What, FoxNews Admits to Dishonesty?

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Covid-19

Cristal M Clark 

Hell must have frozen over here, in breaking news today, FBI Director Christopher Wray has publicly stated that he believes that Covid-19 likely leaked from a lab in China. What the Fuck Christopher? Finally someone with some balls who is actually being honest. That is quite refreshing in terms of the United States Government.  

Of course China does not want the world to blame them, the Chinese Government did however seem to get off on the divide among the people that the origins of Covid-19 caused here in the United States. The facts here are difficult to ignore but come on, telling people animal to human transmission is quite ridiculous if not laughable when you look at where it started, period. People are not stupid and I commend Christopher for stepping forward here and not assuming that the public is stupid and just telling the goddamn truth. 

Now whether it was on purpose or an accident is another matter which will need to be addressed at some point not to mention the dishonesty that emanated out of the Chinese Government. 

In further delightful proof that hell must have frozen over…

According to excerpts from a deposition unsealed Monday, Fox Corps Chairman Rupert Murdoch finally fucking admitted that some FoxNews commentators endorsed the false allegations by former President Donald Trump and his allies that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and that he did absolutely nothing to stop them from promoting those claims.

Not a huge surprise for many of us, I mean come on mates we have been talking about FoxNews being more of a propaganda agency. Let’s be clear in that Fox Corp is listed as an entertainment source, not a real fucking news source, but that did nothing to prevent much less stop them for promoting false news as if it were real news. 

This is a case of defamation over the election fraud allegations that FoxNews hosts stood buy knowing they were fake allegations, and they named Dominion Voting Systems as part of the problem. Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems, sells electronic voting hardware and software, and they are now suing both FoxNews Network and parent company Fox Corp. for defamation. Dominion contends that some FoxNews employees deliberately amplified false claims by supporters of Trump that Dominion machines had changed votes in the 2020 election, and that Fox provided a platform for guests to make false and defamatory statements about the company. Which Fox did do, they stood by the claim that the machines changed votes in 2020. 

Fuck that, Colorado has been utilising these machines for years and we have had zero issues at all. They are highly accurate and do not change votes, the very idea is absolutely Ludacris. 

Fox Corp is listed as a top-rated network and now the network is having to answer for it’s handling of Trump’s claims as its ratings plummeted after the network called Arizona for Joe Biden during the election, which of course pissed off Trump and his supporters. 

An earlier filing showed a bit of a conundrum between the stolen election narrative the network was airing in primetime and the doubts about the claims raised by its stars behind the scenes. According to one text from Nov. 16, 2020, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said “Sidney Powell is lying” about having evidence for election fraud, which was one of Trump’s lawyers.

According to another excerpt Rupert urged in September 2020, weeks before the election, that Lou Dobbs be fired because he was “an extremist.” Rupert also said that he thought it was “really bad” for former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to be advising Trump because Giuliani’s “judgment was bad.”

But, let’s not tout Rupert as a hero whistleblower here or anything close to that, Rupert was asked whether he could have requested that Powell and Giuliani not be put on the air and his pathetic response was “I could have. But I didn’t.”

It actually gets worse here, after the Jan. 6 rioting at the Capitol, former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who sits on the board of FoxNews Corporation, sent an email to Rupert. He told Rupert that he believed that “some high percentage of Americans” thought the election was stolen “because they got a diet of information telling them the election was stolen from what they believe were credible sources.” Rupert then responded to Paul’s email with a note saying, “Thanks Paul. Wake-up call for Hannity, who has been privately disgusted by Trump for weeks, but was scared to lose viewers.”     

So basically, Rupert is telling everyone, he knew straight up about the false allegations, supported them but that he and his staff were too afraid to lose Trump’s supporters. That is truthfully the bottom line here. 

He is trying to scapegoat and blame the on air comedian’s he chooses to hire as news anchors but the truth is, he knew and did nothing to stop this from happening. 

My guess is that Dominion will win this court case due to the simple fact that now it’s coming to light just how much Fox allowed it’s hosts to lie and Rupert stood idly by allowing it to happen. 

The US Government needs to do its part here too, strip Fox from the ability to advertise, promote or sell its FoxNews broadcasts as actual news. They deserve to be kicked promptly out of the ring and never again allowed to tout news when they serve no real purpose other to spread misinformation, fake news, lies and propaganda just so they do not lose viewers, which equals advertising dollars. Fuck them. 

Cristal M Clark


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