Trump Proudly Shows off His Ineptitude – Again

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Doesn’t know the difference between Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling

Let’s admit it, Trump is one never ending gravy train of pure entertainment. If you enjoy watching drunks make idiots out of themselves, you will love seeing Trump speak or reading his Tweets, so rich and full of fiction, imaginary people, events, with made up statistics and numbers.


According to Tump this go around and I swear, he had to have been totally wasted this time, it’s pretty clear, he in fact, ended up confusing human trafficking with human smuggling.

“Human traffickers, this is a term that’s been going on from the beginning of time (pretty sure that is not entirely accurate), and they say it’s worse now than it ever was. You go back 1,000 years where you think of human trafficking you go back 500 years, 200 years, 100 years, human trafficking they say, think of it, think of what they do, human trafficking is worse now maybe than it’s ever, ever been in the history of this world.”

It’s no wonder so many Foreign States have no respect for Trump, how can they? He is either acting like a spoiled child or a complete drunktard who can’t manage to understand the difference between Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling.

He has no clue whatsoever about world history let alone the history of the United States and here he is, running our country…into the ground.

Can we just give him some type of award to make him go away, is that not what we do these days with kids who compete?


Maybe I am being to hard on Trump, he is after all a lot like the little train that could, but just can’t quite make it.

Seriously, he would do much better with something like Jerry Springer or coloring in a coloring book than he does as President of the United States.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump’s Message to key members of the President's cabinet – You Might Be Next!

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Donald Trump  - Trolling and Trash Talking Jeff Sessions


So it’s become all to clear that Trump really does want Jeff Sessions out but what’s even more clear if you are reading between the lines is the distinct message Trump is sending to his cabinet:

You Could be Next!

Seeing this reminded of the campaign about if you see something, say something and I will go into why Trump’s latest tirade has reminded me of that at the end of this article.

Here is a message that Trump is neglecting to send, no matter when the cabinet member came into play, while it was during the early stages, later in the game or today, a cabinet members job is not to serve the president with blind loyal obedience, it is to serve the country and it’s people.


A job Trump clearly does not take seriously, he treats his new title as President of the United States as nothing more as a power play and a childish one at that.

It’s a joke to him and he is making this country his own personal playground.

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Jeff gave up a 20 year senate seat to serve under Trump in his cabinet, never abandoned ship, through thick and thin. Don't get me wrong, I don't care for Jeff at all, I believe he is inept, but the way Trump is going about getting rid of the guy, well that is just flat out worse than childish.

Trump’s claim that he can be “more presidential than any president” at his Ohio rally, is really put to the test as he continues to troll and trash talk Jeff, in a very public way.

Does Trump really think behaving like a spoiled brat is Presidential, in any way?

I am being serious when I ask, I mean is the guy drinking all day and drunk tweeting or doing interviews, does he partake in a little green where he’s totally chill and just shooting off at the hip, is he doing lines?

What in the hell ever gave him the idea, that his behavior is “Presidential” in any way, shape or form?

Even the moodiest of teens exhibits better behavior, on a bad day!


Here’s the bad, Anthony Scaramucci said "The President wants his Cabinet secretaries to have his back."

And worse than that, a friend of the President said, "This is the way the President likes it. Nobody has command and control except him."

Trump should have the American people's back, which he doesn’t he is far more concerned with power, greed and his own back.

He should be serving us, not himself.

And his Cabinet, well as I stated they serve the country first and foremost.

They are not to serve or protect someone leading our country who is without morals, or ethics. Which sums up Trump.

That said, I am more than sure that some in Trump's cabinet might know of a little something worthy of reporting. You don't get close to someone on a day to day level and walk away knowing nothing.

So, while Trump’s message to his cabinet may not have gone unnoticed, America has a message to his cabinet that they may not have heard just yet:

Remember ladies and gentlemen who it is that you really serve.

If you have seen something, now is the time say something.

If you know something, now is the time to say something.


Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump Gently Urges Jeff Sessions – To Just Quit

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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions vs U.S. President Donald Trump

In a rather entertaining display of tangents Trump has decided rather than fire Jeff Sessions, that it’s easier to make the man’s life miserable enough that he just might, quit his post as U.S. Attorney General.

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Trump is not really happy with Jeff at the moment and is very upset that Jeff is not investigating Hillary Clinton and that whole email scandal. In fact, Trump has expressed recently that he just doesn't understand why Jeff will not investigate 'Crooked Hillary' over that whole email server stuff. 

Two Reasons:

1 – Once elected president of the United States Trump pretty much announced that he was going to let the whole issue lay where it was and not go after Hillary.

2 – Well quite simply put, Jeff can’t do anything with Hillary about that whole email scandal because in case Trump has forgotten the hard cold truth is, no one has any tangible evidence at this stage as our Former FBI director elected to have what they had destroyed and allowed for Hillary’s team to destroy and ‘lose’ things like hard drives, laptops, cell phones etc.

You cannot prosecute someone in the US without any evidence whatsoever. Well you could but in this case, it would be a laughing matter just trying to find a judge to hear the case, let alone an attorney who would go after Hillary at this juncture.

All Trump is really doing here, is try to get Jeff to quit for one simple and basic reason. Jeff recused himself from the investigation into Russian meddling and the 2016 Donald Trump for President campaign.

Trump was fine with Jeff up until that point. Then things suddenly changed. In fact Trump recently suggested that Jeff and his ties to Russia should be investigated not Trump.

If Trump isn’t worried at this point, he should be. It is not wise to make an enemy of a former confidant. They know secrets, secrets that if they were smart, they would disclose in full, with one, oh, Robert Mueller for instance.


Yes, that guy who is currently charged with investigating this whole Russian Meddling thing. The guy who was once the head of the FBI, who had quite a long standing and good career with the FBI. The guy known for getting shit done. The guy you don’t want to do the dance with if you are guilty. The guy Trump says he can simply just fire, which he could, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not that simple and with an entire world not to mention U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate all watching, not the smartest move one could make.

Because, Trump would pay pretty dearly for that move.

Trump is once again having a simple tantrum while at the same time attempting to draw our attention away from the Russian meddling investigation as well as other issues I am quite sure.

Trump behaves a lot like a narcissist.

A Narcissistic Personality:

Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it. Exaggerating your achievements and talents. Trump is also quite skilled at Psychological projection and manipulation.

And the bad news is that he doesn’t have everyone fooled, not anymore and he seems to be racking up the enemies, especially those that were once close to him.

Putin-Trolls-Donald-Trump-Crime- Shop

Sooner or later, Trump will find that very legendary, although imagined knife he is enjoying using, to cut others off at the knee who were once close to him, in his very own back.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump – Russia Collusion – Fact or Fiction?


Trump’s Team and it’s Collusion with Russia


Let’s talk about the biggest elephant in the room shall we? Forget about Trump’s son and his meeting with Russia, the real elephant is the room is the fact that we simply, as in the entire world realizes and knows that Trump, his team and apparently family were in steady communications with those in Russia during the campaign.

It’s like when you know that a small child is doing something he or she should not have been doing, you know they did it, you know who they did it with, when they did it and when confronted with it, they are dishonest so then, you have to confront them with the evidence.

That is this whole team Trump – Russia situation. We all know already so stop trying to hide it and just tell the truth.

Donald Trump-CrimeShop

Not because the public demands it, but rather because Trump seems to feel a sense of being untouchable, above the law, unimpeachable. Fine, prove that you are those things simply by telling the truth if no laws were violated. 

Even die hard Trump supports have zero doubt of a collusion with Russia, they are fine with it because they didn’t want Hillary in office and so long as law’s were not broken it isn’t really a big deal.

So no one has any reason to lie except for one small fact.

In knowing the truth, how will world leaders react, better yet, what would that little tid bit of information do to current and future foreign relationships with the United States? My guess would be that is the sole reason why Trump and his team do not come forward with the full truth.

The fear of what it will do in terms of foreign relationships.

Still the same, everyone already knows the truth it seems rather silly to keep hiding it and only makes Trump and his team look pathetic. Like how Trump looked on Wednesday when he mistakenly claimed “I’ve done more in 5 months than practically any president in history.”

If he means by making the US Presidency look like a complete joke, then yes, I quite agree, but something tells me in his fragile little brain, he means something else entirely.

I mean which other world leader makes up a friendship (Jim the guy Trump loves to reference who does not exist but who will magically by next week because the HuffPost reported on this today), or who takes to Twitter to throw a temper tantrum, bash other individuals, foreign states, media outlets and the like?

Trump -JR-Meeting - with- Russia-Crime-Shop.jpg

Trump and his team really should take a cue from Trump Jr. He basically told the truth and although the mainstream media is making a big deal out of it, the truth is pretty simple, if he didn’t break any actual laws, not media made up one’s but actual real laws, then he didn’t do anything wrong.

What’s more and I know some of you will not like this, but has anyone ever heard of someone running for any office ever, that didn’t try to get dirt on his or her opponent and then broadcast said dirt like the damn commercials we are inundated with every time our states or local governments have an election?  

Cristal M Clark

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