Drones – Fighting for Airspace


Misuse of Drones Ruining Everyone’s Fun


Here in the US we have had a multitude of issues resulting from Drones. People have used them in all sorts of creative ways so as to cause chaos, trouble, break laws.


States, municipalities, governments, law enforcement have all had to take the resulting issues seriously and start to write rules, regulations, laws and the like on the books in an effort to thwart the continued issues resulting from individuals flying drones around for the simple sake of just causing trouble or breaking the law.


In the UK, it seems that they are seeing the very same issues as we have in the US.

The drones have come very close to causing a few airplane vs drone accidents, they have been used as weapons, a fan favorite, delivering drugs, weapons and contraband to prisoners, drunk, careless drone flying and they have been used to spy on people.

The UK has in particular seen an increase in the number of close calls involving drones and planes, and that number has been on a steady rise within the last 3 years. 92 cases were reported just last year in the UK alone with several being classified as involving a serious chance of a collision.

To fight back the UK has teamed up with several several companies, including Droptec, OpenWorks Engineering, and DroneDefence who have developed hand-held or shoulder-mounted “guns” that fire a net to trap a suspect drone.

droptec-drone - net-crimeshop

Droptec’s kit was used to protect Donald Trump who was on an official visit to Switzerland earlier this year although the authorities won’t say whether it saw any action.


OpenWorks has also developed an automatic mounted gun that can identify, track and capture drones that fly within a prohibited area.

While other security firms have installed net capture tech into interceptor drones that can lock onto a rogue drone and disable it in mid-air.

The system which was used at the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February, and it has been used by police in Tokyo, for the last 3 years.

It doesn’t look like the battle of the skies above our heads is going to end anytime soon so it’s likely we will only see an increase in new technology in an effort to keep a more watchful eye on the skies for drones being used to break laws and get around any and all legal systems.

Cristal M Clark

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Google Design lead Kindly Tells GOP “F*CK. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL”


Google – Leads the Way to Thoughtful, Intelligent, Honest Dialogue


All joking aside, kudos Google design lead Dave Hogue.


In a tweet that has since been deleted, David had this to say with regards to Brett Kavanaugh being nominated and confirmed as our newest Supreme Court Justice.


“You are finished, @GOP. You polished the final nail for your own coffins. F*CK. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.”

Dave finished with:

“I hope the last images burned into your slimy, evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames.”

It is refreshing to see absolute honesty and someone with some balls who just said what he thought.

A sentiment many of the rest of us here feel Dave, no worries we have your back on this one.


Not to mention, Google seems to be pretty okay with Dave’s personal feelings with regards to Brett Kavanaugh and the GOP telling FoxNews “What employees say in their personal capacity has no bearing on the way we build or operate our products.”

Google by the way has been recently accused of anti-conservative bias at the company, something the tech giant denies.

Either way, Dave is one hell of a guy for sharing his thoughts with the world on Twitter even though he has since deleted the very straight forward Tweet.


I don’t believe that I am alone in saying this, but we applaud you David Houge for your honesty, your integrity and your bravery.

Cristal M Clark


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Trump – Very Scary Time for Young Men?


Trump Cries Foul Over Treatment of Brett Kavanaugh

Has anyone noticed the commercials with regards to Brett Kavanaugh lately.


Touting him as a fair and dedicated Judge, all around great guy?

Since when did we ever have Supreme Court Justice Nominee commercials?

It’s not as if we the public get to vote on the man or woman.


Trump’s thoughts with regards to everything going on with Brett Kavanaugh:

Brett  has been treated unfairly and because of that, it is a very scary time for young men in America.

Add yourself to that list Mr. President, you dirty old perv who eluded once upon a time to being sexually attracted to your own daughter.

So men are scared because they can no longer hide inappropriate behavior behind being drunk, high, just being a man, he can’t remember the night before?

Also, does Trump think that we had forgotten that so far, 19 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct or said they’ve had an extramarital affair with him?

Allegations that Trump has denied but let’s be honest, he is lying so…

Speaking of a scary time, try being a woman.

We’ve been putting up with being mistreated, treated as nothing more than objects of sexual desire, raped, abused and gropped, verbally sexually harassed as we walk to a store, school, in the park  by men of all ages for decades.

Back in the 80’s sexual misconduct was simply swept under the carpet furthermore when you are told as a young woman that you are overreacting to such treatment, you just stay quiet.

“It’s a very scary situation where you’re guilty until proven innocent,” the president said. “That is a very, very difficult standard.”

Not sure where Trump has been,  but that is pretty much how our entire legal system currently works unless you can buy your way out of it.

By the way, Trump was asked if he had a statement for young women.

“Women are doing great.”

Okay, fair enough, he is right. We can no longer have men like Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and the like lead this country.

We cannot tolerate this type of behavior by allowing a free pass to anyone using the excuse that he might have been drunk at the time.

The behavior is sexually exploitative, abusive and simply no okay at all.

It matters not if the perpetrator was drunk, in high school, college, what matters, is that we cannot let these men lead our nation, in any capacity.

They felt they were above the law then and clearly still do.

It would be a grave mistake for our entire judicial system to allow Brett Kavanaugh to serve as a supreme court justice.

Cristal M Clark

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Russia’s Infamous Election Hackers Are at it Again


Russia Election Meddling



Yesterday, Trump went on and on with accusations that are completely baseless against China, claiming that they are attempting to meddle in our latest round of elections.


What’s really true however is that reports are beginning to surface implying that Russia’s GRU, better known as Fancy Bear (U.S. intelligence agencies have identified Fancy Bear as two units within Russia’s military intelligence directorate), has secretly developed and deployed new malware that seems to be impossible to eradicate, capable of surviving a complete wipe of a target computer’s hard drive, and will allow the hackers to return as many times as they would like.

The European security company ESET discovered the new malware and reported that It works by rewriting the code that is flashed into a computer’s UEFI chip that controls the boot and reboot process.

The code is designed to maintain access to a high-value target in the event the operating system gets reinstalled or the hard drive replaced, which under normal circumstances would eradicate the malware.

This not the first code to hide in the UEFI chip and Russia’s new malware works only on PCs with security weaknesses in the existing UEFI configuration.

Not in this case, the new malware does seem to prove that Fancy Bear is more robust, powerful and potentially dangerous than the world previously thought.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump – UN Speech


United Nations – Laughs at Trump


The U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, well they actually laughed at Donald Trump during his speech, where he touted himself as the best president the US has ever had.

Once again making grossly inaccurate statements of having done more for this country than any other president ever has.

Case in point, North and South Korea, Russia, Iran and China.

Outwardly it may appear that Trump has won with his threats, tantrums and sanctions but if one were to take a step back, it is pretty clear that they are working together as a united team.

Something Trump is really too stupid to see.


So, after yesterday’s ill thought out speech, that the UN laughed at, this week’s award goes to none other than Donald Trump himself.

Congrats our leader in chief.

Cristal M Clark

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Melania, Sarah or Vladimir Behind Op-Ed?


New York Times Op-Ed


Everyone is wondering who is behind the New York Times Op-Ed who is supposedly someone close to Trump himself.


Some have suggested that it might be the Vice President, Mike Pence, others have suggested Jared Kushner, Mike Pompeo.


I’m going to go out on a limb and present my list of the three most likely suspects which seemingly always fly right under the radar:


Melania Trump – I really don’t think that I need to explain this one.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders – possibly just tired of lying for Trump, thus having ruined her career once Trump leaves the white house and honestly, resting bitch face and personality are not a good look but both seem to be rather set in in Sarah’s case.


Vladimir Putin – former lover of Donald Trump because at least for this week, the love affair they have is on the outs.


In the end, we’ll get a few names, Trump will insist of course he is correct once he unmasks the individual, of course history has taught us many times before, Trump does tend to be rather dishonest and have present no factual basis for many of his accusations after all.

In this case, we’ll just have to let the evidence present itself.

Cristal M Clark

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CDC Greets Plane Full of Ill Passengers


Dubia – New York – The Walking Dead Maybe?


Did any other Walking Dead fans see a headline yesterday about Emirates Flight EK 203 and feel that fluttering of hope from deep within?


How many of you thought to yourselves “Thank God the Zombie apocalypse is finally here, Trump is gong to be eaten by a staffer.”


It would be a welcome relief for thousands of Americans because a zombie apocalypse is a step up from the presidency in this country.


Of course, knowing our illustrious President, he would find a way to capitalize on a zombie apocalypse and pat himself on the back through Twitter.


Trump tweeting prior to acknowledging a zombie apocalypse;

Trump: “My fellow Americans, trust me when I say this, no plane full of sick passengers and crew ever came to America, there is no zombie apocalypse.’

‘That is fake news, which I think we can all agree on, has to go. It is clear collusion between Robert Mueller, some anonymous source within the White House, Russia, China, Iran, Syria, pretty much a lot of the Middle East like that ISIS. Others involved, North Korea, Colin Kaepernick, Nike, James Comey, Obama and Hillary Clinton, who are all people that are out to get me as I have proven many times before. They are trying to cause chaos and fear in America to divide us, to try to distract us all from what’s really happening, real news, like how I am making America great again.”

Trump: “Yes a plane full of sick passengers did arrive from the Emirates, but it is fake news that the CDC does not know the cause. Folks trust me, I mean really trust me when I say this, the entire flight, all of the crew and passengers became violently ill upon learning that Jeff Sessions has not done his job since day one of heading the department of Justice.”


Trump’s tweets after deciding to capitalize on the zombie apocalypse;

Trump: “I know some of you think Zombies are a bad thing but I gotta tell you this my fellow American’s, they all agree that I am the best president that the United States has ever had, I am doing more for the zombies and non zombies than any president has previously done for anyone, ever.”

Trump: “Speaking of fake news, the zombies believe that any news about Russian collusion and the 2016 election, Bob Woodward’s book, all those Omarosa recordings are fake news and I think we can all agree that fake news needs to go away, it just has to go we need to start directing the zombies to all fake news media outlets like CNN and let them send a clear message that America will not stand for any more fake news.”

Trump: “Make America Great Again and folks that is just what I have done here. This zombie apocalypse is just what America needed. I have created more jobs in America than any president previously has by creating jobs for the zombies.”

Trump: “Zombies don’t even ask for paychecks, we just toss them a journalist or someone who doesn’t support me, like Jeff Sessions and they eat them. I have created more jobs for the zombies than any other president ever could, and these zombies’ folks don’t even want housing so because of me the cost of housing is going to go down in record number and because of all of that, I have made America great again! No other president can say that, they just cannot say that!”

Trump: “At least the zombies have a real excuse for not kneeling for the National Anthem, like a rotting limb could become detached from the body and also because of the zombie apocalypse the zombies and I agree that they don’t need shoes so for all those folks planning to burn your Nike gear, you no longer have to because of zombies and me Nike sales are going to drop drastically.”


All joking aside Emirates Flight EK 203 from Dubai landed in New York yesterday and was in fact greeted by health officials along with local authorities because passengers and the crew had fallen ill during the flight.

Basically, a plane full of sick people is cause for national concern and it is treated as such, except for, well I guess those guys over at the CDC don’t watch much of the Walking Dead.


11 out of 549 individuals went to the hospital and those 11 are still in the hospital. The remaining passengers and crew were allowed to carry on to their respective destinations.

The CDC is still investigating at the time of writing this to see what made everyone sick but as it were have determined that it is not communicable at this juncture.

Rest assured my Walking Dead Fellow Fans/And Fellow Anti Trump fans, we may still see a zombie apocalypse given that the CDC has not yet determined what is going on if anything. So, we may yet get a break from the likes of Donald Trump.

Fingers crossed.

Cristal M Clark

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She Faked Kidnapping and Rape


To Avoid Paying Contractor


Just when I think I’ve heard it all someone comes along who tries to outwit even the most idiotic.


32-year-old Maria Gonzalez from Fresno California did just that. She faked her own kidnapping, sexual assault and robbery just to get out of paying her sub contracted employees $9,000. Maria happens to own a trucking company although I am not quite sure how since she unable to pay her employees.


Maria showed up at a house in Fresno on Saturday partially with a wound to her head bound and gagged. When investigators arrived at the scene she informed them that she had been abducted at gunpoint, robbed of the funds she intended to pay her contractor with and possibly raped.

After a rather long interrogation, 2 1/2 hours’ worth, she admitted to lying about the whole thing simply because she did not have the actual funds to pay her sub contracted employees so she thought it would be much easier to just fabricate a horrific tale of abduction, rape and robbery, including faking injuries.

She said that two black men had abducted her, she had been knocked unconscious, found a bump on her head, her money gone and wetness in her underwear which led her to suspect she had been sexually assaulted.

The investigators however noted the inconsistencies in her story such as, while the robbers took the money they left other valuables in her purse, only one set of footprints could be found at the supposed abduction site, those being hers and her memory seemed a little off to them.

While her tale was rather elaborate it was not well thought out at all, which leads to this week’s award for showing us how someone tried to rob others who were owed actual money for the work that they performed and for wasting tax payer dollars, not mention valuable police time and effort taking them away from actual real rape and robbery cases.

Congrats Maria Gonzalez.

Cristal M Clark

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Syria Readies to Launch Major Attack


France, US and UN Warn Syria

France, the US and the UN have all recently warned Syria that should they launch the planned major attack on Idlib it would be cause for disastrous consequences.

Idlib is the last major area that is being held by rebels and Syria is aiming to take it.


Standing alongside Syria is Russia. Alongside Russia is Iran, then China lastly North Korea and with South Korea warming to North Korea these days, it appears that some major lines are being drawn into the sand.

The catastrophe could harm up to 3 million civilians.

Syria is known for utilizing chemical weapons and the US has gotten word of the factories in Syria where the weapons are made. The US is ready to launch an airstrike should Syria attack the rebel stronghold, which could potentially be just as disastrous.


Chemical weapons factories are no laughing matter and should be handled with extreme caution because quite simply put, we have no idea what is really inside and launching a missile attack puts those chemicals into our environment, our air, the ozone.

Until the sects of Islam find a way for peaceful cohabitation, the middle east will continue to be a mess because peace cannot be forced.

Cristal M Clark

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