North Korea Missile Launch – Hits North Korea

North Korea Missile Launch – Hits North Korea

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North Korea Experiencing Performance Issues – Again

News has begun hitting the wires today that now confirms that back on 4/28/17 when North Korea launched an intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM), that they may have missed the mark completely and inadvertently hit a North Korean city instead.

Performance issues maybe?

The missile launched from Pukchang Airfield in South Pyongan Province and it may very well have hit the North Korean city of Tokchon.

Apparently, the missile launch was a complete failure and experienced some sort of issues, hitting Tokchon which caused quite a bit of damage to a complex of industrial and/or agricultural buildings according to The Diplomat and some satellite imagery from both April and May, 2017.

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Back in April when we were all laughing at North Korea all we had heard from the mainstream media here in the US, was that North Korea test launched a missile and it failed.

The missile that was launched was in fact a new type of missile called the Hwasong-12 and the 4/28/17 test launch happened to be the 3rd attempted such test.

The Hwason-12 eventually gave birth to the Hwasong-14 ICBM, while the Hwasong-did not see it’s first successful launch until 5/14/17.


Google earth does seem to show some type of ground disturbance from the failed launch however, overall it could have been much, much worse.

Unfortunately, the complex that was hit was located near both commercial and residential buildings however, if the missile launch had experienced just the slightest difference in its trajectory, it would have resulted in a catastrophic event.

Clearly, the North Korean regime has absolutely no regard for human life, as they put very little to no effort into actually ensuring the safety of its own while test launching missiles designed to hit the US, South Korea and as Kim Jong-un once put it, anywhere in the world.


I can sometimes see why Trump insults and pushes Kim’s buttons.

Sure Kim Jong-un taunts the world with the threat that they are now a nuclear power, two questions remain:

Can they actually hit an intended target? Thus far, that has not been the case at all even when they try. It’s as if no one in that nation can actually aim.

Just because they launched an ICBM higher in the atmosphere than they ever have, considering all of the missile launch failures from the past year, do they have a real missile that could reach outside of North Korea and cause major damage, or more duds?

Either way, it will be interesting to see this play out during the year, will Trump take the chance and continue to test Kim’s patience or will he begin to act in a much more diplomatic, more presidential way?

I’m going with no, just remember Trump is way to busy with his war with the media to bother to concern himself with anything other than pushing Kim Jong-un’s nuclear war button.

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