CNN – Trump Owes Every American Money


Sometimes You Just Can’t Argue Logic


Dean Obeidallah over at CNN said something today that made a hell of a lot of sense.


Dean feels that Donald Trump should get his signing arm ready and issue each and every American citizen a check for roughly $3,239, and not just a one time payment, but $3,239 every single week until the end of his presidency.


And the best, not in the form of a tax break but from his personal account as the director of this b-rated horror movie which we have all been forcefully cast into.

Dean like many of us feels that Trump, who just the other day welcomed reporters to “the set,” as they were at the White House, has turned the US presidency into a mockery, a reality TV show and as a result of that, we, as in all Americans, have been forcefully cast into this new and terribly scripted reality TV show.


Dean compared the current US presidency, Trump’s behaviors, how he runs his administration to Trump’s old reality show “The Apprentice.”

Dean nailed it.

Sadly, other countries share Dean’s view of what America looks like now, how it’s currently being run and of our current leadership.

Trump likes to create drama and disorder, he goes out of his way to accomplish that by making outlandish statements and comments, threatens world leaders, insults individuals.

He creates arguments, disorder, and chaos.

This is the only behavior he honestly knows because it has always gotten him whatever it was that his little greedy, ice, cold and very dead heart has ever wanted.

I am with you Dean on this one, Trump should be paying each and every one of us for having forced us into his reality TV show, “Trump’s America.”

Cristal M Clark

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Trump’s Shit-Hole Remark Goes Down as Overblown


Mainstream Media at it’s Finest.


Trump made an off the cusp remark comment although not the wisest of comments about Shit-hole countries.


Here’s the thing, we already know he is a white bigot, racist, sexual predator.


We saw it well before the campaign, during the campaign and we see it now in both what he says, either through verbal statements or through written and we see it through the very individuals he chooses to surround himself with while he struggles to maintain his hold on the title of President of the United States.


This is by far, not new news at all.

For those that are outraged by the shit-hole comment, they are outraged that we, as a country and society have continued to allow for men like that to hold any elected office much less one that puts someone like that in charge of our country.

A man the world knows, colluded with Russia in an effort to win the US Presidency.

For those that are not outraged they are either of the same frame of mind or without some form of formal education, social class, and basic knowledge of what it is to be a human being.

Which is really quite sad considering how many individuals actually do share more than quite a few opinions that Trump has.

What I find absolutely fascinating about all of this regardless of how which side of the street anyone is on here is how the media once again pounced on this headline and completely exploited it in an effort to ruffle the feathers of every american in this country.


The media has decided seemingly that if Russia could use our own feelings to divide us, so too should the mainstream media.  

Russia after all did learn from american mainstream media just how easy it really is to over-hype and sensationalize things in such a way that it will in fact cause racial tensions, stir the pot, creating divides over whichever social issue they choose.

And that is precisely what they what they have managed to do.


I find that in Trump’s case, he is a man who has no soul, no heart, he is cold, he is rotten to the very bitter core, he has turned the White House into a Shit-Hole of white trash, he lies, he cheats, he tells tall tales, he is an angry, hateful little man, he says things that he knows will hurt or anger others and he does it all for a purpose.

That purpose is to gain attention, to use our feelings, thoughts and ideas, our beliefs to either gain notoriety or to anger us.

Like a child who throws a tantrum in an effort to gain the attention of its parents and eventually get what it wants.

As any good parent should, and yes I realize this is the most difficult of tasks to accomplish where Trump is concerned, we should ignore his attempts at gaining the attention that he so desires by not hyping up his shitty comments so much.

Trump is after all, simply an attention seeking whore of a man, good or bad attention, he just wants it.


The best way to beat him at his own game is to quite simply shut him down. Pay him no mind, yet by all means report it to the public but make that report more of a statement, leave it one sentence.

Then drop it, do not report on it again, do not bring in experts, reveal opinions, nothing. Make it a statement designed to inform the public and leave it at that.

Once he stops getting our attention for his naughty deeds, he’ll stop as with most children.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Declared Mentally Unfit to Hold Office


By CNN, The Hill & other Mainstream Media outlets


I’ve found it funny and interesting the news headlines the past few days with regards to Trump’s mental health, his mental fitness, the articles with catchy headlines that indicate Trump is bat shit crazy, then at the end of the article it points out that due to Trump’s age, his mental health is deteriorating like with every single elderly person in the world.

Trump although, I poke a lot of fun at him for his behavior is far from losing it, crazy or mentally unfit.
He is absolutely quite the opposite, he is a player, a reality TV star and a very successful businessman.
He knows how to play, and by play he knows how to get into one’s head and fuck about in a very calculated effort to get the outcome he desires.

That is the fine art of being able to control and twist the thoughts and emotions and ideas, of others, not to mention the impressions that others will feel, while at the same time playing the victim or as if you are completely innocent, unaware that your behavior has impacted or affected another, because of course you are innocent of course.

I had this boss once from more than a couple of years ago, Troy, he owned at one time GOFAST Sports & Beverage here in Denver. I used to believe that he was completely insane at times but in looking back, his every word and move was quite calculated, even when he would fly off the handle and he was erratic at times, he didn’t sleep hardly at all, he would pace, yell, reach for the impossible, he always thought competitors, sales guys etc were out to get him and such.

Total Paranoia at times.  

But, that man knew exactly what he was doing in an effort to get things done, get the outcome he desired and his behavior was just one big calculated move.

That is not insane at all, that’s business and it is far from personal.


The only time he lost that game was when he contacted me after years of no contact long after I left and wanted nude pictures of me and kept bothering me for hours on end.

What can I say, I did learn the game from him after all so it’s only natural that I would give it back.


As for Trump, I see quite a few of the same behaviors although, Troy never lied, I see business owners from all over the map that I have worked with and currently work with, lie, cheat, become erratic, paranoid, become enraged, fly off the handle, you name it, it’s a behavioral pattern that seems to be more common than the mainstream media would like to inform you about.

The Hill put out a report stating that back in December one Dr. Brandy X Lee, a Yale psychiatrist, gave a report to lawmakers l with regards to Trump’s mental competency.

“Dr. Bandy X. Lee reportedly met with the group of lawmakers on Dec. 5 and Dec. 6 and warned them the president is “going to unravel.”

“We feel that the rush of tweeting is an indication of his falling apart under stress. Trump is going to get worse and will become uncontainable with the pressures of the presidency.”

You don’t say?

Did ummm Dr. Lee personally examine Donald Trump, give him oh something along the lines of a psychological exam?

This is exactly where I will argue to the bitter end that the old ways of determining sanity, profiling and the like simply do not work. Those ways are ways that are designed with one pretty big flaw, they are designed to fit neatly into a box.

In today’s world, not even food fits neatly into a box, which is why I profile killers the way that I do, I go against the grain and because of that, I get results.

And to that very point, I would argue Dr. Lee’s little meeting with lawmakers, it is quite clear that Dr. Lee lacks the basic understanding of today’s human behavioral patterns, therefore Dr. Lee is quite incorrect with regards to Trump’s mental state.

Again, I poke a lot fun at Trump for his behavior, however that does not mean that I do not understand it, quite completely.

I could find research, expert opinions and the like that would argue both sides of Trump’s mental competency all day long.

You can Google the answer you want, still doesn’t mean it is the actual answer.


CNN gave some examples today of Trump’s lack of mental competence or his deteriorating mental state and those are as follows:

He is impetuous

He is quick to anger

He appears unengaged in details

He keeps erratic hours

He says thing are provably false

He has an exaggerated and grandiose vision of his own life

He punishes enemies

Ha, ha, ha, these are literally all behaviors that I have personally both witnessed and seen from so many different types of business owners it’s more of a commonplace these days, which unlike CCN, The Hill and other news outlets who are questioning Trump’s mental competency this week care to inform the public about.


More precisely, some of those very behaviors are why Trump was elected.

He found a common ground with many business owners.

It’s like a candle being drawn to the flame.

Cristal M Clark

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North Korea Missile Launch – Hits North Korea

North-Korea-Missile-Hits-North Korea-CrimeShop

North Korea Experiencing Performance Issues – Again

News has begun hitting the wires today that now confirms that back on 4/28/17 when North Korea launched an intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM), that they may have missed the mark completely and inadvertently hit a North Korean city instead.

Performance issues maybe?

The missile launched from Pukchang Airfield in South Pyongan Province and it may very well have hit the North Korean city of Tokchon.

Apparently, the missile launch was a complete failure and experienced some sort of issues, hitting Tokchon which caused quite a bit of damage to a complex of industrial and/or agricultural buildings according to The Diplomat and some satellite imagery from both April and May, 2017.

Google Earth-image-failed North Korea Missile Launch-Crimeshop.jpeg

Back in April when we were all laughing at North Korea all we had heard from the mainstream media here in the US, was that North Korea test launched a missile and it failed.

The missile that was launched was in fact a new type of missile called the Hwasong-12 and the 4/28/17 test launch happened to be the 3rd attempted such test.

The Hwason-12 eventually gave birth to the Hwasong-14 ICBM, while the Hwasong-did not see it’s first successful launch until 5/14/17.


Google earth does seem to show some type of ground disturbance from the failed launch however, overall it could have been much, much worse.

Unfortunately, the complex that was hit was located near both commercial and residential buildings however, if the missile launch had experienced just the slightest difference in its trajectory, it would have resulted in a catastrophic event.

Clearly, the North Korean regime has absolutely no regard for human life, as they put very little to no effort into actually ensuring the safety of its own while test launching missiles designed to hit the US, South Korea and as Kim Jong-un once put it, anywhere in the world.


I can sometimes see why Trump insults and pushes Kim’s buttons.

Sure Kim Jong-un taunts the world with the threat that they are now a nuclear power, two questions remain:

Can they actually hit an intended target? Thus far, that has not been the case at all even when they try. It’s as if no one in that nation can actually aim.

Just because they launched an ICBM higher in the atmosphere than they ever have, considering all of the missile launch failures from the past year, do they have a real missile that could reach outside of North Korea and cause major damage, or more duds?

Either way, it will be interesting to see this play out during the year, will Trump take the chance and continue to test Kim’s patience or will he begin to act in a much more diplomatic, more presidential way?

I’m going with no, just remember Trump is way to busy with his war with the media to bother to concern himself with anything other than pushing Kim Jong-un’s nuclear war button.

Cristal M Clark

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Dishonest Trump Will Dole Out Most Dishonest Media Awards?


Trump Going to War With the Media – Someone’s Gotta Do It, Right?

Our sometimes dishonest, lacking actual, fact backed tweets and statements president will be announcing awards next week for the most dishonest and corrupt media of the year.

Let me guess, CNN is going to be fairly high up on the list here.


His tweet today read:

“I will be announcing THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR on Monday at 5:00 o’clock.”


“Americans are sick and tired of being lied to, insulted and treated with outright condescension,” an email to Trump’s supporters that was sent oh, last week read.

That email went on to proudly announce:

“That’s why President Trump is crowning the 2017 King of Fake News before the end of the year.”

It continued on with:

“There’s no point in pretending that some journalists are anything more than peddlers of falsehoods and liberal propaganda.”

I am sorry but, should the President of the United States maybe, and this is just a suggestion, be working on more worldly affairs and issues, like oh for instance, as reported earlier today, ISIS supporters taking selfies in New York, one’s that ISIS then shared through its dwindling army, North Korea, Russia, global warming???

I mean it’s only a suggestion here…


However, mainstream media has become nothing more or less than opinion and bias based reporting, so while Trump could be doing more presidential things, I actually have to toss a dog a bone here and give the man a little credit for taking on the media.   

Of course, in a Rasmussen poll that was conducted after Trump’s sad little tweet found the majority of hard working americans, who are tired of the media reporting opinion pieces rather than actual news, would in fact award FoxNews, Trump’s largest media supporter, the coveted trophy next week. 


I just hope that Trump has a special award for the pot smoking CNN reporters that were here in Denver, CO on New Year’s Eve.

A word to the media, run for cover, looks like the lies you tell us because of your love for us are fighting words, at least to Trump because this year, it looks like the only war Trump plans to start, is one with the media.

Cristal M Clark

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2018 Trump Promises Much of the Same – Only Worse




Trump Starts New Year off Telling Pakistan off – James Comey Gets Schooled


2018 stomped her feet in with Trump’s first tweet of the year, telling Pakistan off, in normal, insultive fashion by informing the world that the leaders of Pakistan have in fact given the United States “nothing but lies and deceit.”

“The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies and deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools.”

He also just had to add that one little cherry on top:

“They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more.”

Just last week it was reported that the Trump administration may just withhold something like $225 million in aid to Pakistan because they do and fair is fair, help the very terrorist organizations we and the much of the rest of the world fight.

Still the same, pissing off yet another country is not the way I would have rang in the new year, even though on this one, I agree with everything Trump tweeted.

You cannot argue logic and proof, so in this case, Trump nailed, straight to the wall.


Then we have Former FBI Director, James Comey, who offered up what he thought would have been taken as some sort of hit at Trump again, however twitter users did not take his tweet that way at all.

“Here’s hoping 2018 brings more ethical leadership, focused on the truth and lasting values. Happy New Year, everybody.”

Yes, that tweet did not go over as James might have planned, users from pretty much all over had something to say:

“Here is hoping 2018 the U.S. will have a clean, politically, FBI…that will actually do their jobs.”

“Lordy, how could you type that with a straight face?”

James received for his new year gift, thousands of responses to say the least, which accused the Former Director of the FBI of lacking self awareness himself due to the many issues surrounding the FBI, while he was it’s director.

Again, who could really argue all of the responses here? While I liked James Comey, I still have quite a bit to say about things like computers, phones and hard drives being destroyed in an effort to let’s just be frank, cover up Hillary Clinton’s, misuse of top secret and official communications.


Bitcoin also did not fair well as the new year came in, the cryptocurency took a tumble to $19,511 back on 12/18/17, and on 1/1/18, it more or less slipped again to $13,440.



Lastly, this years newest and craziest diet trend to hit the wire in 2018? The raw water craze.

The idea, well skip drinking filtered water, or even tap water for that matter.

Drinking unfiltered and untreated water, and the kicker is is that it is rather pricey, not to mention that it could actually kill you.

I guess it didn’t kill us when we were kids right? However things have changed rather vastly, more contaminants are of course in the ground, in our drinking water.

Proponents of the trend claim that raw waters health benefits include naturally occurring minerals and microbes, of course science is on the other side of the fence urging us all to forgo this latest trend, because of contaminants but also untreated water contains arsenic and the microbes that can in fact cause an array of health issues…don’t even get me started.

Here’s to a smashing 2018.

Cristal M Clark

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