Chicago – 101 shot over the 4th of July Weekend

Chicago – 101 shot over the 4th of July Weekend


Chicago, IL – Police growing weary of the violence

Chief police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi was quoted as saying, “he mood here is frustration.”


According to Anthony, the same tactics that were deployed over the memorial day weekend were used and simply did not work, which Anthony seemed to be perplexed by. One such tactic was the ShotSpotter, which is used just like it sounds, to detect gunshots.


Forgive me, but I see no reason to be “perplexed” by the fact that the ShotSpotter failed to work with fireworks, especially homemade fireworks going off during the long holiday weekend. I myself, would not have relied upon that particular tactic. But that’s just me.

According to initial data, a lot of the shootings came about due to relatively petty disputes that grew out of hand, along with drinking in excess I am sure.

A couple of examples the police gave were: A shooting that started as an argument over where people were sitting, a confrontation between a driver and bicyclists then the driver decided to get a gun from his trunk and officers intervening.

Some of the shootings were retaliation, overall drinking this holiday weekend definitely played a huge part in all of the shootings in Chicago, and it seems to be more of a combination of celebration gone wrong after heavy drinking with some gang violence sprinkled about.

The youngest person shot was a 13 year old boy and the oldest over the weekend was a 60 year old man.

It is time that someone (Looking in the general direction of Donald Trump), to come up with an actual long term plan so as to fix this issue for the long term. Currently all Trump is doing is sending in more Fed’s to help create the “Gun Violence Task Force,” which he announced last Friday.

While that sounds pretty and all, it’s not fixing the core root of the problems Chicago has always faced in looking at her history. Those problems tend to bring about the violence and overall those need to be addressed in order to prevent the violence long term.

Historically, Chicago has always been plagued by years of violence then a lull, then an upward trend back into years of violence so finding a long term solution so as to prevent this repetitive behavior would actually be more beneficial for Chicago.

So as far as the violence goes to date in Chicago here are the numbers:

Total Shot: 1863

Total Shot and Wounded: 1537

Total Shot and Killed: 326

To date, Chicago has surpassed last year’s total homicides by 2 according to the latest data over at

In 2016, it was roughly 62 shot, 8 dead over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

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