Denver, Colorado – Homeless Sweeps

Denver, Colorado – Homeless Sweeps 

Sweeping Through the Mile High City

Cristal M Clark 

Denver has for the past several weeks conducted homeless camp sweeps, in an effort to clean up the city and get the homeless out of the right of way and out of the eyesight of hard working taxpayers who fear property values will decrease due to all of the homeless here in the Mile High City. 

Then we have an entirely different perspective from individuals who care about the homeless and who could care less about property values. 

What we have are two opposing sides and in the middle a core group of individuals with no real way out, no real help out and who cannot break the cycle. Some yes, do not want to be anything other than homeless whilst others do not see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

It’s easy to request they be sent to shelters or to services designed to assist, what is important to remember is that many shelters are quite scary, offer little safety and are rife with bed bug infestations, unclean, and tend to pack the homeless into small, cramped places. 

Many of the programs designed to assist the homeless with reintegrating within the society to become contributing members lack the proper funding needed to properly assist all of the homeless in the many ways they need help, not to mention we no longer have mental health institutions which would normally house the more mentally insane of the homeless, those that are too far mentally ill to help them get off the streets. 

We have also seen an increase of individuals who are not technically homeless yet who are living as if they are just, for the sole purpose of causing anarchy, rioting and problems for law enforcement. To create an issue that is not truly an issue so it would appear we have a problem, in an effort to sway the general public which is one of the ways Hitler was so successful in his endeavors. These are agitators. 

So today whilst I was watching the live stream of the homeless sweep in Denver, I began watching the live feed to see what people were saying. It would appear we have some rather uneducated and over privileged individuals living in and around the downtown area these days and it would also appear that we have a large group of bleeding hearts both sides lack the understanding, knowledge and education about what it is to be homeless, addiction, what it takes to actually clean up a homeless population. I mean you cannot just give them housing, yet you cannot force them into the housing that is available. It is not the job of police to force the homeless to go to a shelter, being homeless is not illegal and our police force should not have to babysit it. 

We have too many opinions and not enough of the right action. No action plan as a matter of fact and being homeless is becoming too much of a political game. To fix it, we need to invest and to invest we need to look at the causes and how to treat those causes and we need to fund that treatment. Which in turn means taxpayers will have to choose between carrying that burden or continuing to bitch about the action and the non-action of our city leaders no matter which side they are on. Those are simply facts. 

Another very big issue we must face is the fact that the cost of living did become way out of line with average wages and if this pandemic has it’s way we might soon watch that fall to pieces. Millions are still out of work, if they can find work they are not earning livable wages, unemployment benefits are not forever, many companies, bars, venues, restaurants and shops will not be reopening due to the loss of sales through the pandemic and those that have reopened, opened with a lessor capacity allowed of both customers and employees. Some businesses are not ever going to be able to rehire the employees that they had. 

So this issue with the cost of living, it’s going to get worse and for management companies and property owners who rent, they will get foreclosed on.  

The pandemic did in fact show the entire world just how shitty American workers are paid in comparison to the average living expenses, so while we look down our noses at China and other countries for the cheap labor, we should also be looking down our own noses at America, where the greedy live off of the less wealthy and greedy. Not a status one can or should be proud of currently. 

So unless we address the cost of living the homeless population stands a really good chance of growing on top of the current issues and situations. 

Rather than doing homeless sweeps and moving people from area to area, we need to hit the table with a real discussion with renters, community leaders, tax payers, the apartment associations and management companies, rental property owners and banks, and we need to come up with real solutions instead of the sweeping the problem under the rug. 

It’s about time to start addressing issues instead of trying to hide them or turning a blind eye to it as if we are better than the homeless, for we are not when become so cold and inhumane. 

Cristal M Clark

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