The Origins of Covid-19

White House Unresponsive 

Cristal M Clark 

I am sure that by now most everyone has heard that according to the Energy Department Covid-19 likely came from a lab in Wuhan where it was leaked. 

As if that was a question anymore, the real question is, how and why not where. Most people found the report to be useless if not just basic rubbish. 

What strikes me as odd is the way the Biden administration is skirting around the issue. The White House said that there is no consensus within the Biden administration over the origins of the Covid-19 virus. No consensus? National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that President Biden is determined to nail down where Covid started but there continues to be broad uncertainty within the administration about its origins.

What more do they need here? Another leaked potentially deadly virus out of the lab known worldwide for producing and playing with deadly viruses? 

The problem is, if the White House says it agrees with this, China is going to be a bit upset so the White House is playing coy and turning a blind eye to the obvious. Regardless of the fact that the Energy Department made its judgment based on new intelligence. New old, or whatever the fact is that early on in the pandemic people did try to come forward with intel as to the origins of the virus and long before it hit the US people known to work in and around the lab in Wuhan were showing up at hospitals with severe illnesses that looked remarkably close to what early Covid-19 looked like. 

Social media is all the buzz right now too, many accusing the United States Government from withholding the truth as to the origins of the virus which will only deepen the divide here in the US. 

Distrust in Government is already splitting this nation but to side step this new report without providing hard cold facts, backed by science and living proof that this report is not accurate, it will only serve to deepen the nations distrust in our Government. 

Look if it were easy no one would care, but the facts are that Governments failed worldwide, the entire world locked down citizens, people lost jobs, businesses, homes, a way to work, employers were forced to give sick employees covid pay, in some cases the employer could not demand a positive test, depending on which state you were in. 

The entire world shut down and for what? A virus that really only killed those with weaker immune systems and the elderly? So globally, we fucked up peoples lives and the economy, the entire supply chain. 

And the United States Government doesn’t think its people have a right to the bloody truth? What do you think will happen next time? No Government would be able to shut anything down, no one would listen and why, because Governments failed hard, they made the wrong choices, and to top that off with not really wanting to find out the truth, face it head on let alone inform your citizens of that truth? Deplorable, and no one would comply with shut down orders again, especially here in the US. 

Despite how much everyone hated Trump, one thing he was right about was that he did not agree with shutting the entire nation down. 

Four other U.S. government agencies, along with a national intelligence panel, still believe the pandemic was likely the result of a natural transmission from an infected animal, while two others are undecided.

Which is a copout explanation, no one wants to really uncover the truth because it could potentially cause a war, right? Is that not more the truth of the matter? 

If this Administration fails to uncover the truth and properly inform the public of the truth instead of turn a blind eye to it, I am fairly certain that Trump could run again and win hands down or another Republican, I can assure you that the Democratic Party would not win another election at least not anytime soon. And that all goes back to the fact that Trump and the majority of the Republican Party stood against all of those restrictions. Honestly, the facemask thing worked, but how much when you are dining in a restaurant? Hitting Wal-Mart or Target, a doctors office, getting your oil changed sitting in the dealership, yes that made sense, the point is, all of the restrictions like we were too much overreach and did very little from actually preventing the spread of Covid-19. 

So why worry about a war if you come out with the truth, are we not supposed to be potentially going to war with China within the next two years anyway? Is Biden afraid to go to war? Fuck off, tell the goddamn truth to this nation and stop with the bullshite “oh we aren’t sure…” nonsense the public knows the truth just deal with the facts already. 

Cristal M Clark

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