FoxNews Staffers, Reporters & Producers Upset Over the Dominion Filings

Not only FakeNews but Fake Surprise and Shock

Cristal M Clark 

I am not sure what is worse, the fake news over at FoxNews or the fact that Staffers, Reporters & Producers are now coming forward apparently upset over the Dominion filings. Why? It’s being revealed that many over at the Fox network do in fact broadcast fake news and staffers, reporters and producers claim to be upset by it as if they did not know at the time about the fake news reports spewing out of Fox. 

A staffer reportedly told the Daily Beast that they “are not happy.” Staffers, reporters and producers are touting the idea that the revaluations that have come out are going to ruin good reporters reputations. They also claim that the news side of the network has been kept in the dark? Quite frankly, I call bullshite on that, news about the dastardly deeds over at Fox are splashed everywhere, all over the internet, the television, social media and they are being kept in the bloody dark? Are you kidding me? 

To be clear, a representative from the network stated: “The network has increased its investment in journalism by more than 50%, further expanding our news gathering footprint both domestically and abroad while providing state-of-the-art resources to enhance our coverage, we are incredibly proud of our team of journalists who continue to deliver breaking news from around the world and will continue to fight for the preservation of the First Amendment as Dominion attempts to suppress basic rights protected by our Constitution.”

Dominion obtained texts and memos from Fox executives, hosts, and producers that show a network in full-blown crisis over the fear of losing its relevance within the conservative movement. Moreover they feared losing those Trump supporters. 

A network whose top stars loathed the fact-driven journalists on the “hard news/mainstream media” side.Rupert Murdoch, the head of the Fox empire, privately conceded that Trump’s claims were “really crazy stuff,” and Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott warned shortly after the election that they shouldn’t “give the crazies an inch.”

Yet, that is precisely what they did, they ran with every single crazy story, idea, fantasy and thought they could and misinformed an angry mob within society not to mention that they encouraged that angry mob to attack our nations capitol. 

Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham privately trash-talked Team Trump’s “insane” fraud claims. Yet, the Fox hosts were simultaneously boosting those false claims on the network’s airwaves in the days and weeks after the election.

Even Tucker Carlson last week went on air with more lies with regard to the January 6th insurrection, in a clear attempt to downplay that day and to inform viewers that the Trump supporters who stormed the capitol that day were their in peace? Clearly Tucker didn’t get the memo and neither did Fox with regard to lying to viewers.

Some of these hosts demanded people be fired for fact checking things they were about to go on air with so that they could just fucking run with it? Whilst actual news reporters over at Fox were not really allowed to report any type of anti-Trump type of stories, hence stories that did not push the election fraud narrative. 

What a fraud and a joke. 

The point is that Fox teamed itself up side by side with Trump in an attempt to gain his supporters as their audience and they were so unwilling to lose that audience that the entire network ran with lie after lie after lie and is still running with lies. 

The obvious question here is why the fuck would congress investigate the likes of FaceBook and Twitter over the election and not hold FoxNews accountable? Clearly, they have no balls or teeth. Fox should be stricken from the ability to advertise itself as a news agency. FoxNews is not and neither is the rest of the network. 

But for reporters, staffers and producers with Fox to go public outraged over everything we are learning now about the network, is absolute horse shite. They knew, many were not allowed to report anything that would appear to be anti-Trump, fact checking was out the door, they heard and saw what was going on no matter what narrative they are now trying to sell yet, they didn’t fucking know? Get fucked, they knew and made the choice not to come forward then. The only reason they are coming forward now is because the network is facing the hard cold reality of truth telling. Now it could affect their very jobs and shallow ego’s as well as reputations so, now they claim outrage and anger but when the goose was good for the gander they sat rather silently by and let it all unfold and happen. 

Cristal M Clark

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