Oops, Yet Another Twitter Fail

Twitter Over Its Tweet Limit?

Cristal M Clark

Apparently, Twitter was down for many today, users learned that they were unable to Tweet or DM today, and users are still reporting outages. 

Why you might wonder? Well, it’s been reported that attempts to send tweets were met with messages reading: “You are over the daily limit for sending tweets.” Right along side with posting tweets, users reported that they were unable to send direct messages, follow other accounts, as well as load content on their timelines.

This is hardly shocking considering how many layoffs Twitter has had, without some of the housekeeping staff, one tends to end up knee deep in shite. The site is slowly coming back up but for many it’s still not working correctly. 

I am not sure about all of my following here but I stopped using all social media aside from some food groups that I am part of a while ago. In fact, I stopped posting anything that is not an automatic feed from my website or food for my food groups. 

Social media lost it during the the past 5 or so years for me. Too much misinformation, nonsense, racist, sexist and homophobic posts, white power bullshite, the Trumpers, as well as just haters alike. 

Social media is just basically trash posting 24/7, not even the media can seem to stop from trash posting. Social media has lost its appeal, turned into a money grab for the each site with advertising no one wants or needs, regardless of users who continually post that if your ad pops up and interrupts what they are trying to see, listen to, hear or watch, they will never buy your product. Honestly, I am with those posters, I loathe advertising, the days of shoving product content down the throats of the innocent not wanting or needing it are over and US advertisers are too stupid to figure that out. 

Social media has lost so much of what it’s original intent was, we have TikTok challenges that have harmed and kilt people, what the fuck do we need an influencer for, to sell products to young girls mostly who are easily impressionable? FaceBook and Instagram are comparable to Colfax Avenue here in Denver, in fact both are closer in relation to the FaceBook group entitled “The Shite you see on Colfax” than they are useful. 

While I am all for free speech over at Twitter, the site is very up and down and yes, I have seen vast improvements with Twitter doing away with all of those fake accounts, the inability to keep her up and running because it’s new owner lacks the understanding of how it all works, shows and wears on it’s users. We have a congressional oversight committee holding hearings about allegations that Twitter’s previous staff made decisions that were favourable to Democrats in the 2020 elections. Whatsmore is that this oversight committee is hearing that Twitter’s offsite data centers are a joke and at some point an outage could occur that will take Twitter down for months. 

Honestly, who cares, FoxNews not to be confused with an actual news outlet but is listed as an entertainment outlet was heavily supportive of Trump during the 2020 elections and went as far as to spread misinformation, in the form of actual news, so fuck off about Twitter being favourable to Democrats. Does anyone really fucking believe that’s important, at all?

It’s a social media website, the only thing any congressional oversight committee should be doing with it, like with all social media to ensure user data and information is protected and kept safe.

Twitter has taken quite a beating since Elon Musk took over, I like Musk I find him to be remarkably intelligent however, on this one he reminds me of that time Ross Perot Jr bought a company and ran it into the ground due to his lack of understanding about how to run that type of business model.

I am not saying that Musk is making the same mistake as Ross Perot Jr, but Musk is making the same types of missteps. 

Cristal M Clark


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