Hillary Clinton “I Feel Better.”

The Truth About Hillary Clinton’s Health?


The Truth About Hillary Clinton’s Health?
She feels better and that is good.

As it turns out Hillary Clinton is pretty much like most women worldwide after all.

Are we making way too much about Hillary Clinton being sick? I have to go with a yes here.

Is this a cause for concern? I’m going to go with a no on that one.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not Hillary’s biggest fan, but her having pneumonia and working the campaign trail didn’t phase me in the least because like most women, instead of take a sick day or two she continued to work.

I myself have been sent home sick from work only to go to the doctor and have to take antibiotics, my female coworkers have done it, as have many, many other women worldwide. 

We are women, we do not have time to be sick and we were born that way.

Dr. Drew has weighed in, another website is promoting a video that suggests Hillary has 1 year left to live…you can find that at abovetopsecret.com, while others are suggesting she is going to have a stroke and die, some sites are saying she has Parkinson’s disease, this list is growing rapidly…

In all honesty,  all the speculation, the concern which amounts to nothing more than extra advertising dollars, it’s absurd.

Can’t we just let the woman be sick, get some rest and the people can stop speculating that she is near the point she is going to roll over on to her death bed and suddenly die?

She in all reality is doing what All Women Do, continuing to work while sick. It is not a big deal.

Have we as a nation lost our ability to show some empathy even if we don’t like or agree with the person?

We all at one time or another have opened our mouth and inserted our foot…

Her comments that Trump supporters are “deplorables” which she expressed regret for saying might have been caused by nothing more than being ill and feeling bitchy which most of us feel like when we are sick ourselves.

It is not unusual for people who are under stress, duress and who are ill with a cold, the flu, pneumonia, to be irritable and say something that they normally wouldn’t.

Everyone in his or her life has had those “Oh Shit” moments where they wanted to take back each and every word that just flew out of their mouth sick or not.

It happens and to be honest, Trump has had quite a few more instances where he’s said something insanely crazy and taken it back or back tracked, or said that isn’t what he meant.

But her comments did come at a bad time.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have such a deeply divided following that each would do well to consider that, at some point every President does like it or not, need a nation that fully stands behind him or her during his/her presidency.

This is the one key element that President Obama never had, never at one point did he have the entire nation on his side through one single decision that he has made.

That has been noticed, worldwide.

No matter who makes it into office, they will still need the support of our entire nation at one point, sooner or later, so it does matter what each says openly about the other’s supporters.

Cristal M Clark

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