U.S. to Proudly Ring in 2018 – After Having Fallen So Far From Grace

U.S. to Proudly Ring in 2018 – After Having Fallen So Far From Grace


2017  – A Chilling Year in Review

2017 was one crazy year here in the US wasn’t it?

For the first time ever American’s started to realize that Russia did in fact sway the Presidential Election of 2016, by capitalizing on propaganda that was already circulating to the masses here in the US, propaganda by the way that was created mostly by citizens of the United States.

We saw our Government and mainstream media try to tell us that Russia had somehow magically swayed the entire presidential election by publishing fake news, which resulted in Trump’s being elected.

That is a wee bit inaccurate to say the least.

Overall, the number one thing that got Trump voted into office whether anyone likes it or not was that the mass majority did want to see a shake up in the US Government.

Did they get what they bargained for? Sadly no, they ended up with a lot more than they could actually chew, let alone swallow.

Sure Russia did post and publish a lot of propaganda which some news outlets here in the US failed to actually fact check, so by default it was our own media that published the “fake news.”

Yet again, the US has been well known to meddle in both the affairs of other nations as well as elections from around the globe.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black here….

We started to see the cages of the mainstream media being rattled, US citizens stopped tuning in because they realized after the news broke about the Russian interference that our own news and media outlets are nothing more than propaganda reporting machines.

Every news story is bias, every report is one sided, either on the right or the left depending on which news outlets you watched.

We began to see that media giants like FoxNews are nothing more than a propaganda news agency that supports Trump and his goon squad of children and each and every news story that rolled out of the likes of FoxNews and any of her sister stations and channels, favored Trump.

Each story was filled with propaganda that supports that particular news outlets own personal beliefs and opinions.

While on the other side of that coin, we saw the likes of CNN and a pretty steady stream of others fail to report on any good that Trump might have done and only highlight the worst of him and his deeds. Which was not entirely undeserved I must admit.

Because of all of this one sided reporting which is now nothing more than opinion, rather than actual news, the masses began searching for other, more reliable, reputable news outlets, and thus the little guys like Vice, Link TV, just to name a couple, who have  finally started to be noticed and tuned into.

We watched the biggest sports story of the year be the NFL protests while in utter disbelief we witnessed our president attempt to throw his weight around in terms of requesting that the NFL start suspending players and teams who refused to stand for a National Anthem our own members of Government at every level, fail to honor on a minute by minute basis.

We almost went to war with North Korea, alienated ourselves from other nations by allowing our President and his team of misfit toys behave in the most unpresidential and unprofessional manners we could ever have hoped to have nightmares about.

Nations and countries who were once allies, started taking very large steps away from the US and are now more critical and far less supportive of Trump and his administration’s decisions that, have mostly been designed as far as one could tell, for no other reason than to drive wedges between everyone and in fact alienate the US from the rest of the world.

Other nations and countries no longer view the US as a world leader, only Trump and his administration do.

We started to realize that we are no longer the nation of the free, empowered to live the American dream, instead we quickly and horrifyingly realized that we were the cows being led to slaughter as we saw our leaders, begin to take away certain, basic rights that are in fact afforded to those of us who live in what once was the nation of the free.

We are constantly told what to eat, how to dress, what news is right or wrong, what pills to take and what others pills we must then take in order to cure the side effects from the first, second and thirds pills. Abortion rights are being played about with, birth control rights…

Now we must say goodbye to Net Neutrality.

Many are wondering, what is coming next.

We began mass deportations of individuals who came to America like many of our own ancestors once did, to live the great and once highly sought after American Dream. 

Quite a few of these individuals in fact, did nothing to so as to deserve deportation.

We are turning away those who seek a place to live where they are not oppressed, but where they too may live in a free and thriving nation.

Hell, our president wants to build a wall…like that’s going to work, has he seen some of the tunnels that have been built? Fine build your wall, you will still fail. 

We witnessed sometimes in complete awe, our President’s tweets and speeches where he offered up dose after dose, of completely made up stories, facts, figures and statistics as fact.  

Our president insulted world leaders, made threats, called individuals names, started tweet wars with people who choose to disagree with him, started a new battle with the FBI, but what’s more is that we saw a grown man behave worse than any 5 year old with an iPhone who knows how to curse. 

We saw the likes of Harvey Weinstein and men around the world like him, fall from grace.

In fact, we may still see our very own president fall rather brutally fall hard for the very same behavior.

From the ashes arose the #metoo movement, which offered up story after story from women around the globe who at one time or another had similar incidents of men in power or who thought they were in power over said women, men who attempted to exploit us for sexual favors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  For those of us who publicly told our stories, I salute us for having the courage to stand up and let the world and these men know, that behavior is unacceptable.

We faced some of the worlds worst global cyber attacks and all no thanks to the United States Spy Agencies who failed to keep the toy chest locked and let our own cyberweapons out to be misused and abused by unlicensed and unauthorized players.

Overall, 2017 highlighted the fall from grace a once great nation took, our nation is allowing our leaders to move us backward instead of forward.

Because our elected leaders here didn’t seem to develop much along the lines of social style and grace over Christmas, much less souls, let us hope that in 2018, something great happens so as to shake up our leaders here in the US and give them the wake up call that they truly need, for a change. 


In the meantime, here is a toast to each one of you, may you have a safe and happy 2018 celebration this coming weekend, see you next Tuesday!

Cristal M Clark

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