Opioid Addict Uses 10 Year Old Boy’s Urine to Pass Test

Opioid Addict Uses 10 Year Old Boy’s Urine to Pass Test

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Katie Hinkley Virginia, 10 Year Olds and Opioids 

This is a bold and pretty crazy way to get around being treated for heroin addiction, face jail time and the like.


Katie Hinkley who hails from Virginia reportedly gave her boyfriend’s son the drug  Suboxone (the drug she should have been taking herself), which is used to treat adults addicted to opioids in order to get more opioids.

See Katie figured out that in order to continue to get high she had to prove to the doctors and pharmacists that she was taking Suboxone.  

So clearly rather than call a friend she just decided it would be best to drug her boyfriends son.

Her boyfriends son? Well he just happens to be 10 years of age.

The boy became ill at school so the school the day after taking Suboxone. School officials contacted social services and local authorities.

When police searched Katie’s home they oddly found medication bottles, smoking devices, a bag of “green plant material” and other urine samples.

Yes other urine samples.

To make matters worse for Katie, her own sister claims that she previously provided clean urine samples for the 29-year-old in order for her to gain access to Suboxone.

It has been reported that Suboxone can also be highly addictive for users. If she had overdosed the boy, it would have killed him.


Katie has been charged with two counts of distributing a Schedule III drug to a minor, according to the newspaper, she could face 10 to 50 years in prison for each count if convicted, and she also managed to make to this week’s Wednesday idiot of the week.

Congrats Katie.

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