Happy Impeachment Day

Happy Impeachment Day

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House Set to Vote Yes to Impeach Donald Trump

Cristal M Clark

Everyone seems pretty giddy about today’s news that The US House of Representatives is expected to vote today to impeach Donald Trump for obstruction of Congress and abuse of power related to his dealings with Ukraine.


It’s important to note however that no US president has actually been removed from office via the impeachment process, yet should the house vote that overwhelming yes, Donald Trump would be the 3rd president to be impeached by the house.

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As of Tuesday, it was widely reported that Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi does in fact have the majority she needs to approve the two pending articles of impeachment.

Donald Trump wrote a 6-page letter to Nancy on Monday in what some are calling a lunatic rage, written by someone who is clearly not mentally well, defending himself, saying he would do it again and called the entire process both a “charade” and a “colossal injustice”. It’s worth noting that thus far Trump has confused the political impeachment process with that of your every day criminal justice process.


Under the US Constitution, if the House votes in favor of impeachment, then a trial in the Republican-controlled Senate will be scheduled for January.

This is where things are getting more and more gray you see, some are warming to the idea of actually removing the president from office, even in the Republican circle and regardless of the Senate being controlled by the Republican party, that party is widely different from that of the house, meaning no one knows at this juncture what to expect. The numbers in support of Trump seem to change by the hour so we could be in for a very interesting ride to say the least.

This go around and I hate to say it, it does in fact appear that the antics employed by Donald Trump are going to come back to haunt him in some very big ways.

Cristal M Clark

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