Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Remark A Pretty Big Hit!

Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Remark A Pretty Big Hit!


‘Shithole’ Making Profits for Some & Downgrading Trump’s Beloved Shithole, Hotels

Trump’s  labeling of Haiti and the entire continent of Africa as “shithole countries” has been getting quite the warm response from said “shithole countries.”

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

As luck would have it, Trump’s ‘Shithole Countries’ remark is turning out to be a huge hit, turning heads and hitting the fan around the globe.

Some Shithole countries are using the slur to attract tourists who are actually eating it up.


The Facebook post for invites tourists to “Visit ****hole Zambia.”“Where beautiful vistas and breathtaking wildlife are our trump card!” I love the not so subtle dig at Trump.


It is refreshing to see this getting so tossed back into Trump’s face by seeing these ‘shithole countries’ turn Trump’s idiotic words into a profit.


“Not a DC resident? Need a place to stay? Try our shithole” projections read, with grinning poop emojis scattering the bricks of the Trump International Hotel, formerly the Old Post Office building.


On the other side of that coin happens to be those nasty Yelp reviews going around with regards to Trump’s shithole hotels.

It seems that those reviews have been responsible for downgrading Trump’s shithole hotels.

Trump International Hotel had four out of five stars before the now-denied comments were made public, but now has just two.

According to New Knowledge, a company that tracks the spread of misinformation online, almost 800 reviews were submitted, describing the hotel using the word ‘shithole’ were posted between Thursday and Monday.

Here are some of the reviews as posted on Yelp as of Monday:

“What a total ‘shithole’… Run by a deplorable”

“Ugly, tacky, ruined my country through bribery and foreign emoluments, total shithole, would not repeat”

“Perhaps the Trump brand could take some lessons from Norway, where they have the BEST hotels. Like genius hotels. NOT shitholes like this”

“Sincerely wanted to give it a chance. However, I didn’t like. It felt like fake news”

Now of course Yelp is monitoring it like big brother and trying to help but come on, could they throw a dog a bone and just let the kids out to play for a change?

Trump’s D.C. crap hotel wasn’t the only Trump brand hotel in the chain to take a hit, Trump shithole hotels in Chicago, Sunny Isles Beach, Vegas, Waikiki, New York and Mar-a-lago have also felt the shit hitting the fan over Trump’s comments.


Of all of the things Trump has ever said, I am enjoying this shit hit the fan and blow right back into Trump’s angry, little orange face.

Cristal M Clark

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