Time Magazine’s Person of the Year – Kim Jong-un?

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year – Kim Jong-un?

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Kim Jong-un to Grace Time Magazine’s Cover


Back in 1938, Adolph Hilter graced the cover of Time Magazine as person of the year, so it’s not too surprising that they would be considering Kim Jong-un as person of the year now.


Wallis Simpson fell on the cover in 1936 when it was still called “Man of the Year.”

The rumor is hitting the wire today is that Kim Jong-un may in fact be on the short list to grace Time Magazine’s cover as person of the year for 2017.


Joseph Stalin graced the cover twice, 1939 and then again in 1942

This rumor has come with a mixed bag of reviews as you might imagine. Some feel it’s distasteful because Kim has offered to bomb the US and her allies.


Nikita Khrushchev – 1957

While a slightly higher number of individuals are rather encouraging of Time Magazine naming Kim Jong-un person of the year, all because they want to see Trump’s response to it.


Ayatullah Khomeini -1979

And I am guessing Trump’s tweet storm if this does happen could in fact break twitter.

The fact is Time does not have any bias when picking the person of the year, it’s not a popularity contest.

For the record, Time Magazine does have a proven track record of naming controversial individuals “Person of the Year.”


Vladimir Putin – 2007

Kim Jong-un has risen from the ranks and quite frankly has dominated the news for the past year which has subsequently had a global impact.

To that point, Time’s person of the year is simply based off of someone being the most influential not the most popular, most liked and so on.

Make no mistake that it is not Time or the world cheering Kim on, it is simply a matter of him more influential than anyone else in the world today.

No one endorses Kim blowing up the US or anyone however he should be recognized as a very influential individual by all rights.

So I am with Time if they select him this go around plus I do really, really want to see Trump’s reaction.

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