Covid-19 in US Long Before March?


What the US Government Did Wrong

Cristal M Clark 

An increasing number of news reports are spreading the growing theory that Covid-19 was already in the United States back in late December-early January and if any of you had what I did, you would in fact be in total agreement with that theory. 

Symptoms of Covid-19:




difficulty breathing (severe cases)

Some reports circulating indicate it was here as early as November however experts agree that is simply not possible. 

Show of hands, who fell ill back in January? I had H1N1 years ago and thought that was bad, but this past January, I became so ill I was told I looked like death. It hit hard and fast over a weekend, fever, I thought I had the stomach flu because I was unable to eat or drink anything, I cannot recall my sense of smell but I did not exhibit the typical body aches and pains one normally has when getting the seasonal flu, then by Monday I was struggling to breath, in the end I had a cough that took forever to clear. I felt as if something was on or in my chest, in my lungs and it was not moving out, and the cough was dry and the feeling took roughly two weeks to get through. 

I have spoken to several individuals here in Colorado who describe a similar experience back in late December and early January. None of us were tested for Covid-19, which begs the question, why not? 

Everyone I know pulled through without having to be hospitalized as well. 

A few of us however were in fact just recently off of antibiotic treatment for more traditional seasonable cold and flu complications. I usually get an acute sinus infection when I get hit with a seasonal cold, which requires antibiotic treatment. I finished my antibiotic treatment roughly 3 weeks before I got hit with what I got in January and that was worse than what I had in December. 

So what did the United States Government get wrong? Well, everyone knew about the virus back in early December, perhaps for some in our Government we knew before then, we should have been getting ready for it then. We also should have been testing for it a long time ago and getting ready for it a long time ago as well. 

Today, we should be testing individuals who were suspected of already having the virus to better determine how long it’s really been here in the US and what the actual survival rate is. That testing could in fact prove key in finding ways to better treat it before it becomes life threatening because most of us that got it were either treating it at home or had been given antibiotics because it was thought to be an acute upper respiratory illness. 

When we become reactionary we make knee jerk decisions rather than taking just one step back and looking at the situation in its totality. 

My gut tells me that in fact Covid-19 was in the US long before March hit and we were silently treating it as an entirely different illness. Isn’t it time we learned the truth about that rather than coming up with excuses so as to avoid that truth?

Cristal M Clark

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Communities Shut Down, Working Class Suffers


Covid-19 Fallout Worse Than Imagined 

Cristal M Clark 

The number of communities moving to stay at home orders came too late because people were already not following the recommended guidelines, which put us all at a greater risk. Unemployment numbers are skyrocketing to epic proportions, while those trying to file are crashing state unemployment sites just because everyone is trying to file at the same time. And as an added bonus we have dueling politicians who are completely failing at putting together an adequate stimulus package. While they all have agenda’s they are failing to meet the needs of a public whose worry increases by the day. 

On social media people are getting into vicious arguments, some are politically ranting to a post someone thought funny or a news article they shared with regards to the current situation. Threats, name calling and the like are running rampant. Young people want to burn it all down and are behaving badly, older generations want to blame one side or the other. Trump doesn’t have a clue what is actually going that is pretty clear. His biggest concern is that this country is basically economically shut down. He is right about that however we need to get a cure in place before we run out and risk lives again. No one knows just how many people are infected and hospitals are not yet equipped enough to deal with nor care for the sick. 

So what is the answer?


The Senate needs to wake up and look at what American’s are actually feeling, it’s all over social media and that angst is mounting and swelling. Soon it will boil over. 

One question readers keep sending my way is why did our government not take this more seriously before it made its way here? Why were more preventative restrictions on travel not put into place months ago? 

I cannot answer that question honestly because I am looking at a current leadership structure and system that just doesn’t give a fuck. Each side is bickering about things that are simply not important right now. Yes we’d all love to see large corporations be held more accountable but right now is not the time to argue about that when the very people who make those corporations run, not leaders or shareholders of them, the actual out of work individuals are the ones suffering for every single decision, lack of good judgement and failures from the leadership in this country. 

Take care of your people first, deal with your wants, meal ticket needs and deals later. One illness brought our entire nation to a dead stop and to it’s very knees and we had been warned, countless times. The world is watching our leadership crumble and buckle under the weight of this, while they all stepped forward and took and dipped into pocket books to help their working class. 

Our society is a direct reflection of our leadership and it shows on social media by the way we are treating each other, it shows on the news as many blatantly disregard staying home, being out in large groups, panic shopping. 

Will the Senate finally wake up or would that be asking too much?

Cristal M Clark

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Covid-19 – America’s Grade


American’s Feeling Unsafe, Uncertain, Letdown

Cristal M Clark 

Overall Grade: F+

This past week put thousands of American’s out of work, many of which are now worried about paying bills. To date our Government has done very little to calm those growing fears. As those fears swell, so will the already angry environment we have become. 

In America our answer to job loss is a meger unemployment, which does not meet any basic needs. Unlike in the UK where the structure put into place actually pays the out of work individual his or her salary they had been making so that they can continue to sustain the economy and people can still pay their bills. 

Here in the US we receive a huge fuck you, go into debt, lose all your shit and welcome back to a workforce that will no longer pay livable wages, yet we are not going to force the economy to alighn itself with anything other than greed, driven by both the corporate world and our very own government. 

Right before everything collapsed, 4 members of congress sold off their stocks making huge profits, which they did illegally because they utilized details from a briefing, which you, I or Martha Stewart would go to prison for. 

All of our lowest paid, lowest skilled workers, the ones no one wants to pay more than a meger $15 per hour are all stepping forward to help keep grocery stores, fast food, gas stations, open and running for the rest of us most of which are in fact panic shopping. Consumers freaked out so much due to a media driven panic, that the elderly and disabled are left empty handed when trying to buy food or basic necessities, our first responders are lacking basic necessities while they care for those hospitalized with Covid-19. 


Our country, our infrastructure, our current systems in place, they do not work to bring an established society back from something like this. 

That said, when will we get back to normal? We don’t because the real question should be, what will our new normal be?

Financially, people are ruined, companies closed within a week, laid off workers in masses, are claiming they cannot afford to stay open. Many of the smaller companies may never be able to reopen and those that do will not be able to afford to bring back all of their laid off staff much less pay the wages they had been after taking such a huge financial hit. That’s the thing no one is talking about right? How many companies are going to just be gone, will people go back to the wages they had? The answer to that can be found in the aftermath of 2008. 

People have been slowly rebuilding their lives since 08, we have rent, house payments, car payments, credit card debt, student loans, and all of the other payments that go along with being an adult who lives, works and contributes to society. Companies who provide all of those things need to also step up here and help the society who gave them our business. I am not saying that car loans and mortgages should not be paid, what I am saying is that payments should be forgiven now and tacked on at the end so that people can survive this crisis. 

Utilities should not be shut off, cell phone providers should also allow a grace period. We as a society, we need to help each other, too. If anything this has taught us just how unprepared for a real human crisis we really are and how we need to bring manufacturing back to our own country, corporate owners must pay people livable wages to do that but it must be brought back so that we are not waiting on shipments of foods, medical devices and drugs because they are tied up at ports due to tariffs, wars, and utter bullshit. Our Government alone can and need to make that happen. 

So this go around before the United States Government agrees to bail out big corporations, banks and airlines, they need to consider long term, it’s the workers here that actually need the the bailout, we are the ones that made those big companies and small companies what they were before Covid-19, we drove the profits they lived off of. Likewise, I hope WalMart takes a look at their employees who have been working their asses off, while being yelled at, told off and who keep going during this mess, and pay those individuals better. Treat them like human beings for once. 

Until society gets some type of solid honest answers from our leaders, this swelling movement of anger that I am seeing on social media will get out of control. Cities and states who are just shutting down, that is not going to help calm the already fearful public. Sometimes local governments need to start looking at what is being talked about on social media. The vibe isn’t good and people are already talking about acts of crime, posting images of troops in cities that are from movies and telling people it’s happening in their cities, basically attempting to incite violence, that is how desperation works. That is what peple are feeling, hopelessness and desperation. On the flip-side of that, the United States Government needs to, it must take swift action against the mainstream media. Most of the layoffs and panic we saw last week, were a direct and clearly driven result of the utter and sometimes fantastic bullshit streaming from the mainstream media. I am not a huge fan of Donald Trump personally but he’s done a lot for this country, he sucks at public speaking we can all agree, when it is not in relation to business, the media has lowered the confidence the public felt in his economic plan to the point that if things get much worse, the public is going to deliver much worse. 

Cristal M Clark

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American’s Cannot Follow Instructions Amid Covid-19 Fears

Covid-19-Crimeshop - Edited

Are We Taking Too Much of a Risk?

Cristal M Clark

Schools, Sports, Concerts all canceled why even here in Colorado our Ski Resorts are shuttering shop for a bit, all in an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19, yet people are still heading out to clear store shelves of food and toilet paper, as if they are going to be in a bunker for the next several years. I went for a drive this afternoon through our fine city and saw packed parking lots, shoppers heading out of stores with enough supplies to literally last years, restaurants and pubs are full of patrons. Clothing stores packed, shoe stores catering to happy shoppers as if they have not a care in the world. Cities are now beginning to order the closing of all bars and restaurants, Colorado I am sure is not far behind on that front.  


Can we not follow our instructions to shelter in our homes, avoid large crowds, only buy what we will need for two weeks? Have we lost our bloody minds? All of this panic shopping is ridiculous, hoarding so much all at once is a waste of money and also takes from shoppers like the elderly that really need supplies but unfortunately cannot get around like the rest of us. 


If you head to social media what you find are quite a few stunned individuals shaming our fellow citizens for behaving so foolishly. At first it was just caused by fear but at this point, after so many days of everyone including the media asking people to chill, it’s gotten to a point where you really do start to question your fellow man. 


False news and information are spreading like a wildfire across the internet, do gooders are offering vitamin tips, some of which are at levels that can be lethal, while some groups are suggesting we all drink a little bleach, home remedies and the like are spreading. 


Again, has everyone lost their minds? What happened to good old fashioned common sense here?

The media is blaming the President for not acting quickly enough, the majority of those on social media are blaming the media for blowing things way out of proportion in fact, to epic proportions. 


And that is actually true, the media has blown things so out of proportion that it has created what we are witnessing out of our fellow man right now. I’ve watched the news and they did and still do make it seem as if this was and is a dire situation to the point where level minded individuals are behaving irrationally. The media insists on saying things like this could be life or death but the reality is that they are in fact providing more misinformation, their opinions rather than any and all actual news and that my friends is in fact driving a hysteria like we have never seen.

Maybe it’s time for the government to actually do something about the mainstream media or for all of us to turn it off.   

Cristal M Clark

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Toilet Paper, Soap, Hand Sanitizer Shortages?


CNN Labels Coronavirus a Pandemic?

Cristal M Clark 

In looking at social media everyone is having a good time with the soap, hand sanitizer and toilet paper shortages pointing out quite eloquently that toilet paper is not amongst the items people need to stockpile, nor is hand soap or hand sanitizer to the extent of causing shortages, while the CDC does recommend everyone have about two weeks worth of basic necessities on hand at all times not just during a so called pandemic. 


One of the reasons people are freaking out and stockpiling things they really don’t need is all thanks to the mainstream media. They love to deliver as much misinformation as they can but not enough to be labeled negligent.

mainstreammedia-lies-about-coronavirus-crimeshop - Edited

Chris Cuomo announced tonight in fact that he hopes he gets the virus just to show his viewers it’s not that big of a deal but also in the same breath explained why CNN is labeling the virus a “pandemic.” That’s right, an attempt at playing the part of a martyr while also being a fear monger. 


Mainstream media will bring experts on and ask these pointed questions that the expert can really only speculate upon in his/her answer but the mainstream media will direct the Q&A in such a way that the information conflicts with common sense, not to mention that they steer the reporting into certain directions. 


Which is one of the biggest reasons we are seeing these shortages and the panic purchasing. Misinformation, fear of the unknown, and just plain old not knowing what will happen, could happen much less not knowing what to do or even what to expect. We are being fed mass amounts of conflicting information, misinformation, and a lack of honest information. 


Last time I checked, the mainstream media should stop playing the part of fortune teller. 


One of the other reasons is that people want to feel in control with a situation we cannot possibly control or predict currently and panic purchases give people the sense of some control. 


The reality is we don’t need to rush the market and buy them out of anything, with all of the delivery services we have these days in most major cities, one can get what they need, when they need it delivered to one’s doorstep without even having to open the door. That includes groceries and toiletries. 


The worst thing anyone can do is pay much mind to the mainstream media, especially CNN right now. I like CNN most of the time but now they need to simply STFU about the coronavirus and stop causing fear and labeling it trying to get the public ready. 

Cristal M Clark

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Coronavirus Causes Change in Behaviors? 


100 Confirmed Cases in the United States With More to Follow

Cristal M Clark 

Here in the US hand soap, bleach, hand sanitizer and face masks are flying off of store shelves, worldwide people are now talking about going out less, which means spending less on fun things, traveling less, companies and corporations are putting together plans for how they will deal with the spread of the virus, some schools are closed this week in affected states for a cleaning and in turn all of this causes a slowdown in consumer spending which will eventually affect stocks regardless of the rebound they saw today. 

hand soap-coronavirus-crimeshop

What is Covid-19, Coronavuris the illness that started in Wuhan?

It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family one that has never been seen nor encountered before. Bur just as with other coronaviruses, it comes from animals. Many of those initially infected either worked or frequently shopped in the Huanan seafood wholesale market in the center of the Chinese city.


Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people.  SARS-CoV was transmitted from civet cats to humans and MERS-CoV from dromedary camels to humans. Several known coronaviruses are circulating in animals that have not yet infected humans. Yes that is right, that have not Yet, infected humans, until they mutate and other coronaviruses will eventually mutate and infect human hosts. 


Currently we are sitting at 100 confirmed cases in the US, sadly we can also confirm 6 deaths associated with the Coronavirus. So far, 11 states are affected: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, New York, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. 

The symptoms could appear 2-14 days after exposure: Signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and death. 


That is just the tip of what we know, it is widely assumed that the number of infected is far greater than what we have seen confirmed because we are also still in the midst of the flu season here in the US, and the spread of the virus is happening a lot faster than anyone anticipated, very rapid, so naturally people are a bit on edge. 


Honestly both the Vice President and the President have done a pretty decent job of trying to be honest and to urge the public not to panic. 

So should we panic? 

No we shouldn’t, the reality is that we cannot stop the spread of the virus so rather than panic, we should be vigilant. It’s important to know that not everyone who gets it dies and follow the instructions we hear from the CDC. 

We are being urged to keep nonperishable foods on hand, plenty of drinking water enough for a week or two, to wash our hands often, not touch our faces, stay away from sick people and if you are sick, stay home and yes, going out less to places that could be heavily populated. Stores, concerts, sporting events, malls, parks, pools, etc. Some of these things we should already be doing. 

The best hope we have to prevent devastatingly large numbers of infected individuals is to slow the advance of the virus by not offering up new hosts.  

mainstreammedia-lies-about-coronavirus-crimeshop - Edited

Overall, here in the US at least we are seeing changes in behavior, citizens are in fact being more vigilant. While we have no vaccine for the virus as of yet, we can help prevent its spread through basic hygiene and simply by staying home when sick, not giving into fear mongering which is one thing the mainstream media all to often not to mention they tend to argue everything the president and his administration say about the virus while reporting pure speculation about it in an attempt to undermine the president and the administration. Now is not the time for that childish behavior, quite simply put right now would be a good time to bury that bloody hatchet.

Cristal M Clark

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Coronavirus Arrives in the United States

Umbrella-Corporation-Resident-Evil-Netfix-Crimeshop - Edited

United States Not Ready to Handle Coronavirus?

Cristal M Clark 

Well, we all knew it would show up eventually, Coronavirus is finally here in the US and according to multiple mainstream media outlets, the US is not ready much less prepared to test for it or to handle it. 


A woman in California is infected and she did not travel outside the US and had no contact with anyone who has traveled outside of the US, to her knowledge of course. Hence, no one knows how she became infected or at least that is the story as of now. 


It was going to spread globally everyone knew that so this is not a surprise. Admittedly I am more surprised that no one has actually blamed Donald Trump for the virus showing up in the US, the guy gets blamed for a lot whether he deserves it or not.  

coronavirus-2-crimeshop - Edited

Currently I just saw a headline that says California is monitoring 8400 who may or may not be infected, Chris Cuomo is upset about that one currently and reporting on it tonight, another that the CDC keeps changing things, states are not allowed to test for it, or can’t test for it, rumors are hitting the wire that the test doesn’t work, CNN is currently reporting that states are not being allowed to test because of the Federal Government, the CDC is only allowed to test and CNN is blaming Donald Trump for not being transparent. Which is a bit unfair. 


This morning all I saw on CNN was that the Don lied about a vaccine, he did stretch the truth, then yesterday he was attempting to quash panic and sugar coated things. 

I am sure hands down that the Don was told to keep the public from widespread panic and to feed the public just enough but not all of the details. 


I get that, but history shows that is less than the smart thing to do. I would urge the Don to be completely transparent here, people are going to panic and freak out anyway, the difference is between being transparent and not being transparent is that fear of the unknown causes worse widespread panic and chaos and can sometimes reach dangerous levels. 


Currently online people are advising all sorts of cures and preventative measures, everything from chugging bleach, to taking doses of vitamins high enough that they could kill you, to drinking alcohol, why not add a few lines of coke and some meth right? Because of the media and the internet, things are falling way out of perspective. 

I say rip off the band-aid and tell the truth, sugar coat nothing and let the chips fall where they fall. Reasonable adults will take precautions and not panic, less reasonable adults will drink some bleach, pop mass quantities of vitamins and go into hiding in some underground bunker and we’ll see them in around 30 years or so when they resurface. 


The last thing we want or need is the mainstream media spreading misinformation and fueling the fear with some of the headlines I am seeing they are reporting mostly speculation and rumors. They are taking an inch and running a mile with it, the only question Trump and his advisers should be thinking about is this, do you really want the media and internet speculating and informing the public on what the president isn’t saying?

Cristal M Clark

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US President Donald Trump Upset Over Coronavirus Patients Being Repatriated


Coronavirus – The Next Pandemic?

Cristal M Clark 

I am sure that by now you all are very well aware of the Coronavirus, heard rumors that China has been less than completely honest about just how many are/were infected and how many have died, how China is jailing those that go public and have even gone as far as to use Twitter and WeChat to find anyone sharing information about the Coronavirus and silence them.

Donald-Trump-furious-coronavirus-patients-being-repatriated-crimeshop - Edited

The Stock Market tanked today, and rumors are swirling that Donald Trump was a wee bit upset that the US passengers that were quarantined aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan flew home on Feb. 18.

14 of the passengers who were known to be infected with the Coronavirus the rest were discovered later. Those patients tested positive after the arrangements for their repatriation had been made as part of the group. Repatriation means to send someone back to his/her own country. 

That of course caused quite the debate between the State Department, who wanted to go ahead with the repatriation, and on the other side of the ring stood the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who recommended against it. The CDC’s concern was shared by infectious disease experts, but the Department of Health and Human Services supported the State Department. 


We all know who won that argument, and that upset the Don and for good reason. The evacuation was rushed seemed to stem from the discontent of the passengers rather than due diligence or just basic common sense. 

Initially the whole group of US passengers on board the cruise ship were supposed to stay in Japan something Anne Schuchat, a CDC executive thought would be the safer course of action. 

The State Department, well they trusted the precautions put in place on the plane, and considered the journey back to the US safe: The infected passengers would be separated in an enclosure in the plane. An enclosure no one was sure even really worked to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Funny how this ended up but it was Trump’s people from the State and Health departments who made the decision that Trump later considered reckless.

According to reports, Trump was in fact pretty furious over these passengers being repatriated rather than staying in Japan as they should have for the time being. 


Trump is somewhat of a germaphobe when it comes to communicable disease and highly contagious illnesses and it’s left me wondering what his next move might be over the Coronavirus given that it is spreading as quickly as a California wildfire does. We have travelers coming into the US from all over the world, the US is carefully screening people for the virus, the bigger question is, is everyone else and if they are, how good are they screening really?

Cristal M Clark

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Elite Border Agents Heading to a Sanctuary City Near You


Trump Administration Unleashes Bortac

Cristal M Clark 

If you are an illegal and hiding out in a sanctuary city, you might want to pack your bags, the Trump administration is releasing Bortac, the elite of border agents or so they say. This crew is the badass of badass specially trained in fugitive or in this case illegal immigrant apprehension and recovery. 


Rumor is that they are the swat team of border patrol and they are about to descend upon sanctuary cities to round up illegals. Some of those cities are New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, New Jersey. 

The move is aimed at arresting and the removal of undocumented immigrants not to mention that it also comes as federal law enforcement officials are reporting significant increases in cross-border drug trafficking. 


Because ICE does not have the resources to actually manage the sustained increase in non-detained cases that has been exacerbated by the rise of sanctuary cities around 100 agents will be sent to assist the ICE deportation force.

Several states and cities refuse to assist the administration in its deportation efforts, in fact multiple cities and states are refusing to allow shared information like DMV records and the like, which is pitting local law enforcement against federal law enforcement. 

South Florida Students Gather To Protest Donald Trump

No matter which side you are on, it’s hard to ignore, advocates and supporters of immigration are at odds with the Trump and his Administration over this and eventually either something is going to give or the water is going to boil over. Whichever comes first, I hope someone has a plan that will actually work. It’s like the war on drugs, the war the US lost, trying to stop the unstoppable. 

Cristal M Clark

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