Would You Let Donald Trump Operate on You?

Would You Let Donald Trump Operate on You?

Donald Trump-Not Medically Trained but Playing Doctor with All of Our Lives

Cristal M Clark 

A memo leaked over the weekend said several officials were “concerned” by Dr Fauci’s past comments so now the White House is Seeking to discredit or rather has launched a public smear campaign against Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nations leading infectious disease doctor. 

Strange right, well it’s not because according to those same officials, when Dr. Fauci tells the public the truth so far as science knows it, it goes against Donald Trump’s agenda, which is? 

Getting the economy back up and running at full speed. 

Dr. Fauci by the way has an approval rating in the public of over three times to that of our president when it comes to the pandemic.
Ouch Donald.

Wait, what? That’s right the idiots that are dreaming and scheming apparently aren’t bright enough to figure out if you going to be a part of the “cancel culture’ you have to have a valid reason to be publicly humiliating/smearing  someone and you also have to be smart enough to not let the 911 that you are just doing it because of Trump’s agenda which as it turns out is not actually saving lives at all, slip to the press. 

Idiots, complete idiots. 

Unlike Donald Trump, Dr. Fauci swore an oath when he became a doctor, one that he clearly takes very seriously and his oath is to the lives of the patients he is trying to save not a president’s economic agenda, unlike Donald Trump who can’t seem to take the oath of being President of the United States seriously much less protecting the lives of American Citizens. 

So what, Dr. Fauci wasn’t right about everything in the beginning, no one was largely in part because China was a wee bit less than honest. But also more so than not because no one understood the actual virus and again because we along with the rest of the world had been misled by China. 

Trump has been a huge problem himself  since the onset of the Pandemic, he has been right about absolutely nothing in relation to the Pandemic all he wants to do is get the economy going and at what cost would that be? 

He continually misleads the public into thinking it’s not a big deal, rushing states to reopen, it’s going to just vanish, 99% of those who get are going to be fine, just get some sniffles, the sun kills it, drink some disinfectant the heat kills it, social distancing and face masking aren’t that important, the young don’t need to worry,  blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. 

The biggest reason we are in the boat we are in today with Coronavirus cases reaching epic proportions, Florida in fact has well over what some countries around the world together have had, in Texas some cities are asking FEMA for trailers to store the dead as the morgues are running out of space, is due to one Donald Trump. 

Who is not a doctor but wants to play one in real life. 

What’s more is news has been steadily coming out about those who had the virus and survived and who are being reinfected. 

So think about that anyone who thinks it’s funny to not wear a face mask or social distance, you defiant little rebels you. Science in this case is simple and it’s not on your side, keep playing your hand at russian roulette. The human body can only take a viral infection so many times before it really fucks you up. So you can get it today and have no symptoms to mild symptoms, don’t assume the next time that’ll be the case, especially with this virus and the many hidden ways in which it attacks our internal organs until it’s too late. 

That’s the problem with a coronavirus, they behave in the same way a cold would however they can become deadly and because of the way they behave it makes it virtually impossible, improbable and highly unlikely that a vaccine that would actually work, will ever be made. 

But Donald Trump doesn’t want the public to know that, all he wants is the economy opened back up at warp speed, and at the cost of millions of American lives and a public smear campaign against Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

What he and his White house fail to understand is that the second you inform the public that the only reason you want to lead a public smear campaign against the one man who is actually trying to protect American lives is because the truth that man speaks goes against the president’s agenda, tells everyone just how little American Lives mean to Donald J Trump.

So ask yourself, does he want your vote or for you to die all in an effort to restart an economy that can’t start because of the misinformation that flows directly from Donald Trump? By misleading the public into believing the virus is not a big deal Donald, you’ve pretty much fucked yourself into a corner when it comes to the economy, it cannot fully reopen with the rate of new infections we are seeing on a daily basis. 

Could someone just send Donald Trump the game “Operation” since he wants to play doctor so bad so he gets it out of his system instead of killing American’s trying to play an actual doctor and providing medical advice during a pandemic?

Our president, the illustrious idiot. 

Cristal M Clark


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