Denver South High School & Its Deplorable Video

Denver South High School & Its Deplorable Video

Don’t Call the Police, You Might Get Shot

Cristal M Clark 

To be fair, here in the United States, we have fallen witness to brutal police attacks against black American’s in recent years, beatings, shootings, death, but we also have a fair amount of good coppers, who go to work every day putting their lives on the line just to keep all of us and our communities safe from harm. 

This past week Denver’s South High School felt that they needed to jump onto the bandwagon of police hate and released a video titled “Don’t be a Bystander: 6 Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks,” the video urges students to engage in conversation with victims, document the attack and to avoid the police. 

In the rather poorly produced video some idiot in the background is heard saying:

“Armed police presence often escalates rather than reduces the risk of violence in a situation, because police have been trained to see people of colour, gender, non-conforming folks and Muslims as criminals, they often treat victims as perpetrators of violence.”

“So if the victim hasn’t asked you to call police, do not, I repeat, do not call the police,” the video’s host instructs.

The video by the way was not produced by the school district but why the fuck would they allow for it to be shown? That is inexcusable, in poor taste and that video by the way is doing the same thing it accuses police of doing. 

The video accuses the police of being biased, and urges teenagers to handle situations that they are not trained to handle on their own. Well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black no?

The Denver’s Police Foundation said that whilst it commends the efforts of administrators to educate students on how to respond to racist attacks at schools,”it is reprehensible of them to include a tip that specifically states not to contact police.”

“The message in this type of video continues to manipulate the narrative of law enforcement’s relationship with the community.” That is quite true, here in Denver police are watched for any type of misbehaviour with regard to racism and if something comes up it is swiftly and quickly dealt with the by the department. 

Overall the video is in rather poor taste, it describes something that has happened nationwide yet it fails to educate students at all it is nothing more than hate speech in a school, pretending to offer advise it is propaganda and it is a manipulation against police. 

Denver South High School Principal Rachel Goss said that the video’s intention was to empower students who may witness a racist attack, “not to have any sort of negative impact on the longstanding relationship between Denver Public Schools and the Denver Police Department.”

How reassuring, I believe it is quite safe to say that the video missed the mark completely and is training young teenagers to hate the police and to not trust them, Rachel. 

Luckily my kids are all grown and never went to this school, once upon a time a principal didn’t do her job correctly and had the audacity to cross me, once and only once because she found herself out of a job by the end of that day. 

Schools are not battlegrounds for social issues such as hate the police, defund the police, do not trust the police nor are they places where students should be urged to not call police when something is happening, anything, racist or not. 

The job of the school and district is to educated students to be better at bringing the community and police together, not to drive them apart. 

Cristal M Clark

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