Donald Trump – Destroying the US one day at a time


Surviving the sexist, bigot, racist US Presidency

I keep seeing headlines about how to survive Donald Trump’s presidency, they offer helpful suggestions and tips on how to cope with the ineptitude of anything Trump says, true or not.


The reality is that it is a guarantee that whenever Trump opens his mouth or tweets what he considers facts and statistics, over half are inaccurate and in most cases just outright bullshit.

He does it to get attention because like any other attention whore, he can’t get through a day without all eyes being on him so he will go above and beyond in an effort to accomplish that.

At any rate, the one thing that I will give him huge kudos for is that he black’s out the media. He is literally waging war on the Media and I like that.

He is correct when he says that the media is biased so in most cases Trump will spat out utter garbage filled with untrue facts and the like, I will give him credit with the media because he has not said anything about the mainstream media that has been incorrect.

Aside from all of that, surviving Donald Trump is easy without the super not helpful tips I keep seeing the mainstream media come up with.

Realize that movements and things are happening all over the US in an effort to get Trump out of office.

These things take time so they do not happen overnight, trust in the fact that we because I am part of many of those said movements, we notice everything Trump does and says.  

And we are not giving up.

Power is always in the masses, power is in the numbers and every single day, more and more people join the fight and the good news is, we have found our voices and we are using them.

In the meantime you never know, the way that Trump tends to go off at the hip and run his mouth or tweet like he does, he may end up making one pretty big mistake and get himself out of office long before his 4 years is up.

We do not want or need a monster or rather a hateful little, racist, sexist, bigot serving as President of the United States, we need a forward thinker and it’s pretty clear that Donald Trump is not that nor does he appear to be on anyone’s side but his own. 

You cannot move forward if you keep going backwards.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump and his dream team say goodbye – To Michael Flynn


Not much to say on this one, Michael Flynn reportedly mislead the white house with regard to talks with Russia…

“I inadvertently briefed the Vice President-elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian ambassador. I have sincerely apologized to the President and the Vice President, and they have accepted my apology,” Flynn wrote according to a copy of his resignation letter.

Which is really, in all reality just a pretty way of saying he lied, point blank.

It’s like watching a car wreck in slow motion, the faster they go the more destructive the crash, which I find rather amusing right now. 

Cristal M Clark

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Vacation – Mystery and Mayhem


You would think that with this Friday being the Inauguration of our new President, Donald Trump that I’d be all over the events of this week.

Instead, I thought that it would be a really good time to take a little vacation rather than bombard you all with tales of political mayhem and dirty deeds.

I will return on 1/22/17.

Until then, do try to behave yourselves.

Cristal M Clark


Donald Trump – and the former MI6 spy who came forward



Christopher Steele – Donald Trump

Last week the world was somewhat stunned by the dossier Christopher Steele had put together which gave sordid details of sexual encounters with prostitutes, real estate deals that amounted to nothing more than bribes and some type of coordination with the Russian’s to help them hack the Democratic party.

Of course nothing has been substantiated, yet the dossier stunned an entire world.

The dossier seemed to have tarnish even more the world’s already the tarnished views and feelings about Donald Trump in picture perfect clarity, substantiated tales or not.

For many, the dossier did not damage Donald Trump’s image but rather it just confirmed the image that many already have of him.

Christopher Steele, a former MI6 spy served in Paris and Moscow was procured to compile the dossier back in 2015 because a rather wealthy Republican who did not like the idea of Trump running for president decided to shell out some hard cold cash to check into Trump’s past more importantly, his relationship with Russia.

Still the same, the dossier at some points was a rather bit outlandish with accusations pertaining to President Elect, Donald Trump, while other findings seemed perfectly plausible because they truly speak to Donald Trump’s character.

Many throughout the media are claiming the dossier truly damaged Trump as he gathers his footing to head into office, others stand with Trump on the issue.


I get that Donald Trump is a new idea, he is a different beast from the normal run of the mill politician, I can see how someone might want to cleverly damage his presidency along with his image.

Anyone with some clout can put together a dossier that is either favorable or not favorable, we as individuals must then decide what we take away from that is, if anything.

He is a very easy target for anyone who seeks only to keep things as they are. My readers know, I do not always like or agree with Trump, but I do like to see things changed up once they have become stagnant.

Not to mention that quite frankly, Trump is powerful I get that but, helping these so called Russian hackers out…well that is pretty far fetched.

We must figure out if part of or any of what we read or is true and sometimes that means going out of our way to learn or dig for the information ourselves so as to discover the truth instead of being spoon fed information.

We have become a society that likes to be spoon fed information without questioning it.

We absorb it and act upon it with a heartbeat which can be a very bad thing.

As for Christopher Steele, well he has suddenly gone into hiding because of the release of intel last week.

Donald Trump has blasted the release which does not and should not come as a surprise to anyone, the man is about to officially take on being President of the United States of America.

Personally I have to question  things that are released right before Donald Trump heads into office.

I tend to compare it to the crazy ex who just seeks to only get back at you.

As for society here in the US, the dossier has has left some to question whether or not they made the right choice in electing Donald Trump as our next leader.

You can only judge a man based of the actions that which you have personally witnessed.

Everything else is just hearsay.

Cristal M Clark

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Russia Admits Hacking the GOP?


Russia – hacking – RNC

No Russia did not admit to hacking anything here in america and they’d really like for america to stop accusing them of it. 

Vladimir Putin-Crimeshop.jpg

It’s enough already…

To be honest, I am kind of with them on this one.

Truthfully, I am still only seeing lip service provided by intelligence officials here in america. I have not seen any tangible proof of all of this Russian hacking that went on.

And do know that the NSA is pretty keen to Russian hacking, they’ve seen it and studied it before so they’d be able to catch it…still though.

These hackers released intel in an attempt to sway public opinion with regards to the 2016 US Presidential Election and I agree with that.

That’s per our intelligence here in the US. But do they really know for a fact that was Russia and not an insider instead?

Did it really sway public opinion all that much? Even if it did none of what was released was a threat to national security and it was all true.

What’s more is that officially, election numbers after votes were cast were not hacked and changed in any way.

I know that I like being informed about the person that I am going to vote for and if he or she is dishonest or the party they are part of is dishonest I’d like to know that.

I am an American Citizen, I have a right to full disclosure about the person and his or her party when I am casting my vote.

Whether or not political organizations like it.

But to see Russia get all of this blame is getting rather old. It may or may not have been Russia, either way our own intelligence communities and military have done the very same thing to other nations and countries.

Either way, here in the US our mainstream media and our own government need to start moving away from this ugly, very public blatant way in which they accused another country of something before they actually had any proof at all.

And then the very public threats of punishing Russia, it has just gotten to be so childish.

We expect more from our leaders and intelligence communities tasked with handling these types of investigations. IF you have to punish another country because they hacked into your political systems then do it and do it quietly.

Because our government has made this so public it has made me question more than once if they aren’t just full of it and blaming the wrong party here?


This Russian hacking or just someone hacking nonsense was just not handled very well by our government or our media.

At the end of the day, Donald Trump did not win because of Russian hackers, he won because he is Donald Trump and voters felt that he could be trusted more and that he was capable of doing the job.  

The last thing, the very last thing that any country should be doing is broadcasting to the world about just how vulnerable and unprotected your country really is when it comes to cyber security.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump’s very bad idea – Dan Coats for director of intelligence


Donald Trump – US Director of National Intelligence

Trump staffers have said that director of national intelligence is really an unnecessary position to have let alone fill.

It’s rumored that Donald Trump is expected to name former senator (R-Ind.), Daniel Coats Director of National Intelligence.

An idea that comes at a pretty bad time.

Daniel Coats just so happens to be one of the members of Congress who had been banned from Russia back in 2014.

His response to the ban “While I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to go on vacation with my family in Siberia this summer, I am honored to be on this list.”

Daniel Coats is known to have a tough on Russia attitude due his past where he has generally pushed for tougher sanctions against Russia.


That may be the reason that Trump is eyeing him for this unneeded position because Trump has been viewed worldwide as someone that Vladimir Putin and Russia can push around.

This decision may be an attempt to head that off and send a clear message that, that is not going to happen.  

While on the other side, Daniel Coats has been known to support the idea, notion and all thoughts of NSA mass surveillance.


Back in 2013 he defended the NSA surveillance programs.

Recently Trump has been very critical and at times distrusting of intelligence reports indicating that Russia meddled in the the 2016 presidential election.

“Mr. President elect, when you listen to these people, they are the best among us and they are trying to protect us.” Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, said today in a rather interesting Senate Armed Services Committee hearing with regards to foreign cyber threats.

Which comes on the heels of Trump’s lack of interest in what our intelligence communities have been trying to convey to Trump and his team.

Worse yet is that lack of interest is a concern to other nations. Foreign state leaders have been expressing concern with regards to Trump and his rather laissez-faire attitude towards cyber threats among other issues.

Many are concerned that he simply just does not grasp or understand cyber threats and security.

His lack of respect for our intelligence community also impacts home turf…

Here at home it greatly affects members of the intelligence communities negatively, decreases morale and drives home the idea that our new leader and his team do not trust our current intelligence communities.

That in turn creates issues with regards to low morale within the intelligence communities and risks some of the best and brightest walking out the door.

What’s more is that the american people overall have always had this grey sort of distrust with regards to our intelligence communities, mostly because we don’t always know what they are up to and well the NSA who is one of the members of that community.

The NSA hasn’t really been known to be all that trustworthy as far as the public is concerned.

Right now the nation is deeply divided over whether or not we believe or trust the intelligence community with regards to Russian hacking during the 2016 election.

The push for Daniel Coats really does carry the potential to deepen the public’s distrust in our intelligence communities.

Basically, the move would be the equivalent of killing one bird instead of two, with that stone.

Yesterday Obama was leaving a press conference and was asked by someone what advise he had for the Democratic Party.

Cristal M Clark

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