Pope Francis Makes Promise to End Abuse/Cover Ups


Vatican City – Letting Survivors Down, Again

Cristal M Clark

In an end to the Pope’s summit on preventing clergy sex abuse Pope Francis vowed today, to confront abusers with “the wrath of God,”  end the cover-ups by their superiors and prioritize the victims of this “brazen, aggressive and destructive evil.”


During the summit at one point the Pope compared the sexual misconduct to human sacrifice, so yes the Vatican is finally acknowledging the problem but has yet to offer anything the way of an actual plan of action and quite frankly I find it still very disturbing that our legal system at least here in the United States allowed for decades, those who abused children who were part of the church, to hide behind the church and do absolutely nothing to protect the abused children.  


“Brothers and sisters, today we find ourselves before a manifestation of brazen, aggressive and destructive evil.”

The Vatican announced that it would “soon” issue a new law creating a child protection policy for Vatican City State that covers the Holy See bureaucracy, yet the Associated Press last year reported that the headquarters of the Catholic Church had no such policy, even though it insisted back in 2011 that local churches had one and told the United Nations five years ago that a policy for Vatican City was in the works.


Survivors of childhood sexual abuse by church members, namely priests, pastors, bishops and the like who traveled to the summit felt that the Pope did not prove in any way that the church is taking this seriously enough to have a solid plan in place to deal with the abuse and to protect children. Basically for many it felt as if it were all talk and no meat so as to offer a solution and to protect children.

“If in the Church there should emerge even a single case of abuse which already in itself represents an atrocity, that case will be faced with the utmost seriousness. Indeed, in people’s justified anger, the church sees the reflection of the wrath of God, betrayed and insulted by these deceitful consecrated persons.”

“There is nothing in his remarks about releasing documents that demonstrate the truth of how they are and have been covering up child sex crimes. So what that is, is secrecy. So, if he is against secrecy about cover-ups, on Monday morning, we would be seeing those archives and criminal evidence released.”U.S. survivor Peter Isely, of the victim advocacy group Ending Clergy Abuse

“I have been waiting for seven years for all of this to changes. There are people who have been waiting for 30 years that all this will change. Why don’t they start with something concrete like removing the bishops who cover up?” – Italian survivor Alessandro Battaglia

Currently the church only considers child pornography a “grave delict”  meaning a crime handled by the Vatican office that processes sex abuse cases,  if the child in question is under age 14. Pope Francis wants to raise the age to 18 to cover all minors.

So let me get this straight, all this time the church actually condones child pornography too? While at the same time judging nations who partake in the idea of child brides? Rather hypocritical wouldn’t you say? What’s more is that perhaps that change is over the fact that the Vatican knew back in 2015 about a Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta and his inappropriate behavior with seminarians. New diocesan documents published by the Tribune of Salta newspaper show that the original 2015 complaint reported that Zanchetta had gay porn on his cellphone involving “young people” having sex, as well as naked images of Zanchetta masturbating that he sent to others. He was allowed to stay on as bishop of the northern Argentine diocese of Oran on until 2017, then he just resigned suddenly, only to be given a top job at the Vatican by Pope Francis, his confessor. So the Pope too is guilty of a cover up and for rewarding the behavior.


Clearly, the church cannot be trusted to police its own much less hold its own accountable. These are serious criminal acts that carry a lifetime of pain and suffering to each and every victim, the Vatican is not equipped or intelligent enough to handle such matters.

This is where law enforcement worldwide should step in and see to it that anyone from the church who sexually molests children is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, the Vatican simply cannot be trusted with these matters, especially its head, Pope Francis.

Cristal M Clark

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Legal, Untraceable, Unregistered, Guns


Ghost Guns

Cristal M Clark

In a world where gun debates are at an all time high with states being continually pushed to put more gun laws on the books, I wonder what if anything these states are doing with regards to ghost guns.


3D printed guns fall into this category as you might have guessed, but true ghost guns are more or less DIY guns and they are legal.


A simple search on Google and I can purchase all of the parts I would need to build my own unregistered, untraceable gun, which is legal come to find out. What’s more is that these weapons are in fact being utilized in more and more crimes.

Individuals who would not be able to legally purchase a gun are buying gun parts online and then building guns to use to commit crimes, when caught or killed investigators are finding these DIY guns and are unable to trace any of them back to any type of point of sale, the guns are unserialized.

Law Enforcement has no way to trace or regulate who can possess a ghost gun much less who can purchase the parts to put a ghost gun together.


The ATF says that ghost guns are a national growing concern, pointing out that shooters used similar weapons for high-profile mass shootings in California in 2013 and 2017. Many states have no laws on the books that would tackle DIY guns, California now requires serial numbers to be put on components, and New Jersey prohibits ghost gun parts altogether. And gun enthusiasts, well they are not thrilled with any oversight efforts on DIY guns, they feel being able to purchase a DIY gun kit is a right that they have and are quick to let anyone asking, know just that.


As states start looking at taking guns away via court order in cases where lets say, someone is not mentally well, or they are taking medication that could interfere with good mental health, states should also take a hard look at DIY guns. Sadly for any gun enthusiast, this is not going to go over well but the reality is this, just because many of them are abiding by the law, we also see a good number of those capitalizing on those rights to do bad things.

Cristal M Clark

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