Chicago holiday shooting -19 wounded – 1 dead, so far

Chicago holiday shooting -19 wounded – 1 dead, so far


Chicago, Thanksgiving weekend violence

At least 19 have been injured, 1 person has been killed at the start of this Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago.

As we near the close of 2016 and head into the busiest holidays of the year, it looks like Chicago is well on the way to reaching 4,000+ shooting victims for the entire year.

According to, year to date Chicago is sitting at a whopping 3,998 people shot so far, of that 645 have been shot and killed, 3,353 have been shot and wounded and Chicago has seen 720 homicides this year.

By the time this holiday weekend is over, Chicago will have hit that 4,000 shooting victim mark for the year, leaving just one month left to close out this violence filled year for the windy city.

Some within Chicago’s government are hoping that more gun laws might be the cure, while the reality is that ship sailed already and gun law’s, or the lack thereof rather, well they are not Chicago’s problem.

I and a pretty fair number of many experts across this nation have pointed out that you can put all the gun laws you’d like on the books and it’s still not going to resolve the issues in Chicago.

That whole background check thing by the way, just doesn’t seem to work for the modern criminal so they buy guns through this thing called “illegal means.”

At any rate, the root cause of the violence, for individuals looking to join gangs and kill each other just so happens to be lack of money and jobs, jobs that really pay the bills.

In fact, I saw over on Breibart news a story that said “One Chicago leader is pressing for a “declaration of a state of emergency” for the city, and state Representative Sonya Harper wants to require serial numbers on every bullet and bullet casing.”

Lawmakers and government officials are at best, so very out of touch with the public that they serve that it is truly disgusting. Rather than take the time to really learn what the real issues are then solve the core issues, the crux of the matter they reach for the easiest possible answer and it never will solve the problem with violence.

I talk about perception a lot because we will perceive a problem and come up with a solution to the problem that really doesn’t solve any problem at the end of the day.

Often times, we learn years later that our perception of the problem helped us to create a solution that really didn’t help matters much because what we thought was the problem really was not the problem at all.

the problem isn't the problem-crimeshop-GOFAST Sports & Beverage.jpg

To truly solve Chicago’s problem with Gun Violence, we must change our attitude about it and stop labeling it “Gun Violence.”

So here we have this perceived problem in Chicago and we’ve labeled that problem “gun violence,”  and we are beating a dead horse over and over again to come up with a solution to our perceived problem “gun violence.”

And we have yet to stop “gun violence” in Chicago despite Chicago PD’s best efforts, new gun laws and the like.

The reason we have yet to stop “gun violence” in Chicago is because we are looking at solving the wrong problem.

The idea that “gun violence” is the problem is a bit far fetched. The problem is people, the problem is the fact that those people, those individuals cannot find jobs and if they do they can’t find a job that will cover all of the bills we must cover in order to just survive.

As a direct result of that, they turn to crime because it is the only option that they have, the only way to put food on the table, make money, have a home, support a family and themselves.

Sure, we can take away guns or try to make it more difficult for a criminal to use a gun, historically speaking that has never turned out well, criminals just find other weapons of mass destruction…

Hopefully as we end 2016 and enter into 2017 we all begin to look at Chicago a little more closely and remove the label “Gun Violence” so that we can finally begin to really see clearly, what the problems are, take the steps to fix the real problems and stop labeling them something they are not. 

Can we finally see a call to some real action or are we still going to label what’s happening in Chicago something it never really was?

Cristal M Clark

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