End of the Republican Party

End of the Republican Party

Not Prosecuting Trump Signals End to Pussy Republican Party

Cristal M Clark

A growing number of Republican’s are now backing off on support to have a Senate Trial to Impeach Donald J Trump which in turn is going to cause the inevitable downfall of the party. You can keep Trump’s supporters; the number of individuals who voted Trump out of office in fact out number the Republican Voters who voted for Trump.

What is truly and utterly disturbing about this is the number of Republican’s who are willing to let this guy blatantly break the law and get away with it. Which is upsetting the voters by the way in case you know they care to actually get out and see what voters are saying. They just don’t want to bother with a whole Trial, saying it would not do the US any good.

Really, then the fuck do we bother ourselves with putting murders, rapists, cop killers, armed robbers, shop lifters or anyone else who breaks the law on Trial?


This move more than ever just ensures that this is the end of the Republican party. So, let’s just stand out of the way and let them fall over like dominoes.

Cristal M Clark


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