Russia Offered Bounties to Taliban For American Soldiers

U.S. President Donald Trump Claims Ignorance

Cristal M Clark 

First Trump goes on TV and informs the US that Biden will be our new President and now this? For a guy who claims to know everything about everything I guess Trump sat this one out. Reportedly, the Russian Military offered hard cold cash to the Taliban for murdering US Soldiers in Afghanistan. 

According to The New York Post United States officials learned months ago of a Russian intelligence unit secretly offering bounties to the Taliban for killing US and other coalition forces in Afghanistan, as peace talks to end the war continue. This is the part that seals the deal – American spies and commandos reportedly told their superiors about the plot as early as January, after discovering a Taliban outpost rife with none other than US hard, cold cash.

Trump is denying any knowledge however according to the New York Post which blackens the eye of Trump, American intelligence officials in fact told Trump about the findings in March and offered a number of options for reprimanding Russia, including escalating sanctions or issuing diplomatic complaints. Naturally Donald Trump did not choose to retaliate at all, instead ignoring what intelligence suggested was an unprecedented Russian attack on US troops and a significant escalation of the country’s support for the Taliban.

I wonder if the Putin/Trump bromance ever really did cool off? Rather than do anything trump got down on his knees and gave Russia quite literally, a blow job. 

20 Americans were killed in Afghanistan in 2019 and 4 others were killed in early 2020, though the Taliban has not attacked any American bases since February. It’s unclear which killings may be connected to the Russian plot or whether any bounties were actually paid.

Trump’s illusion of a winning streak seems to be fading. 

Cristal M Clark

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White House Officials Defend Trump – Only to Fuck That Up

Trump The President of Freedoms, The Right to Choose?

Cristal M Clark 

So this morning I was watching the news when I saw a White House Official get up on live TV and try to sell the news anchors on the idea that Trump is the president of Freedoms, the right to choose when he was pressed about Trump not forcing anyone attending one of his rallies to wear facemasks. 

The comment was that he is the president of freedoms, our right to choose and if you buy that irresponsible diatribe you are just as dumb as he and his White House Officials. First of all, he is not supporting your freedoms or right to choose, he took that away the second he has anyone sign a waiver who buys a ticket to a rally agreeing not to sue should the individual get Coronavirus whilst attending his trailer park rallies. Second, what about the freedoms of those that do not want the virus? Allow me to remind everyone, wearing a mask protects you from me should I be carrying the virus, not me from anyone carrying the virus. These rally goers go home and infect a community who didn’t choose, what about their right to choose, their freedom? 

The problem with the arguments of those that defend Trump’s sickening, heartless and irresponsible behavior is that there is no excuse to endanger willfully and woefully, endanger the lives of those that attend his rallies or anyone potentially infected by those that attend his rallies. It’s pure selfish behavior and and ladies and gentlemen, rather than border walls, tariffs and any other broken promises, Trump is going to feed his hard core supporters the idea that selfish behavior is acceptable this election, no matter what even if it kills people, selfish behavior is acceptable. 

For that alone, Trump should be jailed, he is willingly endangering the lives of thousands if not more through his selfish, uneducated, outlandish behavior. This past weekend I took to the Denver Metro area asking those that were out about this November, not surprisingly, many of those that wanted to vote for Trump simply because they truly believe he can help the United States pull out of the the recession are now considering other options, the reason being is simply his behavior towards the virus and the systemic racism, police brutality and our criminal justice system that favors the wealthy and the white over the poor, black and brown. It is his behavior and honestly I agree, his behavior is outlandish, and it will come with deadly consequences. 

Standing for our freedom, our right to choose? I don’t attend Trump rallies currently, I don’t choose to be standing near someone who did and who followed the shining example of our shellfish, inept president and who now has the virus. What idiot in the White House dreamed that bullshit defense up? 

Again, rally goers actually lose rights by attending a Trump Rally and they endanger the rest of us so what about my right to not be exposed to the virus? I help take care of a 97 year old and so far Grandpa is doing quite well living at home during the pandemic, what about his rights, his freedom to not be exposed to a virus that could potentially and most likely would kill him? No? Why because he’s 97? You don’t think he has anything to contribute to society? He was one of Denver’s very first uniformed officers, he also held a seat in our City decades ago. He has a memory and a lot to contribute still. 

Now let’s get to the argument that if people are afraid they should stay home, again that is taking away their rights and freedoms, now isn’t it?  How inhumane and selfish to tell people if you are afraid to catch the virus because some in our society refuse to wear a mask, practice social distancing and feel that their rights come before yours or mine that you should stay home. Is that not what Trump, his rally goers, his White House are saying because that is precisely what I hear over and over again and quite frankly and very honestly, it highlights very brightly just how divided our nation is. We are being led by a man who is mentally ill, anyone and everyone watching him, seeing his tweets, knows that, and we all know that his mental illness is not getting better it is in fact getting worse. 

I heard a rumor last week that those close to Trump think he is just giving up, I don’t believe that, I think that he is simply too naive to see the White House and those closest to him are in fact setting him up to fail. It’s never been more clear when they go about telling the world that he is the President who defends our freedoms, our rights to choose when it will endanger others who are innocent, or when he forces rally goers to sign waivers. No, someone is advising him to make these fatal moves and decisions. 

I also happen to know that Trump sees himself like a king and if I were Trump, I’d start reading up on the fate that befell some of the worlds greatest kings and start looking at who is advising him and who he holds near and dear. 

Don’t forget, GenZ is rising and fast, some of us have been fighting for decades for the same things GenZ is now so vocal about, put our numbers with theirs and if Trump can’t change and fast, we outnumber his voters in the last election by at least 3 times if not more and quite frankly we are telling you Donald J Trump to grow the fuck up!

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Administration Fucks Up – Again to the Tune of $7.3 Million

Buy’s Plastic Tubes Made for Bottling – Soda Instead of  Medical Test Tubes

Cristal M Clark 

When you have a leader like Donald Trump running the show this makes perfect sense, I mean the man did take credit for making Juneteenth famous as most people didn’t even know what it was before he made it famous, he’s also recently stated that he’d done more for our black brothers and sisters than even Abraham Lincoln did, and just this week said that we would have less cases of Corornavirus if we stopped testing for it, the number of cases would go way down, it would just disappear. I assume so would the number of pregnancies in the nation if we just stopped testing for it, how about cancer right, just stop testing for it and the number of cases would simply drop as if it just never existed. 


Like our inept leader the Trump administration tends to just stumble about making ridiculously stupid decisiions and mistakes. The Trump administration spent $7.3 million in taxpayer money on what they thought were test tubes needed to combat the Coronavirus, rather than properly vet the company and what they actually sell, they just flippantly spent our taxpayer money and made a rather embarrassing purchase. 

Texas based Fillakit LLC sold the administration Plastic tubes that are made for bottling soda and health officials are somewhat dumbstruck by the administration’s choice in test tubes for things like contaminated blood samples. 

To make things worse, according to former employees and ProPublica’s observation of the company’s operations, Fillakit employees do not always wear masks, gather the miniature soda bottles with snow shovels and dump them into plastic bins before squirting saline into them, all in the open air. Rendering them quite possibly contaminated already. 

Comforting right? That is just how much Donald Trump and his administration care about the citizens of this nation. 

And, I am not the only one saying that: the tubes are designed to be expanded with heat and pressure into 2-liter soda bottles, they do not fit the racks used in laboratory analysis of test samples. Even if the bottles were the right size, experts agree that the company’s process likely contaminated the tubes and could yield false test results.

Teresa Green, a retired science teacher who worked at Fillakit’s makeshift warehouse outside of Houston for two weeks before leaving out of frustration: “It wasn’t even clean, let alone sterile.” 

Officials in New York, New Jersey, Texas, and New Mexico confirmed they can’t use the Fillakit tubes. FEMA has asked health officials in several states to find an alternative use for the unfinished soda bottles.

The Trump administration’s often chaotic and frantic hiring of first-time federal contractors with little scrutiny during the pandemic shows how uneducated, inept and useless this administration truly is. The federal government has awarded more than $2 billion to first-time contractors for work related to the coronavirus many of which, like Fillakit, had no experience with medical supplies.

To put the icing the cake here, the Federal Emergency Management Agency signed its first deal with Fillakit on May 7, just 6 days after the company was formed by an ex-telemarketer repeatedly accused of fraudulent practices over the past not one but two fucking decades. Fillakit has supplied a total of more than 3 million tubes, which FEMA then approved and sent to all 50 states. If the company fulfills its contractual obligation to provide 4 million tubes, it will receive a total of $10.16 million of taxpayer dollars all wasted on shit we can’t use! 

Round of applause for Trump and his administration on this one, thanks for wasting our fucking money dipshits.

Cristal M Clark

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So You Want to Defund The Police?

What Defunding the Police Looks Like 

Cristal M Clark 

I was at the market this AM, lots of folks out early and a lot of talk about what it would mean to defund the police. For the most part people understand what that means while some think it means shutting down police departments nationwide. There’s been a lot of talk around defunding, dismantling, abolishing, and reimagining what police forces look like. And with all of that talk, a lot of confusion about what each concept really means. 

Defunding the police simply means that funds would be diverted away from police and reinvesting the funds back into the community, mental health care and the like. 

I wrote about this at length a few  years ago, it’s a smart move but the trick is, doing it right. At the start of the statewide shutdowns, we had states not able to make it two hours into the shutdown without being bankrupt, so who can we trust to control reinvesting those funds and doing it properly? We need to be smart about talks surrounding defunding the police here, local and state governments more than proved in a very overwhelming way that they are not capable of being responsible when it comes to taxpayer dollars when we shut the nation down, now they are begging for a bailout from Trump. 

Not that they should not be getting a bailout but the reality here is who can we trust to handle this type of move properly? 

Does defunding mean less police on the streets? Most likely not, the reality here is that police these days are expected to do more than just police and in a lot of cases they are performing services they were never trained to handle. Police are performing homeless services, working with children in schools, responding to calls for mental health crises, performing social work and welfare checks, mediating non-violent domestic disputes,fighting terrorism abroad and responding to drug overdoses. 

So when we talk about defunding we must first find ways that communities can bring in outsiders to handle nonviolent situations, that means bringing social workers, community leaders who work with the homeless already, people who are medically trained to help with drug addiction issues and victims advocates who know and understand how to deescalate in domestic violence situations. 

People who are in favor of defunding the department argue that reform and laws don’t stop police from illegally killing citizens and others want to better train the police, some are calling for legal oversight of what police can and cannot do, with more training as a solution. But we have been down that road so many times before and has it really had an impact on police getting away with behaving badly? 

Here is the example: The police department in Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed, instituted significant reforms and training programs based on President Obama’s task force on policing in response to the unrest in Ferguson, Mo. The police force required bias and de-escalation training and the use of body cameras. It tightened its use-of-force standards, diversified its leadership, and started collecting demographic data. Yet we find ourselves again, a black man was killed ruthlessly at the hands of a white cop who had multiple complaints filed against him previously for excessive use of force. 

We faced that question, and we failed at the reform and training thing. 

Camden, N.J. dismantled its entire police force in 2012 at that time they enjoyed a murder rate more than 6 times the national average and 175 open-air drug markets within the city’s nine square miles. 

You know what happened? 

Murder rates declined significantly, and by 2018, the city experienced its lowest rate since 1987, robberies, violent crimes, and property crimes also declined. 

After the police department was disbanded, chief of police J. Scott Thomson created the Camden County Police Department where he hired more officers with lower pay and placed an emphasis on community policing and that has been working. 

J. Scott Thomson: “For us to make the neighborhood look and feel the way everyone wanted it to, it wasn’t going to be achieved by having a police officer with a helmet and a shotgun standing on a corner. Officers identify more with being in the Peace Corps than being in the Special Forces.”

Almost all of the officers in the city now have GPS tracking and body cameras. There is an 18-page use-of-force policy, police are required to intervene when they see abuse of power, and the department has the authority to fire any officer who acts out of line. 

That is what protesters and communities are asking for, the government shoved the training and reform stuff down our throats and quite simply put it hasn’t worked, it’s time to try something new. 

Accomplishing that is much easier said than done, we can’t dismantle police departments nationwide, but we can change how they police turning them into more of a Peace Corps force rather than a large militant group. 

It is time to start funding community police programs and to rely less on Police nationwide to handle issues and problems they simply are not trained to handle, it’s time to demilitarize police and to train them better at being partners of the community and less at being bullies, untrustworthy, murderous and as if they are above and over us just because they were a uniform, have a badge and carry a gun. Just about anyone can do that these days. 

Cristal M Clark

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Operation Warp Speed – Unlikely, Dangerous and Irresponsible

Coronavirus Vaccine Highly Unlikely by Election Time

Cristal M Clark 

Trump is pushing the idea that we will be seeing a Coronavirus Vaccine by the end of the year, although he is pushing the scientific community for results by October all so that he can win the election. That math does add up, push for a vaccine, be hailed as a hero. Then once you win the election in November, millions start dying, because of a vaccine you touted, promised and bullied to get?  

That could spell some fairly deadly consequences but what it also spells is just how little the man sitting in the oval office values the lives of American Citizens. Whats more is that the notion of fast tracking a vaccine is highly unlikely if you were to ask prominent health experts and veteran vaccine developers who agree that it is rather unlikely without some type of a miracle.

Dr. Stanley Plotkin, credited with inventing a rubella vaccine in 1964, said developing a vaccine in a year to a year and half was “feasible,” but dependent on the efficacy of the vaccines currently in development and on the ability to mass produce them. 

“In the best of circumstances, we should have a vaccine or let’s say vaccines between 12 and 18 months, whether those circumstances will be the best or not, we don’t know.”

Who can forget that Trump’s own top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told the “Today” show that January 2021 is the earliest a vaccine could be ready, but cautioned that that timeline is “aspirational” and it also depends on companies producing a vaccine before researchers are sure it will work.

Not to mention FDA licensing typically takes years to conduct the large population studies needed to prove its safety so Trump’s promise is simply not feasible and could be quite deadly if he can manage for force someone’s hand. 

It is completely irresponsible and dangerous to play around with a vaccine just so that one can win an election. I am far from being an anti-vaxxer, I believe in vaccines but when you attempt to bully your way through the scientific community to try to “make” them get a vaccine ready before it’s time just so you can win the election, I believe it is dangerous, irresponsible and could arrive just in time to kill ones voters. 

Trump is a coward, a deranged lunatic and he promised a wall and managed to build one around the White House out of fear of protesters, Trump failed all of us with the Coronavirus and shut down the country too late to stop the spread, spews hatred and vile accusations at victims, reporters and anyone who does not agree with him, he is a sexist, a bigot, and a known racist. 

Would you agree to get a vaccine Trump is pushing to make happen knowing how little he cares for any of us in the United States?

Cristal M Clark

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8 Minutes and 46 Seconds

George Floyd Did Not Die in Vain 

Cristal M Clark 

I don’t know how many of my readers have actually sat down and watched cell phone footage of the murder of George Floyd. I did watch it over the weekend and to be honest it has haunted me so deeply that I have been having trouble sleeping since then. I’ve studied my share of horrific murders and cold cases through the years and one moment during the murder of George Floyd affected me in a very profound way that I have yet to shake it.

It was George crying out for his mom as he lay dying and unable to breath. That cry brought me to tears, shaking me to the core, breaking both my heart and my soul. That cry was heard worldwide by moms, and unified in one stance together we stood and said enough is enough. In that moment we all unified and stood up as any mother would for George Floyd as if he were our own child. 

We want Justice for George. 

We demand Justice for George. 

I’ve been to some of the protests, both peaceful and as the anarchy ensued during the night trying to help keep the peace, but no peace was to be had over the weekend. I do not condone looting, damaging property, violence, but I heard what people felt. Many of them are feeling many different pains if you listen. 

But right now, the pain and suffering we need to address is the systemic racism here in the United States. Every single state in this country is standing unified together without the leader of the United States of American and we are demanding an end to the suffering and inequality of the African American’s who are citizens of our nation. 

Our nation which we are part of together. 

When my kids were little, they never knew racism, when I would watch them play with other little kids I noticed, just as I do with my grandchildren now, little kids, they don’t see race as they interact with other little kids. They are just happy, excited and delighted to meet new kids and to be able play with another little kid. They just see another little kid. 

Racism is taught, hatred is taught. 

It is time we stopped teaching children racism and hatred. 

President George W Bush stepped forward and like a President helps heal his hurting nation, gave a beautiful speech the other day that encouraged peaceful protests, that encouraged us to call for change.  

President Barack Obama yesterday, he did it again, like a President he stood to help lead a hurting nation, to heal and to demand change in constructive and peaceful ways. He urged us to be strong and to stand alongside the youth of this nation and to demand change.  

I refer to both as President rather than Former US President to illustrate that they truly were and still are thought of leaders of this nation, something they both demonstrated with the thoughtful words of hope and inspiration they have delivered through this senseless tragedy. 

Donald Trump, has made threats, hid in a bunker, rampaged on Twitter, called people weak, urged law enforcement to harm peaceful protesters and use a show of force to stop protests around the nation  and has yet to offer help, support, words of healing, promise for change, empathy and leadership here. The White House is currently being sealed off, barriers being put into place by a coward, racist Donald Trump and an administration living in fear of the people they are currently letting down.

I urge all American’s to remember these defining childish, pathetic behaviors and moments Donald Trump has shown in the face of a crisis when November rolls around. He may be great when it comes to business and economy, but he truly strives to simply drive our nation apart because he has no empathy whatsoever. That is just as inhumane as the killing of innocent people of color. 

And we the people are driving for change, we are forcing that to happen. All 50 states in this nation are demanding change, every race in this country is standing as we the people without a leader and we are demanding change. We are succeeding! Finally we are making it happen. 

Through the years I stood for change as blacks were killed at the hands of cops or a white men. I’ve written about it so many times in the past and here we are again. When the change doesn’t happen, I can’t help but feel like I have failed in some way to make it happen. 

When I attended a couple of the protests I heard the very words that I have written in the past spoken and cried out from the mouths of our nation’s youth who are demanding we end systemic racism once and for all and I couldn’t help but feel this is a deeply painful time for our nation and the world watching this unfold but in those moments I stood proud of the youth in this nation for having the courage to stand up and rise about the systemic racism we continue to see. 

We can no longer tolerate hate, we can no longer accept and allow injustice, we can no longer accept systemic racism. This is America and we must fight for equal justice for everyone in America, No more white justice, no more black justice, no rich justice, no more poor justice, one system for all of the peoples in America.

We must put an end to white privilege and inequality in our nation. 

When the leadership in the Whitehouse fails us, we the people must rise up to that challenge and drive the need for change in non-violent ways ourselves. The proof of that is today, look around we are heard and supported through state and local governments nationwide, we are being heard and supported worldwide. 

To the racists on social media dropping the word ni*g*r, sharing racially hateful messages, demanding white privilege, you are also being heard and the bad news is that people are quietly sharing your posts and words of hate towards blacks, hispanics and asians, support of the KKK, Neo Nazi’s, White Power, through private DM’s, people are sharing your hatred with the very people within your  own communities, some of you have businesses and I don’t believe that I need to explain what that can do to your business. What we are watching in the United States of America is that the minority groups are about to change, those that are racist and full of hate are going to become the minority sooner rather than later. 

It’s we the people not we the white power, we the people are no longer going to tolerate racism, hatred, inequality and injustice towards a person of color and we must let our voices continue to be heard.   

I cannot claim to know and understand the pain and suffering of people of color, but I am a mom and when I heard George Floyd cry out for his mom, it brought me to my knees. And although I cannot quite put into words what hearing a grown man being murdered, crying for mom truly feels like, any mother who watched that video would tell you, it was gut wrenching, painful and you can’t help but to feel it hit you hard in your heart and in your soul. It leaves you unable to walk away and not fight for change.

I have spent years fighting injustice through our judicial systems, fighting for the rights of victims and fighting a system that rewards the rich and the white. 

George Floyd’s death will not be in vain, he will be the first person I think of anytime I prepare to address a Judge or prosecutor, his cry for his mom will not be forgotten, I will think of George Floyd and that cry will make my arguments about inequality and injustice even more powerful. 

We must change, we must abolish systemic racism and inequality like our nation once abolished slavery.

Always remember 8 minutes and 46 seconds a human being suffered, struggling to breath and died an agonizing brutal death crying out for his mom all  because he was black and that never should have happened. 

Cristal M Clark

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US Allies – Horrified and Shocked 

Australian News Crew Beaten While Filming Protests in D.C. 

Cristal M Clark

Washington, D.C. — a police officer punching an Australian cameraman and using his shield to strike him in the chest, while another officer uses a baton to hit the correspondent. Police were using tear gas, projectiles and mounted officers to forcefully scatter peaceful protesters near the White House, so Donald Trump could walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church for a photo opportunity.

Amelia Brace, the correspondent with Australia’s Channel 7: “They don’t care they are being indiscriminate, they were firing these rubber bullets at everyone. There’s tear gas now and we’re surrounded.”

On Friday, CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and the crew working with him were arrested live on air in Minneapolis.

All of this has been seen worldwide and has both the allies and adversaries of the United States watching in complete horror. They are falling witness to the fraying and crumbling of the United States while under no leadership. 

The sight of officers repeatedly striking a foreign news crew has sent a chill down the world’s spine. 

This is not the United States the world thought we were. 

What perhaps was even more shocking was the President telling police to “dominate the streets,”  a Black Hawk military helicopter was dispatched to fly low over the demonstrators in Washington, D.C.,  and the President suggested Governors were weak.

Ziya Meral, a senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, a London-based think tank: “Now we are witnessing an America spiraling down into chaos, poor governance, social friction, poor policing and poor leadership.”

Ragıp Soylu, a correspondent with the Middle East Eye news outlet, tweeted: “Congrats, America! You have joined the Middle East nations where you can no longer peacefully protest outside the presidential palaces.”

China comments: The American hypocrisy – The U.S. calling out Beijing’s alleged attempts to curb freedoms in Hong Kong while seen to be trying to do something similar at home.

And New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she was “horrified by what we’ve seen.”

I could go on and on but leaders everywhere from every corner of the world are watching our country fall apart at the hands of a lack of leadership. 

The problem with Trump is pretty much tenfold here, he has a history of being a racist and of supporting racism, bullying and outrageous threats against anyone he does not agree with. He is the epitome of a narcissist and he is absolutely a bully when he wants his way, his mindset is “my way or the highway.”

That is not going to work this time, if Trump insists on sending in the military he is going to piss off an already pissed off public and then it will become all out war.  People are tired of Trump and his outdated views on what society should be and is. 

The world is watching our President throw fuel on an already out of control fire, they are watching him stir the pot, simmer the stew and brew up enough discontent, chaos, hatred and fear to all but ensure our nation is torn apart from the seams under the failing Trump Presidency. 

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump Fails the United States – Again

Leadership Not Part of the Donald Trump Playbook 

Cristal M Clark 

This morning in a teleconference with leaders across the US Trump attempted to bully his way through the call where the leaders truly needed support, understanding, empathy for their citizens and some understanding of the situation amid the protests sweeping now the entire world. 

The role of a President is to lead his or her nation in good times and bad, through a crisis whether it be a health crisis such as Covid-19, or protests. Obama never fled to a secret bunker when protesters took to the streets, no he got up and pleaded with a grieving nation to stop the violence, he led us, you know like a leader should do. 

Today, Trump had harsh, sometimes incoherent words for the leaders in states where protests turned violent over the weekend, calling them weak for not utilizing the National Guard. Trump’s absolute failure to understand how things work in real life is truly amazing to me. He seems to feel that states maintain order by using brute force, the very thing we are all against because it can potentially end up in more senseless deaths. 

Trump has failed to address the nation and vow to end police brutality, much less suggest that it is time for racism to stop.

Our nation is sick, grieving and angry. What’s more is that we again see just how divided we are.  When we needed real leadership over the weekend, in the White House our coward of a President hid in a bunker and the lights of the White House were turned off, like people do when they don’t want to hand out halloween candy. 

Well Donald, this is not Halloween. 

Trump’s Twitter feed has been it’s normal shit show of course. Trump has attacked Joe Biden, reporters, insulted leaders on the front lines of protests, and claimed federal authority he doesn’t have. He made a comment about “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” then claimed ignorance and the true meaning behind that statement. 

This is a man who has been sued for his racism well before he became president, he is a known sexist, bigot and racist. 

To be fair Trump initially condemned George Floyd’s killing, but since then there have been no statements intended to quell anger, bridge divisions, or heal the wounds that have been bleeding for decades. There have been no public appearances, either except that Trump traveled all the way to Florida to watch a SpaceX rocket launch on Saturday, but hasn’t quite managed to travel in front of cameras for a formal statement.

Leaders across the globe have been watching Trump’s failures this year, Covid-19, these protests and are referring to him as deranged and an idiot, and I have to say I couldn’t agree more. 

As all of this continues the worry from many is that Trump is going to make matters much, much worse. Trump is a loose cannon who lacks empathy, he is a disgrace who seems to like to see our nation so deeply divided through police brutality and racism. 

Police across the nation however are choosing to stand alongside protesters, marching with them, kneeling with them, supporting the movement which is highly commendable. Trump has urged both police and the national guard to harm protesters instead of attempting to bring the nation together, no because Donald Trump likes to see us divided, if you will recall one of his largest followings is gun toting racist scum. And he doesn’t want to lose those votes. 

Trump is our biggest challenge as we face this but this does give Biden a chance – it did appear after all that he stood no chance but if he can rise above through this and prove that he can lead a nation that is so deeply hurt and divided, Trump’s days are numbered as the President of the United States. 

Cristal M Clark

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