New TikTok Car Theft Challenge

New TikTok Car Theft Challenge

Poor Oversight of Social Media Leads to Increase in Car Thefts Nationwide

Cristal M Clark 

When we talk about holding social media companies accountable, this is one example of why we need to that. Over on TikTok, they have a new social media challenge and it is one that is becoming so problematic that police nationwide are scratching their heads. 

TikTok users are posting videos under the hashtag “Kia Boyz,”  where they are teaching individuals how to start Kia or Hyundai vehicles without keys, using the tip of a phone charger or USB cable, which in turn is now prompting juveniles as well as adults across the country to try and steal those vehicles.

In Chicago alone they have experienced a 767% increase in car thefts. Here in Colorado police are seeing an uptick in car thefts of these particular vehicles, and the same can be said across the whole of the United States. 

767% increase says out of hand to me. 

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Some are quick to blame the manufacturers here but, the truth is simply that the fault lies with social media platforms who allow the spread of this type of information. 

This is where social media crosses the fine line of freedom of speech to encouraging criminal activity and as you all know this is where someone will eventually end up hurt or killed, is that when we hold social media accountable? 

It is not just TikTok, it is all of social media, FaceBook, Instagram, Snap, Twitter, all social media platforms are guilty of this. 

Look if I were to post some type of vulnerability so as to encourage people to try to break into the white house I’d have every government agency pitching a fork tent up my arse wanting answers as to why I would do that because through doing that I put lives at risk. 

You know what else puts someone’s life at risk, educating and encouraging a nation to steal cars through a TikTok challenge. 

Enough with the double standards, this is out of hand with social media sites and it is time that they be held accountable period and end of story. This type of challenge should have been removed the second it was first posted which goes to show how little social media truly cares or actually watches for.  

They will utilise any and all excuses as to how and why this was missed, which they should not be allowed to do. 

So, is it going to take someone getting killed over a TikTok Challenge? Is that what it is gong to take?Cristal M Clark

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