Shooting Objects Out of the sky


Cristal M Clark 

Ever since that “Chinese” spy balloon episode the US and Canada have been a wee bit on edge. Now suddenly between the United States and Canada 4 objects have been shot out of the sky. 

US Citizens have taken to social media however with meme’s and jokes galore, you see it is starting to look a lot like the United States Government and the media are over sensationalising the situation. Not to mention that the mainstream media is once again driving the fear mongering train. 

This past weekend, the Government’s decision to not really say what they shot out of the sky other than it was an unidentified object caused the media to run with stories of pure fucking speculation which in turn caused social media to follow suit. I saw a headline that read “US Shoots Down Fourth Flying Object-And Won’t Rule Out Aliens.” 

So yes what a way to cause American’s to freak out or turn it all into a big joke. How in the hell can anyone take the media serious when they run with stories like that? Come on now. 

Oh and China is now accusing the United States of sending spy balloons to spy on China. 

You knew that was coming though right? 

What’s more is that this is not the first time this has happened, it was revealed over the weekend that their had been spy balloons flying about our skies whilst Trump was in office and well his team failed to notice them? 

Here’s a rather obvious question, if his team failed to notice them, who the fuck did? Would the truth not be, our government knew about them, tried to brief Trump and Trump failed to do anything about it because to Trump the idea of being president had nothing to do with with being an actual president, it was a fucking popularity contest as far as he was concerned. I am sure that his team was also worried he was off somewhere drinking bleach. The man was and still is completely delusional. 

The best part of all of this was before the US decided to shoot down the Chinese Spy Balloon, is that people were angry at Biden for not doing anything about it. I cannot quite be sure if they still teach people how to read maps in schools anymore. It’s a rather basic concept but if you looked at the where the balloon was in the first place, I mean you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out, but you do not shoot something down over a populated area, especially if you are unaware as to whether or not it’s packed with a bomb or some type of chemical that would get into the air or water and harm people, Marjorie Taylor Greene who shows up to the State of the Union looking like a prostitute trying to make yet another uneducated statement about Biden’s decision to wait to shoot the balloon down. I mean really she looked like a cow having a bad day all around in that hideous outfit she wore. 

Here’s the thing, nations spy on each other, it’s what they do and almost every nation has rules about not doing that. We all know it’s going on and here in America, people are way more eager to sell out the United States Government secrets to foreign entities that I am not sure why the Government would be worried about China sending a balloon over, unless it has a bomb of course, which it did not. The point is, I’d be more worried about the people on the inside than China and a Balloon.  

Our Skies here in the United States are full of junk, for corporations, the Government, private citizens flying shite around, drones, balloons, kites, trash, small dogs, children and quite possibly someone’s ex. Seriously, you cannot assume everything up in the sky is a threat and the media and the Government making it all out to be is shameful, it is also harmful to those that are prone to become hateful towards certain individuals, act out violently, to those that suffer from disorders where fear mongering makes it impossible for them to leave their homes. Seeing this air on television and the internet with nothing more than speculation cannot be good for someone who lived through 9/11 or who lost someone during 9/11. 

Besides that, it is in very poor taste to blame China or any other Government for that matter, do I need to remind everyone about Covid-19 and what American’s did to those living here who they assumed were Asian. Shame on the United States Government and the mainstream media. 

It could be simple spying, or a national security threat, the media and the United States Government should not speculate without having all of the facts because it starts fear mongering which is terrible. Congressional leaders from all sides are quite upset because they know just about as much as we do. They want to ensure that we are not looking down the barrel of a loaded gun here so, whilst everyone is speculating and making meme’s maybe someone could go about getting everyone some real fucking answers, so that people calm down.

Cristal M Clark

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