Insane and Out of Control

No, I Am Not Referring to My Dating Life

Cristal M Clark 

The insanity on the political level here in the US is quite out of control and it’s getting worse. Now I will leave Florida alone due to the recent devastation they have faced from hurricane Ian, that does not however, excuse some of the political insanity that stems from that state. 

To name but a few. We have Rep. Lauren Boebert a Republican from Colorado, who just so happens to be a conspiracy theorist nut bag who has been a whore and who had an abortion instead of utilising birth control oh and with a husband who is into young girls, not adult women, then we have those election deniers who could not even manage to find the truth if had they actually lived it themselves.

Kanye West who was recently sported wearing a T-Shirt that read “White Lives Matter,” he also said once that Slavery was a choice, someone should probably inform him that he is black? 

Then we have Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has a mouth so wide she could probably fit three or four members into it at once, if you are the blow job seeking type, instead of running it with lies and conspiracy she should put it to some good use. 

She’s recently been off running her mouth going on about Democrats are trying kill all of the republican’s, and trust me I always was a republican until Donald Trump fucked up and then this entire whack job lot showed up, several times. 

Look mates, has anyone seen our current President? This man could fall off of the podium at any moment and just flatline and you think anyone is plotting to kill all of the republican party or their supporters? Are fucking kidding me?

Here’s what Marjorie had to say recently: “Under Democrats, Americans just like me and you face a future hiding and fleeing persecution by a tyrannical Department of Justice and FBI, led by a president who declared us all enemies of the state. We’re all targets now though, for daring to push back against the regime, and it doesn’t stop at a weaponized legal system, I’m not going to mince words with you all. Democrats want Republicans dead and they have already started the killings.”

What? Really? Also, her public speaking skills are absolutely atrocious, what fucking part of that makes any sense? Who got kilt? 

Wait, oh for fucks sake you guys, clearly I got this wrong, I am so sorry, I didn’t realise that we were talking about the Republican ego that had been kilt in the last presidential election. 

Now we also have Donald J Trump, the jackarse who started all of this mess, he’s suing CNN, two weeks ago he extended his hand to save the nose diving network, now he seeking $475 million for defamation. He’s got to pay his legal fee’s somehow I suppose. 

His claim is that the cable news network has harmed his reputation with “false, defamatory, and inflammatory mischaracterizations of him” and that CNN’s conduct “is intended to interfere with Trump’s political career.” 

That is a bloody fucking riot, he didn’t do that all on is own with his remarkable ability to take over the white house as if it were a white trash, trailer park, reality television show?

The political scene here in America is not only getting ridiculously out of control, it is becoming dangerous, deadly and it promotes violent behaviour. Do you think, do you believe that the DOJ or the FBI really wanted to raid Mar-A-Lago? They did not, they knew it would be politicised and it was, by Trump and his goons. The raid had nothing to do with politics, it was about a man, who broke the bloody fucking law. 

If you see that another way, you are not thinking for yourself or in an educated manner, you have been conditioned. That is what they do in some war torn countries which is what some not all republicans are attempting to do here they are training you and conditioning you to hate this country rather that love it. 

Cristal M Clark

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Article Misleads Women by Encouraging Them to Not Buy an Apple Watch

PC Mag Publishes Misleading and Questionable Information

Cristal M Clark 

I happened across a headline that read “If you have a uterus don’t buy an apple watch,” which left me in complete and utter shock, particularly since the article was published by PC Mag and it is not only questionable but fairly misleading. 

Anyone who owns an Apple product knows first and foremost how strongly Apply feels about user privacy and protecting user data at any and all costs. 

The article goes into how Apple Watch Series 8 has a tracker that allows for women to track reproductive health, but suggests that the data would be shared so that women will be prosecuted for having an abortion. 

The poor idiot who wrote this article failed to do her homework, Apple has offered a period or rather reproductive health tracker for some time now.  

The information provided in the PC Mag article is incredibly misleading, Apple would in fact fight sharing user data all the way, secondly, everyone is complaining about Government overreach and any good legal team worth it’s weight in money can and would fight any attempt to obtain such data, lastly you cannot prosecute someone for going to a state that allows abortion to have an abortion. 

They committed no legal crime in said state that does not allow abortion and that is an absolute legal fact for no state has enacted a law that would allow for them to prosecute someone for traveling out of state for an abortion. 

If they try, it would be challenged to the fullest extent and for states that try that, they would most assuredly lose that battle. Hence no state is trying to enact laws to enable prosecution for those that travel out of state for an abortion. 

Now things change if someone aborts a fetus in a state that does not allow abortion, so if you are fucking about like that in a state that has outlawed abortion, that is on you. 

The reality is this, for states that do not allow abortion, do you think, do you really think that they have employed a staff to go after every woman’s user data within that state? They can scarcely staff a DMV, much less keep records properly up to date and on time for anything, and you think they have a staff that are going to just send out aimless subpoena’s for user data? Has all common sense left anyone who believes if you have a period tracker on your smart watch big brother is watching you and able to just freely obtain your user data? 

For fucks sake, that is bloody laughable because the facts are, the states that have outlawed abortion are relying on tattle tales. Nothing more or less. 

These types of articles and news reports only serve one purpose and that is to sway public opinion by utilising scare tactics that simply do not exist. Which by the way is the very same nonsense so many people are pissed at former President Trump about, this is the type of misleading information everyone talks about when we talk about Republican’s or Trump supporters now isn’t it? 

Cristal M Clark

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In a Rather Unusual Twist, Donald Trump Offers to Help the Enemy

Will CNN Take Trump’s Outstretched Hand?

Cristal M Clark 

It is official that Donald Trump has been bit upset with FoxNews, he is now accusing them of pushing the Democrat agenda. According to Trump: “Wow! Fox News is really pushing the Democrats and the Democrat agenda. Gets worse every single day. So many Dems interviewed with only softball questions, then Republican counterparts get creamed.”

So just what is a bitter, hateful old man to do when he is angry at his favourite news source? Well, what any sane individual would do, he is offering to help his biggest enemy, CNN. 

On Truth Social, Trumps failing social network, he posted the following: “If ‘low ratings’ CNN ever went Conservative, they would be an absolute gold mine, and I would help them to do so.”

I know that you are all shaking your heads, Trump has long accused CNN of reporting “fake news.” Truth be told, FoxNews pushed every single one of Trump’s idiotic thoughts and idea’s as if they were the greatest things ever and actually news worthy. 

CNN however, is in real trouble with low ratings, a new CEO and that new CEO has suggested changes are afoot over at CNN and has expressed a strong desire to move the network in a conservative direction. 

According to the Washington Post, “A number of current and former CNN employees are saying that they fear CNN’s new CEO may be carrying out a “purge” of individuals who have been critical of Trump in the past.” 

Over this past weekend CNN actually did something that left people quite shocked, on Sunday, the network’s website published an article highlighting criticism of Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings series for using non-white actors with the headline “When ‘wokeness’ comes to Middle-earth.”

Trump has been on a warpath with Fox in recent months however as they started moving away from Trump and actually showing support for the truth rather than Trump’s fairy tales and fantasies. 

It is a little delightfully wicked to see CNN cracking however, they have long pushed the idea that they actually report news, they do not. They will give half a headline, and bring in every expert under the sun and present you with so many idea’s, opinons and possibilities that by the end of the segment no one can even remember what they were actually reporting. 

Perhaps CNN will realise that hell for them has frozen over and finally take Trump’s outstretched hand.

Cristal M Clark

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DHS Sends Out Warning to the FBI 

Cristal M Clark 

It does appear that the threats against our nation from the inside are heating up along with our unusually hot summer. Since the FBI searched Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home, threats of violence have been hitting social media platforms and are being posted on pro-Trump forums at an alarming rate. 

I believe everyone half heartedly expected the violent rhetoric to die down once the search warrant had been unsealed but, that has not been the case at all. 

At around 4AM this morning a man struck a barrier near the U.S. Capitol and then subsequently opened fire before fatally shooting himself according to police. On Thursday of this past week over in Cincinnati, Ohio a man attempted the breach the Cincinnati FBI field office, Ricky Shiffer after a hours long standoff with law enforcement was shot and killed. 

What makes Ricky’s case all the more disturbing was that the FBI admitted they had previously received intel with regards to Ricky perhaps being of a concern to the safety and welfare of I would assume law enforcement or federal officials. 

The FBI claims that, after not being able to locate Ricky, they were unable to substantiate the report and thus let it go. 

I supposed the next go around they will try harder. 

The threats hitting social media and forums are of a particular concern, in that they are exploding online at the speed of light and it is difficult to tell which are real and which are not, in fact, the Department of Homeland Security is so concerned that they sent out a warning with regards to the threats. These people want to go after the FBI, Federal Officials, Federal agencies as a whole, the Judge who signed the warrant and multiple others. Peoples home addresses, family member addresses have also been posted, this is a ticking time bomb of pure hatred and not of love of country. Reading some of the posts if you dare are quite frightening and indeed it is difficult to say which are real and which are not. 

It does appear that a large of portion of these threats are being posted so as to encourage any taker that is willing, which does make this exceptionally all the more concerning and frightening. 

In part here is what the DHS had to say in its bulletin: “The FBI and DHS have observed an increase in threats to federal law enforcement and, to a lesser extent, other law enforcement and government officials following the FBI’s recent execution of a search warrant in Palm Beach, Florida. These threats are occurring primarily online and across multiple platforms, including social media sites, web forums, video sharing platforms, and image boards. The FBI and DHS would like to ensure that law enforcement, court, and government personnel are aware of the range of threats and criminal and violent incidents.”

Former President Donald J Trump broke the law and had classified documents in his home, that he stole from the White House. He had been asked nicely to give those documents back and did not do that, what was the FBI supposed to do here? So far, for his days are seemingly numbered. 

Trump’s fan base is a fuelled mob running off of lies that Trump told them and keeps telling, he using their love of the United States against them in an effort to start a civil war and, they are inspired by Trump’s continued hateful and violent rhetoric which serves no other purpose other than to encourage violent behaviour. 

These Trump supporters, as I said whilst Trump was in office are the new terrorist threat in the United States. Trump has conveniently politicised our legal system, law enforcement, our judicial system and the United States Government as a whole, for if you go after him, his fan base will react violently. 

If the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI cannot get a handle on these threats and more individuals act out, it will change the face of this nation and not in a very good way. We must remember that Donald J Trump is not a match, he is the fuel and his fan base are the dry kindling needed to start a forest fire of epic proportions. 

Cristal M Clark

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Threats of Violence Over Search of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Home

Real Threats or Just Talk?

Cristal M Clark 

When it comes to Trump supporters it’s hard to determine if the threats online are real or just talk. Apparently, when news started to break about the FBI’s search of Trump’s home in search of documents that were stolen and should have been in the presidential archive, staunch supporters of Trump began to post violent rhetoric which started to circulate on Pro Trump internet forums. 

Many of the pro Trump forums urged for a civil war. “Lock and Load” being one of the top comments, others read, “I’m just going to say it. Garland needs to be assassinated. Simple as that.” “Kill all feds,” reads another. 

And probably the most sickening was that users encouraged others to post the address of the judge they believe signed off on the search warrant. “I see a rope around his neck,” a comment under a picture of the judge read.

By the way, this is the same forum that researchers previously found talk of violence and discussion on how to attack police officers in the weeks leading up to the January 6, 2021, attack on the United States Capitol. 

Comments by a convicted US Capitol rioter, Tyler Welsh Slaeker were also in the mix so clearly that conviction means very little to him. 

Daniel J. Jones, a former US Senate investigator had this to say: “We are seeing conspiratorial rhetoric from elected officials, political leaders, and political entertainers that is fuelling calls for real-world violence, the conspiratorial and divisive rhetoric from elected officials and others who should know better is continuing to undermine our institutions and democracy at an alarming rate.”

Quite Right Daniel is. Unless something is done to put a stop to this violent hate speech and rhetoric, it will continue and it will in fact, continue to inspire and incite threats and acts of violence. 

The Fed’s executed a search warrant because they believed that additional classified information remained at the private club, Mar-A-Lago after the National Archives retrieved more than a dozen boxes of White House documents from the resort earlier this year, people familiar with the matter said.

The Fed’s would not have asked to execute that warrant had they not been given sufficient and credible reason to do so. 

Trump is a treasonous bastard who, has never tried to hide that. He proved over and over again his willingness to lie and cheat all throughout his presidency. 

We have laws in this country that prohibit him from keeping any White House Documents at his personal home. 

Perhaps Trump’s supporters should make up their minds, either you are for our laws or not, when it was Hillary Clinton they were all for giving her an anal cavity search, but when it comes to Donald Trump and documents he should not have at home, well how dare the Fed’s?

The absurdity of Trump supporters double standard is absolutely without a doubt the most fucked up thing that I have ever seen, it’s so ridiculously stupid that it is pathetic. 

Cristal M Clark

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American Apparel Company Selling T-Shirts that Read “Give Violence a Chance”

Facing FTC Fine Over It’s Lies 

Cristal M Clark 

Utah-based Apparel Company Lions Not Sheep and its illustrious owner, Sean Whalen are known for some less than impressive clothing gear what they were not really known for was taking you, the consumer for a ride. 

This Lions Not Sheep is best known for selling clothing items that depict former President Donald Trump as the Terminator and feature military-style firearms as well as apparel that champions the Second Amendment along with violence. 

At any rate, what most people purchasing the companies clothing did not know, this all American company that promises American made apparel isn’t really selling American made, just the catch phrases as it were, as they were straight up busted ripping out the “Made in China” labels and sewing in their own hand made, “Made in USA Labels.”

That’s right, According to the FTC, the company added fake “Made in USA” labels to clothing that had been imported from China and other countries. The FTC however did not identify the other countries.

The FTC saw fit to fine Utah-based Lions Not Sheep along with owner Sean Whalen, after the Federal Trade Commission found that the company falsely claimed its imported apparel is made in the U.S.

In addition to that fine, under a 12-page order from the FTC, the company and its owner must “stop making bogus made in the USA” claims and “come clean about foreign production.”

As well as, any qualified Made in USA claims must include “a clear and conspicuous disclosure” about the extent to which the product contains foreign parts, ingredients or components, or processing.

The fine was just over $200K, but either way I doubt very much that Sean Whalen agree’s with the FTC’s decision here, it’s been reported after all that he did have a FaceBook post from 2020 where he says that the shirts he purchases are from China? 

The real question is, why the in the bloody hell would he think he can market that as made in the USA? So, if you had been purchasing this clothing I would venture to guess that you are the sheep who had in fact followed the lion.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump – Prison Orange Might Clash with Trump’s Skin Tone

As Donald Trump’s Legal Team Prepares for Criminal Charges

Cristal M Clark

Quite a few American’s agree that, Donald Trump should be in prison over the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. In fact as of now, his very own legal team is preparing for criminal charges to be handed down, according to Rolling Stone, whilst Trump worries about prison orange clashing with his unnatural skin tone.

The January 6 committee and all of the witnesses thus far are in fact proving just how unhinged Donald Trump truly is. So far they have shown clearly the level at which he was willing to cause a war here on US soil had no bounds.

The question of course, becomes whether or not the Department of Justice is actually going to indict a former president let alone Donald Trump, the biggest con man in the world.

Let us not forget that the DOJ is reportedly now investigating Donald Trump’s specific actions surrounding the plot to overturn the election results and the ensuing insurrection suggests, that just it might be willing to charge Donald Trump.

If we are going to be completely honest, Trump did encourage the insurrection, wanted the then Vice President Mike Pence hung and demanded to be taken to the riots at the Capitol not to try to help stop them but, to cause as much mayhem and encouragement towards violent acts as humanly possible. 

He tried to bully state officials in Georgia to overturn the election results, sent out fake electoral officials and built up an army of solid American’s through lies. He played on their patriotism and used it against the United States Capitol because he did not get his fucking way.

What a wanker!

He used the good old fashioned American Patriot and is now hoping to utilise them as his scapegoats. 

Trump had been informed that some of his supporters who’d gathered in D.C. on the day of the riot were as a matter of fact, armed, yet demanded they be allowed in to hear his “Stop the Steal” speech anyway. Knowing that it would set off a chain of undoable events. Trump also assaulted a Secret Service agent after being told he could not march to the Capitol himself.

The former chief of staff was also in the Oval Office during a January 4, 2021, meeting in which attorney John Eastman pressured Pence to either suspend the Electoral College vote count and ask willing state legislatures to reexamine their results, or just reject Joe Biden’s win outright.

Mike Pence’s chief legal counsel, was present at that same meeting, and told the January 6 committee: “During that meeting on the fourth, I think I raised the problem that both of Mr. Eastman’s proposals would violate several provisions of the Electoral Count Act. Mr. Eastman acknowledged that was the case, that even what he viewed as the more politically palatable option would violate several provisions.”

Why in March, a federal judge wrote that Eastman and Trump very likely committed a crime in attempting to overturn the election, and noted that “the illegality of the plan was obvious.”

According to Rolling Stone, Trump reportedly believes that running for president will allow him to claim the investigation is a politically motivated witch hunt, while actually winning a second term will let him shut it down and possibly have anyone working on it, prosecuted. 

Will Attorney General Merrick Garland charge Trump or will he not, over fears of politicising the agency?

That question is really rather stupid the man broke the law, attempted to break several other laws, tried intimidate state and local officials over the election, incited a riot that led to an insurrection that promised violence and one that which a human being lost his life over.

Ahhh, let us not forget officer 42-year old, Brian Sicknick, who tried to stop rioters and suffered two strokes after the insurrection which ultimately caused his death, that was incorrectly ruled accidental. 

Donald Trump was elected and served as President of the United States and caused an insurrection politicising the untrue and used men and women who love this country, who are willing to fight tooth and nail for it. 

He, in fact politicised this and now it is time he pay the price for breaking the law and if our illustrious Attorney General is afraid to charge Donald Trump for his actions, weak Merrick Garland should not serve as an attorney general, anywhere. He should worry about the law and not the optics and narrative that Trump is clearly still controlling.

The one thing we know for sure is that if Trump is not charged to the fullest extent of the law, this nation’s already distrust of Government and Law Enforcement will only deepen and potentially push us closer to a disastrous breaking point.    

Cristal M Clark

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Red or Blue Amerians Turning A Deaf Ear to Health Advice

Cristal M Clark 

No matter who you talk to, what his/her political beliefs are, it seems at this stage in the war against Covid that Americans are fed up. Fed up with the confusing and ever changing rules and advice by the US Government and Health Officials. 

To date, American citizens have felt, pushed, pulled, lied to, given misinformation, inconsistent information, and no clear direction from the top down. 

It’s everything from when to get tested, to what test to take, to can kids go to school, can you go to work, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, how long to isolate for if infected or showing symptoms, to do the vaccines actually work. One thing has been made abundantly clear, no one who is charged with protecting us, advising us or leading us seems to know what the fuck they are doing and American’s are sick of it. 

First of all, I have personally known quite a few individuals who got rapid tests at the onset of symptoms only to test negative then a few days later pull a positive test. Then we have kids going to school, the CDC has cleared them even after exposure which is fucking insane because they can give it to family members. Then we have this wear a mask, isolate for 10 days if you have been exposed and have symptoms, to 7 days to 5 to hey kids if you work in a hospital as long as you mask up, you can get your arse to work. Now we are seeing an alarming infection rate of everyone, even those that were vaccinated and boosted. 

Sure we could blame Trump because at the onest he was back and forth and made it no big deal but the man has been out of office for a while now right? Who carried it on, the new leadership and the same old health officials and you can’t blame Trump for that. 

The fact is and this is actual science, this is  a Coronavirus and we have lived with coronaviruses for decades. A new one emerges and our bodies need to learn to fight them. Yes they get worse each time a new one emerges, that is the way it works. The virus doesn’t care, all it wants to do is infect as many as it can so it too can live. 

Americans are flat out sick and tired of a nation full of leaders and supposed health officials sounding the alarm, shutting a country down, closing businesses, causing people to freak out, fight amongst each other, demand vaccinations that we still don’t know actually work long term, to sending wishy, washy mixed fucking messages. 

How about this, Americans are tired and weary of advice coming out of the Government and it’s top health officials, they should get their shit together and if they want to advise the public, try coming up with some fucking clear, honest and consistent messaging. 

The sad truth here is that it took a virus to unit America, not a politician or Government but a virus.

Cristal M Clark

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QAnon Movement Echos Sovereign Citizen Movement

Radicalized American Citizens

Cristal M Clark 

After QAnon became effectively radicalized by Donald J Trump over the course of four years, the movement whose ideals echo that of the Sovereign Citizen Movement have become a bit more than just whack job conspiracy theorists – they are now deranged and dangerous. When an idea becomes an action once, it will continue to become an action until it is effectively stopped. 

According to the latest prediction by QAnon tomorrow will be a day of action and the day that Donald J Trump takes office once again.  

Whatsmore is that fanning the flames quietly in a nod of encouragement, which feeds the fire, Trump’s DC hotel has raised its prices currently sighting demand, which further acts as a silent suggestion or invitation if you will, to come on down and start something. 

So many people ask me why, why do these people fall pretty to the ideology of movements like QAnon? Some of what they believe are things like 911 was faked by the US Government, Sandy Hook was staged, the list goes on, these groups even have so called video evidence that educated and reasonable individuals walk away shaking our heads wondering how or why people can subscribe to such silly, whacky ideas, honestly. 

I’ve written about the psychological make-up of these types of people back when Trump was elected back around 2016. 

These are not reasonably sane people. They know right from wrong enough so as to know violence is wrong, it’s breaking the law but the way they view the law, politics, this country is fucked up, really fucked up. 

They heard what they wanted to hear several times, it spoke to something they felt inside and becoming part of a movement like QAnon gives them a purpose, they feel empowered, like they are given knowledge no one else has access to. By default many of them do have narcissistic character traits while others do suffer from some form of mental illness.

Either way, they are brainwashed, quite easily.  

What makes this all the worse is that fairly early on, I questioned them owning weapons back around 2016, wrote about it extensively and subtly hinted at the fact that the United States needed to do more so as to stop individuals from these radicalized movements from owning weapons including, taking them away over the individuals propensity to become enraged and react violently. 

But, I was not the only one who tried to raise the alarm bells. 

Enter four years later and you have the attack on the US Capitol. 

At some point in time, we must stop sweeping these radicalized terrorist movements under the rug and dealing with them headon. We must ensure that they do not have access to weapons and some need to be hospitalized for deprogramming. 

That will upset people but it’s what we must do in order to keep our nation safe from these terrorist movements that are based off of lies, manipulation and misinformation. 

It’s fairly clear the whoever is running QAnon, is simply running for the hardon and then subsequently getting off when they see an act of domestic terrorism, people having full blown fits of rage in public over wearing a facemask. 

The amount of misinformation and fake news spewing from QAnon more than prove the movement is nothing more than an attempt to agitate, to disrupt, to see how many people can be duped and how many levels of people they can dupe. We do have some individuals in office right now that share in these movements’ ideologies, or they have but now deeply regret it, the point is, the movement found away all the way to Capitol Hill in the minds of politicians who support the movement and that is not good. 

The process QAnon uses in order to brainwash and recruit is not unlike terrorist organizations. It is only a matter of time before groups like this go from being simple movements to outright terrorist organizations.

Cristal M Clark

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