Armored truck robbery

Armored truck robbery –


Brentwood, Pennsylvania

On March 17, 1982 – 2 unidentified men robbed an armored truck of roughly 2.5 million, managed to get away.


The story goes, that on 3/17/82, 2 unidentified men entered the Purolator Armored Inc. terminal in Brentwood, Pennsylvania.

Rather than barge in and use violence, they managed to slip under the door after a truck had left and approached a security guard working inside the terminal.

The 2 men, described as 1 black and 1 white, stated that they were FBI agents with a tip that a robbery was going to happen.

Once they got close to the guard, they disarmed him by taking his shotgun, more than likely he gave the gun over to the supposed FBI agents, believing that they were in fact working for the FBI and acting upon a tip.

The men then managed to tie the guard up and tape his eyes shut and just like that, they were able to load the hard earned cash of the day into a vehicle and flee the scene.

To this day, not a single suspect has been charged with the crime however, at a trial in 1990, a known drug dealer and federal informant by the name of Joseph Rosa said that Pittsburgh mobster Geno Chiarelli committed the robbery.

Of course not a single soul could actually prove that Geno actually committed the robbery and so to this day the case has never been solved.

It is highly doubtful that it will ever be solved because as luck would have it, whoever actually committed the Brentwood robbery on that fateful St. Patrick’s Day, could not be charged for the crime due to the fact that statute of limitations ran out around 5 years after the robbery.

What we know for sure is that whoever pulled the robbery off, carefully planned it out, they knew exactly what they were doing and how to do it without using violence.

Still, you never know, someone may one day come forward with information that would crack the case open, regardless of anyone being charged with the robbery.

Cristal M Clark

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