. That is all greed plain and simple because to some extent cities and states can control both the cost of living and wages believe it or not. 

What’s more is that I drive right through downtown Denver 5 days a week, I have seen the homeless become agitated, violent and out of control, dangerous if you will. Many of which are either mentally insane or self medicating, some both. That is neither the fault of the out of whack of the cost of living nor is it our leadership’s fault, that is the fault of the advocates who are promoting the idea that being homeless is simply okay and we should simply put up with it rather than addressing the situation honestly with businesses, city leaders and citizens. They prefer to excuse the behaviors rather than go out and fight for the funding needed so as to prevent the homeless situation. 

I am a huge advocate of the homeless, yet I do not feel that we should excuse it, nor do I feel we should offer free housing or assistance to homeless individuals without them meeting us halfway. 

If they want off the streets, free housing and medical care, they too need to step up and follow the rules, take the medication, stay clean, attend therapy and attend work programs, get jobs or risk being put into jail or worse, institutionalized. And all of that is missing funding currently. We need to find a long term place for those who are deemed unable to to live in society due to extreme mental illness/instability, an institution where they are not allowed to leave. 

Seems harsh, but I have watched the homeless in Denver increase for several years. I have had to step over sleeping individuals, walk around them, run the other direction from them, worry while sitting at a traffic light because I’ve seen them hit car windows when drivers ignore them. It is a nuisance and public health issue and at times a dangerous situation. I will not go as far as to say being homeless is a choice but I will say that I am not seeing many of them even try. 

In some cases it is a choice they are making while in other cases, it is simply not a choice, they do not have the mental wellness to make a choice, and in a few cases it is because they feel lost, have no hope and I would imagine sought help but that help failed to meet the needs those individuals have. 

And that, is yet another lie advocates tend to tell, they gloss over the inability of many programs to help meet the needs of the homeless due to lack of funding because they are too lazy to address that with the public. 

Well folks, it’s either pay more in taxes or continue to see this issue in Denver and nationwide. We all need to step up but first advocates need to stop lying about why people are homeless. Period. 

Cristal M Clark

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