Bomb Plotting Terrorists Hooking up On Dating Sites

Bomb Plotting Terrorists Hooking up On Dating Sites




London – Terrorists Get Lonely Too Sometimes

I always wondered what a terrorist dating profile might look like?

Terrorist: I’m a down to earth extremist who is seeking a fairly mentally unstable, bomb plotting companion who would enjoy bonding over our shared extremist views, mass casualty plotting attacks and romantic walks through the busiest part of town picking the best spot to strike and a possible suicide attack where we would die lovingly together, while taking out half a city.

Last Book Read: Rudimentary Bomb Making for Dummies

Last Film: ISIS Propaganda Video

Dislikes: Any infidel who goes against extremist views.

All joking aside:


One couple met on the Muslim Dating Site, and went on to become quite the pair.

Munir Mohammed, an asylum seeker from Sudan and Rowaida El-Hassan, a London pharmacist were convicted by jurors in London’s Central Criminal Court, yesterday of plotting a bomb attack in Britain back on Christmas 2016.

While the happy couple denies the charges it would seem that Facebook evidence was able to show that Munir offered to carry out such an attack during a Facebook exchange with a man who is believed to be an Islamic State group commander.

Not to mention that police also found bomb making instructions and two of the three o components needed for the explosive TATP at Munir’s home.

That doesn’t bode well for Munir.

While Munir was not entirely what one would consider any sort of expert in terms of having knowledge of chemicals, Rowaida was more than willing to share her knowledge of chemicals with him.

Rowaida did admit to some sort of emotional attachment towards Munir, she blatantly denies being part of any plot to blow anything up.

The Judge in the case was quick to point out that Rowaida did in fact know of the bomb plot and she provided Munir with support, motivation and assistance due to her ideology.

An ideology the couple shared and bonded over coffees, bombs and such about.

Which equally did not bode well for Rowaida.

To add just a little more insult to injury for Rowaida, instead of just wanting her for sex, prosecutors pointed out the Munir was drawn to Rowaida’s dating profile because of her masters in pharmacy.

Damn, that’s pretty cold, I get sex, not as attractive looking to date up, but being used because of one’s knowledge of chemicals, ouch!

The happy couple also communicated sharing their love of extremist views using WhatsApp.

The plot included using a homemade bomb and chemical weapons, to cause a significant loss of life.

This perfect match could face life in prison, in separate prisons and are due to be sentenced on February 22, 2018.

Cristal M Clark

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