Dead Rats Stuffed with Drugs


United Kingdom Prisons

Cristal M Clark


Gone are the days of stuffing drugs into loaves of bread, having them sent in by carrier pigeon, drones and tennis balls these days when one wants to send drugs and/or cell phones into a prison, just find a dead rat or two and stuff them full of the goods and toss them right over the prison fence.

Pigeon Carrier-crimeshop.jpg

At least that is what they are finding in the United Kingdom, Staff on a routine patrol at HMP Guys Marsh in Dorset, southwest England, found 3 dead rats and later noticed a line of stitches along their stomachs, which the staff guessed was not from the rats being actual “lab” rats.

After opening the dead rats, the officers found that their innards had been removed (for the record, ummm gross), and replaced with drugs, cell phones, chargers and SIM cards. In all a total of 5 phones and chargers, 3 SIM cards, cigarette papers, tobacco and drugs namely, cannabis and spice were seized.

Officials believe the rats were thrown into the prison by criminals, of course they were because your average normal citizen who works and has a non-criminal lifestyle doesn’t have time for this sort of thing not to mention, removing the innards of anything is just sickening. Officials also believe that said criminals might just know someone in the prison and tossed the rats in so that their friend could then sell the items to other prisoners or perhaps they were just trying to get to know someone on the inside and aimlessly tossed the rats in, in the hopes of forming new relationships.

Prison officials are still trying to determine who the perps are and with whom do they have a friendship with that is currently housed in the prison.

Cristal M Clark

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LSD For Those Negative Coworkers


Enterprise Employee Drugs Coworkers Hoping for Better Vibes

Cristal M Clark

We all have them, that one or two coworkers who show up with a black cloud following them overhead, you know the ones, those coworkers who are negative about everything, it could be the perfect day out and they walk through the door with the same negative aura that they left with the night before.


It seems that for one Enterprise employee down in Missouri who police are not naming, that negativity was simply just too much for him to take so, the 19-year old decided that he was going to make the place more fun, lively and positive.

Generally, most of us try to liven up the place through joking around and natural not drug induced laughter, but this Enterprise employee opted to liven the place up by utilizing LSD.

And here I am with a chocolate drawer at work to keep our staff happy…


The 19-year old confessed to police that he spiked three co-workers’ drinks with LSD because they were giving off “negative energy.”

Police began an investigation after having been called to the rental car location in Arnold, Mo., about some of the employees, feeling dizzy and shaky for an unexplained reason. Yes, my first option would be calling the police over the paramedics but I guess they do things differently down in Mo. The employees were initially taken to urgent care before being transferred to the hospital.

After some test were run the police were clued in and decided that it would be best to investigate and question the 19-year old in question, who admitted that, yes, he in fact did put the hallucinogenic drug in 2 co-workers’ water bottles and a 3rd employee’s coffee that day because they had “negative energy.”

I suppose that is one way to change the negative energy in the workplace.

Here’s to happy start to everyone’s week.

Cristal M Clark

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FAA, Boeing and the United States Liable


Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 – Lion Air Flight 610

Cristal M Clark

If the latest news to hit the wire turns out to in fact, be the truth, the FAA, Boeing and the United States Government body all have one thing in common, the very essence of being hands down, with no doubt whatsoever, liable when it comes to Boeing’s doomed and faulty Max 737 planes.

The reason, well it’s rather deplorable and disgusting and speaks so very highly of the greed one finds lurking within our very own government and many, many corporations. Boeing was allowed to sell some of the safety features that might have prevented the crashes, as “extras.”


That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in ages, the FAA allowed for this? Regulators don’t require these safety features? Are you fucking kidding me?


Putting millions of lives at risk worldwide just so that Boeing could sell safety features as “extras,” as if they were a true extra like, more overhead room or extra leg room, more comfortable seats, no the features sold as extras in this care are more along the lines of features that involve communication, navigation or safety systems, and are fundamental to the plane’s operations, like its ability to keep the nose up, vs down, allowing the pilots to override the computer system which forced the plane’s nose down.…What’s worse is that they are now going to in turn, blame the airlines for not having the “extras” that would have saved lives which is preposterous.


Boeing is to blame, the FAA is to blame, the US Government who allowed the FAA to okay this idea is to blame, not the airlines because the truth of the matters is this, not a single individual at Boeing ever told anyone up until this point that not having those “extras” would result in the deaths of hundreds if not millions had these issues not started to come to light today.

So, a huge shout out to Boeing for being just greedy enough to sell something that could save lives vs ruin them in something like a plane crash as “extras.”

This proves, rather clear how truly disgusting Boeing really is.

Cristal M Clark

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Border Wall Materials Being Stolen?


U.S.-Mexico Border Materials Vanish

Cristal M Clark

What’s a president do when his dream of a hideous border wall ends in the theft of said, border wall? As the border wall is being built in certain areas, according to Mexican officials, who told San Diego’s KUSI-TV 15 to 20 people have been arrested for stealing concertina wire from the U.S.-Mexico border wall, then turning around and selling it to homeowners in Tijuana who were looking to upgrade their homes security.

Donald Trump

You have to hand it to these folks honestly, they will steal and capitalize on the stolen goods in the most creative of ways.


Because Donald Trump was concerned about a “caravan” of migrants, he ever so politely asked the US military to install some fencing back in November, because well, our military does not have anything better to do after all. They put up said fencing and that was that.

No one really noticed anything amis until recently when Mexican officials, not American officials, Mexican officials, it would seem that somehow in some way, probably just simply by looking, they noticed that the barbed wire that was once upon a time installed in the border area was just no longer there.


Mexican authorities told the Union-Tribune that those arrested were “mostly” Mexican citizens, but one Tijuana resident who had the wire installed said the man who sold it to her sure didn’t seem Mexican, he had blonde hair and blue eyes and odd for a someone from Tijuana, the man did not speak Spanish very well, at all.

Those that purchased the stolen US border wall materials were paying around $2.10 to have the sharp razor wire put up thus adding much wanted and needed home security. Wonder what our US bill was for that fencing because I am sure we paid well over $2.10 for the fencing and installation. Then again this a really good example of one getting what one has paid for, cheap labor for material that was borrowed from the United States.

Sadly, more thefts will more than likely occur because apparently the materials being used to build Trump’s border walls, are high quality therefore making the materials highly sought after materials that Mexican’s can use over in Tijuana for home security for pennies on the dollar.

Cristal M Clark

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Anti-Vaxers – Fighting a Senseless Cause Blatantly Risk Killing the Innocent


Anti-Vaxers Sheer and Utter Stupidity

Cristal M Clark

Not sure if anyone caught this story or not, but this AM whilst getting ready for work I caught a headline about a story of a mother who had recently lost her 4-year old son to the flu. Her son had been vaccinated, however it did not work and he subsequently passed away.

She turned to Facebook for comfort from family and friends, but what the mid-west mother received instead was legally stalking and harassment, both of which are actually chargeable offenses. Some of the vile and hate filled messages she received read: “You’re a terrible mother. You killed your child. You deserved what happened to your son. This is all fake – your child doesn’t exist.”

Then a few days later another ominous message came through from someone named Ron: “Expect more like this, expect more.”


This is shockingly not the only story like this, going through countless news stories nationwide, this sort of attack has been going on for years. When a child dies, members of the group sometimes encourage each other to go on that parent’s Facebook page, they actually according to researchers watching the groups, scour social media looking for parents who have lost a child that had been vaccinated, then seek to hurt, destroy, harass, intimated and bully that grieving parent. The anti-vaxers then post messages telling the parents they’re lying and their child never existed, or that the parent murdered them, or that vaccines killed the child, or some combination of all of those.


Which could be considered pre-meditated stalking and harassment by legal definition so I have to question why, not one of these sick individuals has been prosecuted for such vicious and unwarranted attacks?


Anti-Vaxers have absolutely no proof that not vaccinating prevents anything, not one shred of tangible proof, they run off of misinformation and dissimilate that to the masses and rather than take the time to actually become educated, they run off and attempt to force their personal beliefs onto others through nothing more than intimidation and bullying tactics.

By the same token, many of us could accuse this rather mis-informed group that it is they who are endangering the lives of us by refusing to vaccinate, something that history in addition to science have proven, countless times over, prevents death from certain illnesses.


It is time that both social media and law enforcement put a stop to the unwarranted stalking and harassment of innocent, grieving parents, if someone has a belief in something, no matter what it is, that is fine, what is not legal or fine, is pushing that idea onto another through nothing more than hate filled social media stalking and public harassment.

Cristal M Clark

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FAA Admits it Gave Boeing Free Pass


Boeing: A Company That Bought its Way In

Cristal M Clark

In America being good enough sometimes just simply is not enough, big corporations tend to just purchase their way in and through the very systems that are designed to protect us, the average citizen from things that can cause cancer, like the carcinogens that are put into cigarettes, factories that dump chemicals into lakes and rivers, therefore poisoning water supplies and ruining needed ecological systems, companies that are paid quite a bit of money are brought in to fix a cities water supply only to end up causing so much damage that they poisoned the entire system it was brought into fix. And, a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, satellites, and missiles worldwide, a corporation which has been allowed to have more than just too much influence on decisions regarding the safety of its new planes.


No, you do not have to take my word for it because it’s the FAA that has had the more powerful voice here. FAA employees actually voiced concerns years ago, according to reports, 7 years ago, that Boeing had too much influence if you will, over safety approvals of new aircraft, prompting an investigation, now by Department of Transportation auditors who confirmed the agency hadn’t done enough to “hold Boeing accountable.”

But how accountable is Boeing actually going to be held? I mean in today’s America, money tends to purchase one’s way out of or into virtually everything, now doesn’t it?

A recent report shows that a 2012 investigation found much discord over Boeing’s treatment and that it had created a “negative work environment” among Federal Aviation Administration employees who approve new and modified aircraft designs, with many of them saying they’d faced retaliation for speaking up should they, not really want to approve a new aircraft design, or if they had any sort of concerns and, those concerns pre-dated the 737 Max development.

The FAA has shifted more authority over the approval of new aircraft to the actual manufacturer itself, even allowing Boeing to choose many of the personnel who oversee tests and who vouch for the safety of its aircraft. As one might guess that is a huge mistake but the FAA’s take is surely something to the effect of you live and then you learn? But, not for the passengers of the recent plane crashes, right?

This speaks so very loudly of the way the American government is able to conveniently turn a blind eye to the very things they are tasked with overseeing, approving and being held accountable for itself, let alone the actual manufacturer.

Isn’t it about time that our government took accountability for being incapable of providing the oversite it’s paid to provide, especially when it comes to things that matter, such as the safety of the aircraft millions utilize worldwide?

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. Annual Human Rights Report


Hypocritical Nonsense At Best

Cristal M Clark

If anyone has any trouble getting a little shut eye might I suggest the newly minted 2018 U.S. annual human rights report, a report that drew the ire of many in particular Russia, China and Iran.


The report is hands down the best long read joke that I have ever had the opportunity to peruse and the jokes are a huge hit.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained told reporters that the U.S. has “told those who disgrace the concept of human dignity they will pay a price, that their abuses will be meticulously documented and then publicized.” In the report the US accused various nations around the world of abusing basic liberties and freedoms while failing to admit that the United States does this on a daily to basis to its very own, men and women who are citizens of the United States.

The U.S. report included a laundry list of alleged Russian abuses, including extrajudicial killings and arrests, the targeting of journalists and politicians critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as rampant human trafficking, domestic abuse and the oppression of minorities and members of the LGBT community. The State Department also specifically cited human rights conditions in the republic of Chechnya and the “occupation” of the Crimean Peninsula, which Moscow annexed in 2014 amid a political uprising in Ukraine.

With regards to Russia; “The government failed to take adequate steps to prosecute or punish most officials who committed abuses, resulting in a climate of impunity.” Which promoted the Russian Foreign Ministry to voice a few issues of its own, contending that “the report is yet another confirmation that the position of the U.S. administration in the field of human rights is based on the frank application of double standards, depending on whether a particular state follows the strategic guidelines of Washington, the USA remains, perhaps, the only country among the leading states of the world, which still lives by the illusions about its own exclusiveness.”


The ministry condemned ongoing U.S. sanctions and well came up with its own list of alleged U.S. human rights violations, which is easy to do we have so many to choose from. The list includes some that are actually truthful, domestic charges of racism and anti-immigrant discrimination, law enforcement abuse, mass surveillance, media suppression and “restrictions on rights and freedoms under the pretext of fighting terrorism,” as well as “violations of human rights committed by the United States in other countries in the framework of the so-called anti-terrorist operations.”

“Once again, we urge the American side to address its own flaws in the human rights field,” the ministry said.

China was not to be left out “China “is in a league of its own when it comes to human rights violations.”

The State Department has claimed that China “significantly intensified its campaign of mass detention of members of Muslim minority groups in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region Xinjiang,” leaving “800,000 to possibly more than two million Uighurs, ethnic Kazakhs, and other Muslims in internment camps designed to erase religious and ethnic identities” in measures officially stated to defeat “so-called” terrorist and separatist movements. Hmmm that sounds a lot like the vaguely familiar rhetoric that I hear spewing from the lips of our Felon President.

It gets better, the report insists that China went after nearly all forms of political opposition, threatening detention, forced disappearances, violence and even state-sanctioned killings against “journalists, lawyers, writers, bloggers, dissidents, petitioners.” The report noted the government’s crusade against corruption, but criticized the Chinese Communist Party’s unrivaled dominance.

Chinese Foreign Minister spokesperson Lu Kang noted similar documents in the past and said “we firmly oppose it and have lodged stern representations with the U.S. side.” He argued that “remarkable progress has been made in China’s human rights cause” and that, “on this topic, the Chinese people have the best say, and our achievements are there for all to see.”

“We will continue to forge ahead on the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics and make new strides along the way,” Lu told journalists. “We urge the U.S. side to take off its tinted classes, abandon the cold-war mindset and ideological prejudice, view China’s human rights situation in an objective and fair manner, and stop using this issue to interfere in China’s internal affairs.”

He said that he “would advise the U.S. to reflect upon their own human rights situation at home and deal with their own issues first,” such as “shocking gender discrimination” and “immigration tragedy.”

Finally, Iran the report claims the government of Iran “killed over 20 people and arrested thousands without due process just for protesting for their rights” and “banned media outlets from covering the demonstrations.” The State Department’s report asserted that Iran’s “human rights record remained extremely poor and worsened in several key areas.”

The document criticized Iran’s high execution rate, rivaled only by China, and accused Tehran’s revolutionary Shiite Muslim leadership of crimes similar to those allegedly committed by the governments in Beijing and Moscow, such as harsh and extended prison sentences for relatively minor crimes (you know sort of like the number of young black men here in the US that are incarcerated for minor crimes for long prison terms that make absolutely no sense whatsoever), and general restrictions on freedoms. The U.S. also condemned Iran’s alleged role in human rights abuses abroad, including its reported support for militant groups in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.


Not to be left out, Iran had to hit back too Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Bahram Qassemi dismissed the allegations, calling the U.S. “the world’s biggest violator of human rights” and arguing that President Donald Trump’s administration “with its dark and unacceptable human rights record, is definitely not qualified enough to address human rights situation in Iran,” where he said Washington’s sanctions had caused suffering among citizens.

Qassemi further criticized U.S. support for Middle Eastern allies, such as Israel, which the report criticized for alleged human rights abuses on both sides of the conflict between Israeli and Palestinians. For the first time, however, the annual human rights did not refer to the Golan Heights in Syria as being “occupied” by Israel, instead calling it “controlled” by Israel, contrary to an international consensus.

“Sooner or later, the U.S. administration should be held accountable for its crimes,” Qassemi warned.


We have a president sitting in the oval office who committed felony crimes while in office, got away with sexual exploitation and abuses of women prior to becoming president and spats out white nationalist views and lies as if they are glorious. He was idolized in the most recent mass shooting, by name for his rhetoric and views with regards to white supremacy, his racist ways and his bigotry, and men who grope, grab and attempt to sexually exploit women have used our president’s behaviors as a defense, case in point, I wrote a story a while back about Grab Em By the Pussy making a comeback where a man was groping a woman and felt that if our president could get away with it, so should he.

The reality is this, before the U.S. calls out any country for wrongdoing and human rights violations the U.S. should be looking at herself for those very same violations both at home and abroad, we have not a single right to call out any other country until we get our own shit together, starting with wtf are we allowing a felon, bigot, racist, sexist pig run this country?

While I do not always agree with the human rights violations of other countries, judge not, lest you be judged.

Trump and his pathetic administration should learn that.

Cristal M Clark

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Google Play Store Takes Users on Yet Another Misadventure


New Adware Ready to Infect Your Android Devices

Cristal M Clark

Well it’s not like we didn’t expect this right? Researchers have found a plethora of new adware ready and waiting to infect your Android device, and it’s all available at the Google Play Store.


Yesterday, Israeli security firm Check Point said applications known to contain this particular adware strain known as “SimBad” had been downloaded almost 150 million times, mostly by gamers. The adware can be found in over 200 applications by the way, which Google finally got rid of, after users installed it all over the world.


According to Check Point; “We believe the developers were scammed to use this malicious SDK, unaware of its content, leading to the fact that this campaign was not targeting a specific county or developed by the same developer. The malware has been dubbed ‘SimBad’ due to the fact that a large portion of the infected applications are simulator games.”

Check Point said the adware resides inside a pretty widely used advertising software development kit (SDK) provided by ‘addroider[.]com’. Once it is installed, SimBad receives instructions from a command and control server, such as an order to make its icon disappear in an effort to make the app harder to remove and old one but a good one. Then, it begins to display background ads and can open any URL in the phone’s or devices browser, which is a joy for end users I am sure.

“With the capability to open a given URL in a browser, the actor behind ‘SimBad’ can generate phishing pages for multiple platforms and open them in a browser, thus performing spear-phishing attacks on the user, the actor can even take his malicious activities to the next level by installing a remote application from a designated server, thus allowing him to install new malware once it is required.”


And worst yet, the researchers said that while SimBad appears geared toward serving ads for now, it has the infrastructure to evolve into “a much larger threat.”

Of course it does, I mean why wouldn’t it?

Check Point was kind enough to put together a complete list of infected applications:

Google by the way does have some pretty robust scanners in order to weed out and get rid of malware, however what’s been happening of late is the apps the malware infects are downloaded by users so fast that Google’s scanners simply cannot detect the problems fast enough to eradicate it before users have already installed the affected application.

Case in point, a couple of months ago Google’s detection systems had been neatly bypassed by a batch of 85 apps that, by the time Google was able to delete them, and the malware had infected around 9 million users.

In the days leading up to that, users in 196 countries had been infected by several apps that were capable of accessing contact lists and SMS messages and recording audio. Many are wondering if Google simply can’t keep up or if they loosened the rules and became careless with new aps and developers.

End users are beginning to become very concerned over privacy, leaks, and malware that eventually steal sensitive user data.

Google is one of the top tech companies in the world, but continue to allow for mishaps like this to happen and someone will eventually come along and knock them promptly off of that very throne.

Cristal M Clark

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White Boy Rick – Getting Free Pass?


Florida Thinking About Clemency

Cristal M Clark

The FBI’s youngest informant, White boy Rick, is asking the State of Florida to let him out of prison early, you know grant him clemency, based solely off of the fact that he was an informant for the FBI once upon a time. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Clemency board are considering early release for 49-year old Richard Wershe Jr, AKA White boy Rick who is in prison for selling drugs himself outside of or his assistance in running a rather large interstate car theft ring, an operation he assisted in running while in prison.


Now suddenly, he and the FBI want him released early because, he isn’t such a bad guy, I mean he did help the FBI net 20 individuals for cocaine trafficking when he was just 14.

Agent’s did testify at the hearing that Richard should be let out early because of everything he did for law enforcement. And that is great, but my question is, what did he do against law enforcement? He clearly showed his blatant disregard for the law through his involvement in the auto theft ring, he sold drugs to earn a living after he helped the FBI, so while the FBI believes he isn’t so bad, all the guy has known since the age of 14 is in fact, how to commit crime so what will he be contributing to society let’s say, should he be released? What’s more is the FBI should be a little ashamed of itself for enlisting the help of a 14-year-old therefore by default teaching a young man that crime is okay to some extent.


What’s more is that the current state of our prison system does in fact, not set career criminals up to be contributing members of society upon release. So, I question truly if Richard intends on attempting to contribute to society or take from it considering that is really all that he knows.

Cristal M Clark

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