Trump Will End Up Losing Florida 

Ax Handle Saturday the Day of Trump’s Florida Convention

Cristal M Clark

Last Month Trump decided to move his Republican nominating convention to Florida, the country’s highest-value swing state, from North Carolina and that move might end up costing him his beloved Florida. 

Why you might ask, well Trump can’t seem to bully Coronavirus into submission. Coronavirus cases are surging across Florida with wild abandon, making the move means that it will be painfully difficult for Trump to win Florida’s 29 electoral votes.  

And if Trump loses those votes, it would almost certainly guarantee his loss nationally.

Kim Nymeyer, president of the North Pinellas County Democratic Club: “If they move forward with that convention, with the numbers the way there are, people are just going to think they’re crazy. I do think Trump is taking the rope and hanging himself without any help from us.”

Good point Kim because with all eyes on Trump, I am fairly certain a lot of us around the US and world share in your opinion. 

But even Trump is showing signs of some fear: “When we signed a few weeks ago, it looked good. And now all of a sudden it’s spiking up a little bit and that’s going to go down. It really depends on the timing. We can do a lot of things, but we’re very flexible.”

Spiking up a “little bit?” I guess he pulled out his sharpie again because the numbers spiking in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California are spiking at an alarming rate, hardly a “little bit.”

One top Republican close to the White House acknowledged things could, indeed, go badly and wind up hurting Trump’s chances of winning the all-important state. That individual actually went just a wee bit further speaking the condition of anonymity: “Worst case? No one comes, it looks empty and there’s a bunch of protests, which becomes the big story in the middle of a pandemic.”

The Republican National Convention is currently planning to test every single one of the attendees daily for the 3 day convention for the coronavirus, but if cases are still surging in Florida, daily tests of Trump delegates and supporters would raise questions about why so many medical resources were being devoted to an unnecessary celebration.

But wait folks because there’s more. The choice of the day itself, um Aug. 27,  which is the anniversary of “Ax Handle Saturday,” the day in 1961 when Blacks conducting a lunch counter sit-in were brutally attacked by about 200 white people wielding ax handles and baseball bats.

Mike Binder, a University of North Florida political science professor recently conducted a poll with regards to the convention too. “It’s one of the lowlights of Jacksonville’s history, it’s hard to imagine this going well…. Nobody else had their hand up wanting this thing.” And that poll? Well it showed that Jacksonville residents, by a 58-42 margin, opposed having the convention there right now.    

Cristal M Clark

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Mary Trump Describes Uncle Donald as Trained in Deception and Braggadocio

Mary Trump’s New Book – Eh, How The Rest of World Describes Donald Trump

Cristal M Clark 

Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s Niece, who has a Phd in Psychology wrote a book about Donald Trump, it was released today ahead of schedule, and it’s a book the Don tried to stop from being published. In the book Mary describes Trump of being trained in the fine are of deception and braggadocio, i.e. boastful or arrogant behavior. Well that hit the nail right on the head, haven’t the vast majority of individuals been describing Donald Trump as such for the last 4 years if not longer?

The book was originally put under a temporary restraining order ahead of a July 10 hearing, but an appeals court judge lifted the ban on publication. It will be out to the masses next week, but some have already seen it.

Simon & Schuster then announced it was moving up the publication date by two weeks.

Chris Bastardi, a spokesperson for Mary Trump, said in an emailed statement:

“The act by a sitting president to muzzle a private citizen is just the latest in a series of disturbing behaviors which have already destabilized a fractured nation in the face of a global pandemic” 

Mary Trump Describes Donald as a “construct” of Fred Trump, who now “belonged to the banks and the media.”

Mary Trump asserts that Donald Trump has a long history of making blanket statements about his purportedly deep knowledge of important issues, with the media failing to challenge him. She is not wrong on that, not in the least. 

“He’s been allowed to riff about nuclear weapons, trade with China, and other things about which he knows nothing; he’s gone essentially unchallenged when touting the efficacy of drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 that have not been tested or engaging in an absurd, revisionist history in which he’s never made a mistake and nothing is his fault.”

“He was both enabled by and dependent upon them, just as he had been upon Fred. He had a streak of superficial charm, even charisma, that sucked certain people in. When his ability to charm hit a wall, he deployed another ‘business strategy’: throwing tantrums during which he threatened to bankrupt or otherwise ruin anybody who failed to let him have what he wanted. Either way, he won.”

“I watched in real time as Donald shredded norms, endangered alliances, and trod upon the vulnerable, the only thing about it that surprised me was the increasing number of people willing to enable him.”

In the book Mary Trump further asserts that she was in fact the source of leaked tax documents about the Trump Organization central to a Pulitzer Prize-winning report in the New York Times detailing the president’s finances. That report by the way just so happened to reveal financial schemes used by the president during the 1990s to avoid tax liabilities.

In the book, Mary Trump writes that Donald’s success was built on a myth, particularly in his Atlantic City days. She said his “exaggerated assessment of himself was simultaneously fueled and validated by banks that were throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at him and a media that lavished him with attention and unwarranted praise. The two combined rendered him blind to how dire his situation was.”

The president’s brash behavior, she writes, duped his father and his banks into throwing money at him as fast as he lost it, according to the book.

“As the bankruptcies piled up and the bills for the reckless purchases came due, the loans continued but now as a means to maintain the illusion of success that had fooled them in the first place.” Mary also writes that Donald Trump’s “unique personality flaws” also make him easy to manipulate by the likes of Russian President Vladimir Putin, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Um hello, I’ve been pointing that out for years here, only a bloody idiot would not see his flawed personality issues here. 

Funny, Mary Trump also describes Donald Trump as a Narcissist, a sociopath, who sees cheating as normal behavior, he would screw over his own family, which again the majority of us see that and have been blatantly pointing out for years, but she also goes on to state that in order to truly diagnose all of his mental issues a trained psychiatrist would need to work up a full psychological evaluation. 

Wow, did this bitch just copy everything everyone has been saying about Donald Trump since the night he won the election? Seriously, go back through media archives, my website, countless other websites and we’ve all been saying the same things for over 4 years. 

Either way it’s a book Donald Trump did not want published and she got it published, not a day Donald Trump wanted to see the book released with a staggering number of new Coronavirus cases reported in the US today sitting at 55,274, newly reported cases. Nothing says failure more, but wait, yesterday we saw 46,329 newly reported cases, July 2nd we were at 55,220 newly reported cases. I mean the numbers are getting worse not better. 

So no, Donald did not appreciate Mary Trump’s book release today, it is the equivalent of kicking a guy when he is down, but in looking at our surging rises in newly infected with Coronavirus, I doubt Trump is going to be seeing up anytime soon. 

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Purposely Misleading American’s and That Could Kill Thousands 

Trump’s Harmful Statements Spreading Across the Nation Faster Than Covid-19 

Cristal M Clark 

Just when you think Trump has topped his most erratic behavior he opens his mouth and says something even more toxic and dangerous. 

This past week, including the 4th of July weekend we’ve fallen witness to the damaging effects Trump’s words have had on race relations, guns being pulled left and right on Black American’s, he has strained relationships between citizens and law enforcement. This past weekend Vauhxx Booker, a black man was nearly lynched at Lake Monroe, in Indiana, all at the hands of White Racist Trump supporters. The last two weeks reports of multiple cases of Ken and Karen’s were seen in viral videos depicting whites pulling guns on harmless blacks. In Martinez, California on the 4th a sanctioned BLM mural was painted over by two Trump supporters, in Trump 2020 gear minutes after the sanctioned mural had been finished. The police would like to find those two by the way. These attacks against Black American’s are falling at the hands of Trump supporters who believe the words that fall from Trump’s  mouth, he stirs the race pot and it is going to get someone killed. 

This morning I witnessed a campaign ad Trump is running with regards to defunding the police. It was so misleading I felt sick to my stomach. He suggests in the ad that defunding the police means if you call them for rape, murder or a home invastion leave a message as it will take 5 days to return your call due to defunding the police. 

Are you fucking kidding me? That is not even close to what defunding police really is and means and I would encourage everyone running the ad to pull it, including YouTube TV. It is in fact a false advertisement-period. 

A new low for Trump. 

Where is the President of the United States, where is he or she? We are a nation, without a leader. Instead of leading us through a pandemic the people are taking matters into their own hands, and that is a sad state of affairs for the United States. 

It’s also an open invitation to enemies of our country watching this play out. 

What’s more is  that Trump’s remarks with regards to the Coronavirus have caused severe damage across this nation, with cases rising to epic proportions. Trump stated this past weekend that for 99% of those infected with the virus it is harmless. 

That is completely false, it’s a lie and it’s the same message he keeps trying to send, which has caused huge surges in the virus because people feel like it’s safe to ignore the virus, I mean doesn’t less testing make it just go away? 

Make that statement to front line workers caring for the sick, tell that to a family member who has either watched a loved one die from the virus or who is currently watching a loved one die, or not because still some hospitals are not letting family members in. 

The virus by the way is approximately 4.6% fatal, which if you know any math is not 99% harmless. 

Trump is encouraging behaviors that put American Citizens at a much greater risk of getting and passing on the virus which is the equivalent of encouraging a suicidal person to pull the trigger, or encouraging someone who wants to kill someone to just go out and do it, because this is a potentially deadly virus, it is a weapon, which in turn makes it a criminal charge to encourage irresponsible behavior, or actions that would end up killing someone because of the misuse of said deadly weapon. We do bring criminal charges in this country against those that allow for a deadly weapon to fall into the wrong hands, this virus is the same concept. 

The reality is -as of this morning 32 states are seeing a surge in cases, 3 of which are setting records with the number of newly reported cases within the last 4-5 days. 

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Florida, Texas and Arizona are being hit the worst. Florida on Saturday alone had over 11,400 new Coronavirus infections that day alone and Florida is being viewed as the new epicenter in the US, in Houston, Texas ICU’s at local hospitals are at capacity, Arizona is seeing the same thing. And the infections are not hitting the older population but those that are much, much younger and the outcomes are not looking like at least long term that they are going to actually fare better. 

It’s all about the strain on our healthcare system and not running out of our best treatment, Rendesivir. If we don’t bring the number of infections down and fast, we will run out of Rendesivir when the second wave hits the rest of the nation later this summer/early fall and over the winter, just in time for the election. 

Officials in Florida, Texas and Arizona are now saying that they opened their states before they should have and not carefully. And the number of newly reported cases clearly shows that. What is more concerning though, is the virus is causing life changing issues for many survivors. The way it attacks the body is perplexing to the medical and scientific communities and they still do not know enough about it to say for certain that for 99% of those infected with the virus it is harmless. Many survivors are experiencing issues months after surviving and no one knows if those medical issues are lifelong or months long, years long. 

But to say that for 99% of the population the virus is harmless? That simply is not true and greatly misleads this nation. The harm of Trump’s prior statements and erroneous claims that the virus is not that bad, we are getting ahead of it, it’s not dangerous, tells the public it’s okay to not social distance, not wear a mask, not wash your hands frequently and go ahead and gather in large groups.

Sign a waiver to attend a Trump rally that you don’t have to wear a face mask to, you do not have to socially distance, he is the President that protects your rights, your freedoms, your right to choose not to socially distance, not wear a mask. 

Think about all of those messages and ask that one important question. 

Why would Trump so go out of his way to mislead the public from false advertising with regards to defunding the police, to stirring the race pot, inciting violence against blacks, protecting statues rather than lives and now the lies about Coronavirus.

Why, is Trump lying to a nation of potential voters?  

Trump is attempting a diversion away from the Coronavirus by stirring racial tensions in this nation and his base is more racist than not, we all know that already. Trunp is protecting statues over people and putting out false ad’s with regards to defunding the police. But we all have to ask, what is his end game? 

Winning the election of course. 

He is trying to create a diversion away from the reality of the Coronavirus because quite simply, it makes him look bad and by bad, I mean like a complete, total and utter failure, which is he is. 

So play the race card, stir the tensions, that is the only way to divert attention away from a virus he can’t get ahead of out of nothing more than selfish stupidity and a refusal to listen to actual experts. The bad news for Trump though is that he is still losing at the polls, daily and in troves. Countless news stories have come out especially from the Villages in Florida, about staunch Republican’s bailing on their own party because they have become disgusted with Trump, his behavior, his lies, and his attempts to stir racial tensions and divide our nation, not to mentions how his words, actions and behaviors have misled a nation and caused mixed messages about the Coronavirus. 

The only hope Trump has now is a do over of he racial tensions from 2016 because quite frankly he has no other way into the White House again, no campaign promises he can make this go around, he has nothing, it’s either beat a virus or stir the racial tensions in the nation, again. 

Sadly though, the scientific and medical communities are worried about a new, more deadly swine flu, soon to head our way they have been watching in China, and the Plague has been found in China’s Inner Mongolia Province. Can Trump handle any of that if given an opportunity for another go around?

So in a sense we have caught Trump with his pants down and it is not looking good. More importantly, his own party from the lips of those on the Hill are starting to worry he is not going to win the election because of his behavior and rhetoric. 

And in theory, knowing how ugly of a human being Trump truly is, he could have an even more frightening motive here. Always remember this, Donald J Trump’s inaction, lies and misleading information with regards to the Coronavirus tells us, daily that Trump does not value your life, my life much less the lives of his supporters. He is the a danger to all of us in the United States. We have enough Rendesivir today, if the rate of infection does not get under control and now, we will run out. If we run out before the rest of the nation sees a second wave it will be during the fall and winter, right before the election, before voters head to the polls.  I mean, his plan B is really looking right back at us, now isn’t it? 

Cristal M Clark

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Woman Faked Own Death After Scamming $300,000 from the VA Health Care System

Beckley, West Virginia

Cristal M Clark 

One 43-year old Julie M. Wheeler came up with quite an elaborate scheme all in an attempt to get out of facing the punishment for scamming roughly $300,000 from the VA Health Care System.

Julie had previously pleaded guilty on Feb. 11 to defrauding the Department of Veterans Affairs Spina Bifida Health Care Benefits Program. According to court records, she had overbilled as a caregiver for a family member, identified as K.L for an extended period of time.

Julie’s company JRW Homecare Support Services, charged the VA-approved rate of $736 per day to provide full-time care to K.L., including bathing, grooming, feeding and other support. Ahh but here is the problem, it would seem that Julie did not actually provide the care she billed for during the time in which she billed it. You see Julie admitted to the VA and the FBI that she inflated the rate and quality of care for said patient. 

She submitted claims to the VA stating that she provided care for K.L. eight hours a day, seven days a week, from October 2016 to April 2018 at the full daily rate of $736 a day. Her admission of guilt was corroborated by other witnesses who provided statements that Wheeler did not provide eight hours of daily care. Sadly she also acknowledged that her conduct had deprived her family member of services, according to the release. Sadly, K.L, who really did have spina bifida, has since died, officials said.

But why face the music when you can just fake your own death, you see this where Julie stepped even further over that fine line of breaking the law. 

On May 31, Julie Wheeler and other family members staged her fall from the Grandview State Park overlook, a popular state park in Raleigh County, West Virginia. 

Naturally, this intel led to an extensive search effort in the New River Gorge by state, federal and local authorities, assisted by numerous volunteers, which turned up nothing. 

Now Julie, not being the brightest bulb in the box, was located days later at her umm own home. Yes in her own home and hiding in a closet. Like who the hell runs from authorities by running home and hiding in a closet, like the cops would never think to check the closet. Now Julie has been handed down sentence enhancements for obstruction of justice. Anyway, Julie’s husband, Rodney has now been charged with felony and misdemeanor charges including conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor, false emergency reporting and willful disruption of a governmental process.  

These two, complete idiots. 

U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart: “Absolutely despicable. Wheeler’s egregious fraud scheme denied much needed spina bifida care for her own sister while she fleeced the Veteran’s Administration of almost $300,000, then she faked her own disappearance to evade sentencing, risking the lives and resources of first responders and emergency personnel. Outrageous. Terribly tragic case all around.”

Julie is in fact headed to prison, 42 months in prison and restitution of $289,055.07 and supervised release for 3 years. Her husband has yet to be sentenced. 

Cristal M Clark

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Facebook’s Days Are Numbered

Facebook Might Not Make its Own Pandemic

Cristal M Clark 

Facebook has always been known for not stopping hate speech, fake news and hammering down on users who didn’t really post anything offensive, just facebook bots flagged something, users get suspended for three days, but lately Facebook has allowed for hateful, racist content posted non-stop and fake news about BLM, while not paying much attention to it. The one group that has paid attention to it, advertisers. 

Facebook just so happens to be the world’s largest social media network and it is facing a massive, and by massive, I mean massive advertiser backlash over claims it’s failed to remove racist and hateful content from its platform.

Microsoft, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Unilever are among the major corporates that have halted advertising on Facebook, wiping some $60 billion worth of value from the company’s stock and piling pressure on Facebook’s already scandal-weary investors.

The funny thing is Facebook even allows Trump to post hate speech, yet for instance today I posted a comment on a private group that I am part of we were joking about the gun toting St. Louis couple, the Karen and Ken couple, the post was something like “Name this Band” my comment was “White Trash?” Earned me a three day suspension but I am white, and two posts later I saw the word “nigger” used in someone’s post in very hurtful way towards blacks, a fake news story claiming BLM is plotting to destroy America, multiple posts referring to whites as “Cracker,” several with nudity, multiple with clearly graphic sexual content that depicts intercourse, blow jobs, oral sex on women and the like, the list goes on and on. 

But why flag the term white trash? It seems to me the platform has or should have far worse posts and words they need to and should be concerned with. What about calling mask wearers sheep? Or Words like Whore, Slut, cock eating monster? I find that not only stupid but also offensive and I keep seeing that bullshit on Facebook. I mean if you are going to have your nose in the air and be self righteous shouldn’t you be stopping all of the hateful or derogatory posts or is it just a race thing because last time I was flagged it was over a meme I found that was sexual in nature but did not depict nudity, copulation or oral sex? Facebook honestly has no idea what it’s doing. 

And Facebook has been under fire from everyone from Congress, to advertisers, to its users for flagging users who post to private groups and not content that is posted and shared outside of private groups and is seen by far more users on the more public side of the platform. Policing the right users rather than the harmful users is wrong and that is leaving users eager for a new platform to move on to.  

So, amid the growing Facebook ad boycott, Dfinity, a blockchain-based cloud computing platform that was valued at nearly $2 billion in 2018, has opened up its network to third party developers that it hopes will be able to “reboot the internet” and end big tech’s “monopolization.”

The idea is rather than a single tech giant owning the personal information of its users, platforms like Dfinity could be used to build apps where the users own their own information and can truly profit from it unlike with Facebook and Twitter.

And that is gaining support and interest. Dominic Williams, founder of Dfinity: “Open versions of the most popular mega-applications will replace the most popular applications of today.” 

Dfinity has also built an open alternative to video sharing app TikTok called CanCan that it claims has been built with less than 1,000 lines of code, compared to Facebook’s 62 million lines of code to highlight what it calls the “simplicity of building the next generation of mega-applications” on its blockchain-based network.

Dfinity, is aiming to make its network available to the public in the fourth quarter of 2020 and if you are like me, tired of FaceBook and looking for a new social media platform, keep your eyes open for Dfinity to roll out later this year. 

Cristal M Clark

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It’s Time for Donald Trump to Get With the Program and Support It

Or It’s Time for Donald Trump to Step Down

Cristal M Clark 

Now that the U.S. President has a warrant for his arrest you’d think he’d be more than willing to actually get with the program but no, he’s running around tweeting clips of his racist supporters yelling out racial slurs then claiming ignorance about knowing about the racial slurs before he sent the tweet. 

I call bullshit as I am sure many of the rest of you do, he loves stirring the race pot. 

But where he has totally lost and fallen flat is on the Coronavirus, his refusal to wear a mask or at the very least mandate it in all 50 states as well as rush to reopen has left experts shaking their heads. 

What’s more is that doctors and scientists are begging the public to listen to them rather than the President when it comes to health and public safety. 

Here we have 8 recent incidents of people in the public refusing to wear a mask who had complete temper tantrums like our president does, honestly 2 year olds behave better. 

We had the lady from Trader Joes in Hollywood, CA who was caught screaming on video at employees who asked her to put on a mask, she claimed a medical condition but in the end on the video she is heard screaming “Democratic pigs.” So much for her medical condition, this is an argument that simply has no truth to it, Coronavirus and the precautions needed to slow the spread are neither Republican nor Democratic. 

Next, A vile woman in New York was spotted in a bagel shop not wearing a mask, when a concerned customer mentioned it to an employee the vile woman overheard and walked right up to the customer who was concerned and coughed on her. Thankfully an onlooker got it on video and has shared it on facebook. Honestly, I would have decked the disgusting bitch. 

Over in Dallas, Texas at a fiesta Market a woman was asked to put on a mask, her response was to start throwing the food from her cart onto the supermarket floor whilst she belittled and screamed at anyone she could. Yes a grown ass woman. 

Down in Florida, which by the way has more cases currently than they can even handle counting accurately, because they refused to adhere to social distancing, wearing facemasks, and opened too quickly. A man was spotted in a WalMart not wearing a mask when he was asked to put one on, he began to charge and shove employees, then took off running through the store whilst dodging store employees. 

While over in Jacksonville, Florida a woman went into a Pier 1 Store without a mask, a cancer patient who happened to be in the store shot video of the woman being asked to wear a mask the woman was seen being defensive, gave the cancer patient the finger and walked over to her and coughed directly on her. These folks really truly capture the sickening, selfish behavior of many American’s. 

Then in an unnamed gas station a woman spat on an employee who enforced the mask rule. 

Shelley Lewis, a true American idiot, actually recorded herself going off on employees in a Gelson’s Market in Dana Point, California because she was asked to wear a mask. Shelley then asked to speak to the store manager, who also informed her that without a mask, she would have to shop elsewhere, then Shelley asked for a corporate number. Nice entitlement Shelley. 

Last for now as I am sure many, many more cases of refusal to wear a mask are happening by the minute, Amber Lynn Gilles posted a rage filled rant on FaceBook about a barista at a Starbucks in San Diego, California who had insisted Amber wear a face mask before entering the shop, this dipshit threatened to call the cops on the Barista. Well that plan also backfired because a man Named Matt Cowan started a GoFundMe page for the Barista and raised over $93,000 so far for Lenin Gutierrez, the barista. 

The one thing all of these cases have in common is that people are too stupid to realize it’s everyone’s personal responsibility to wear a face mask, to protect not only yourselves but others. 

It is not a right to expose me or anyone else to your germs, likewise it is not an infringement on your rights to be told to wear a fucking face mask. And the number one offender is our President, it’s monkey see – monkey do with that one. His staunch followers refuse to wear a face mask because he refuses, he also refuses to back the science up every time he talks about the virus. In fact, Donald Trump tells his following that the president who represents our freedom, choice, the right to choose to wear a mask and who cares for anyone’s health. His following claim they can’t breathe in them, forcing them to wear them is taking away rights or infringes on their rights, because these individuals are not educated enough to determine the difference between rights and inconvenience.

And the numbers folks, they don’t lie. The hospital numbers are going up in Florida, Texas, California, Arizona so it’s not an increase in testing driving the numbers, it’s an increase in opening states too soon and haphazardly, without regard for a virus that still has proven to be more powerful than even the President of the United States or his following who refuse to wear a mask out of nothing more than selfish and pathetically stupid ideals, no morals and zero ethics. 

Entitlement. It’s the worst. 

Florida is now refusing to release the numbers of newly hospitalized from the virus. That is without a doubt the most irresponsible move a state could make. Therefore all states should stop allowing visitors from Florida, period. Florida is also a Trump state so this does not surprise me. What was it Trump said, if we stopped testing the numbers would go way down, the virus would just go away? 

But let’s bring even closer to home on that subject, is that not the very same thing China did, the thing we and the entire world accused them of? Not being honest, not accurately reporting the numbers, do kudos Florida, you’re about to endanger every other American in every other state, if not outright knowingly killing your own just by default over your dishonesty and unwillingness to share the numbers. 

It’s time for Trump to step up, get with the program or simply step down, because those that refuse to wear masks are learning painfully so those that are not living in fear of losing perceived rights, actually care about others and wear masks and we outnumber those that refuse to, so maybe they should stay home since they are behaving like sheep right? 

As for you Mr. President, you should be paying attention to that because those that are doing the outnumbering here are also registered voters and you might be out in November, in the cold. 

Cristal M Clark

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Russia Offered Bounties to Taliban For American Soldiers

U.S. President Donald Trump Claims Ignorance

Cristal M Clark 

First Trump goes on TV and informs the US that Biden will be our new President and now this? For a guy who claims to know everything about everything I guess Trump sat this one out. Reportedly, the Russian Military offered hard cold cash to the Taliban for murdering US Soldiers in Afghanistan. 

According to The New York Post United States officials learned months ago of a Russian intelligence unit secretly offering bounties to the Taliban for killing US and other coalition forces in Afghanistan, as peace talks to end the war continue. This is the part that seals the deal – American spies and commandos reportedly told their superiors about the plot as early as January, after discovering a Taliban outpost rife with none other than US hard, cold cash.

Trump is denying any knowledge however according to the New York Post which blackens the eye of Trump, American intelligence officials in fact told Trump about the findings in March and offered a number of options for reprimanding Russia, including escalating sanctions or issuing diplomatic complaints. Naturally Donald Trump did not choose to retaliate at all, instead ignoring what intelligence suggested was an unprecedented Russian attack on US troops and a significant escalation of the country’s support for the Taliban.

I wonder if the Putin/Trump bromance ever really did cool off? Rather than do anything trump got down on his knees and gave Russia quite literally, a blow job. 

20 Americans were killed in Afghanistan in 2019 and 4 others were killed in early 2020, though the Taliban has not attacked any American bases since February. It’s unclear which killings may be connected to the Russian plot or whether any bounties were actually paid.

Trump’s illusion of a winning streak seems to be fading. 

Cristal M Clark

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White House Officials Defend Trump – Only to Fuck That Up

Trump The President of Freedoms, The Right to Choose?

Cristal M Clark 

So this morning I was watching the news when I saw a White House Official get up on live TV and try to sell the news anchors on the idea that Trump is the president of Freedoms, the right to choose when he was pressed about Trump not forcing anyone attending one of his rallies to wear facemasks. 

The comment was that he is the president of freedoms, our right to choose and if you buy that irresponsible diatribe you are just as dumb as he and his White House Officials. First of all, he is not supporting your freedoms or right to choose, he took that away the second he has anyone sign a waiver who buys a ticket to a rally agreeing not to sue should the individual get Coronavirus whilst attending his trailer park rallies. Second, what about the freedoms of those that do not want the virus? Allow me to remind everyone, wearing a mask protects you from me should I be carrying the virus, not me from anyone carrying the virus. These rally goers go home and infect a community who didn’t choose, what about their right to choose, their freedom? 

The problem with the arguments of those that defend Trump’s sickening, heartless and irresponsible behavior is that there is no excuse to endanger willfully and woefully, endanger the lives of those that attend his rallies or anyone potentially infected by those that attend his rallies. It’s pure selfish behavior and and ladies and gentlemen, rather than border walls, tariffs and any other broken promises, Trump is going to feed his hard core supporters the idea that selfish behavior is acceptable this election, no matter what even if it kills people, selfish behavior is acceptable. 

For that alone, Trump should be jailed, he is willingly endangering the lives of thousands if not more through his selfish, uneducated, outlandish behavior. This past weekend I took to the Denver Metro area asking those that were out about this November, not surprisingly, many of those that wanted to vote for Trump simply because they truly believe he can help the United States pull out of the the recession are now considering other options, the reason being is simply his behavior towards the virus and the systemic racism, police brutality and our criminal justice system that favors the wealthy and the white over the poor, black and brown. It is his behavior and honestly I agree, his behavior is outlandish, and it will come with deadly consequences. 

Standing for our freedom, our right to choose? I don’t attend Trump rallies currently, I don’t choose to be standing near someone who did and who followed the shining example of our shellfish, inept president and who now has the virus. What idiot in the White House dreamed that bullshit defense up? 

Again, rally goers actually lose rights by attending a Trump Rally and they endanger the rest of us so what about my right to not be exposed to the virus? I help take care of a 97 year old and so far Grandpa is doing quite well living at home during the pandemic, what about his rights, his freedom to not be exposed to a virus that could potentially and most likely would kill him? No? Why because he’s 97? You don’t think he has anything to contribute to society? He was one of Denver’s very first uniformed officers, he also held a seat in our City decades ago. He has a memory and a lot to contribute still. 

Now let’s get to the argument that if people are afraid they should stay home, again that is taking away their rights and freedoms, now isn’t it?  How inhumane and selfish to tell people if you are afraid to catch the virus because some in our society refuse to wear a mask, practice social distancing and feel that their rights come before yours or mine that you should stay home. Is that not what Trump, his rally goers, his White House are saying because that is precisely what I hear over and over again and quite frankly and very honestly, it highlights very brightly just how divided our nation is. We are being led by a man who is mentally ill, anyone and everyone watching him, seeing his tweets, knows that, and we all know that his mental illness is not getting better it is in fact getting worse. 

I heard a rumor last week that those close to Trump think he is just giving up, I don’t believe that, I think that he is simply too naive to see the White House and those closest to him are in fact setting him up to fail. It’s never been more clear when they go about telling the world that he is the President who defends our freedoms, our rights to choose when it will endanger others who are innocent, or when he forces rally goers to sign waivers. No, someone is advising him to make these fatal moves and decisions. 

I also happen to know that Trump sees himself like a king and if I were Trump, I’d start reading up on the fate that befell some of the worlds greatest kings and start looking at who is advising him and who he holds near and dear. 

Don’t forget, GenZ is rising and fast, some of us have been fighting for decades for the same things GenZ is now so vocal about, put our numbers with theirs and if Trump can’t change and fast, we outnumber his voters in the last election by at least 3 times if not more and quite frankly we are telling you Donald J Trump to grow the fuck up!

Cristal M Clark

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104 Shot, 14 Killed Over Father’s Day Weekend in Chicago

GenZ – Enough is Enough

Cristal M Clark 

Of all of our living generations the one that grew up truly seeing a world full of violence happens to be GenZ and they are starting to speak up, out loud and in our faces, they have had enough.

Over Father’s day weekend 104 people were shot in Chicago, 14 were killed, including a 3-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl killed.

Mass shootings or just gun violence in general is what Generation Z grew up knowing, but what’s more is that they grew up in the most diverse generation humans have ever known, which is something GenZ has embraced and accepted. 

Our differences are not something that GenZ has ever looked down their noses at, black, white, brown, sex, sexual orientation or partner preference does not matter to GenZ, they accept it and they are expressing that they are simply tired of those that are unwilling to accept all human beings as just that and, they are equally tired of the gun violence that they have grown up seeing unfold around them on a daily basis. GenZ, is the generation that grew up having to be part of mass shooter drills at school. 

What’s more is that as Trump took office, GenZ stepped into one of the most politically divided worlds of our time. 

Born between 1996 and 2010, GenZ has grown up in an era where gun violence is frequent, immigration is a very debated topic and the deteriorating climate is acknowledged as a crisis. They are now coming of age during a global pandemic that is disproportionately affecting black and brown communities, and as protesters take to the streets to call out racism and police brutality as well as selfish protests demanding states re-open for no other reason than to go to a salon, get a coffee etc. 

They are watching us attack each other over basic human decency like wearing masks so as to protect each other, they also keep watching black and brown American’s gunned down at the hands of cops who do not view black or brown American’s as equals to white American’s. They have also fallen witness to a criminal justice system that punishes black or brown american’s more severely than whites. 

They have also grown up in a world that if it does not change, they will be highly unlikely to become homeowners, get out of college debt, and will witness continued violence and injustice.  

1 in 10 voters this November will be GenZ. 

They are ready to start a revolution in an effort to make this world a better place for us all. Boomers are less likely to embrace change, especially if it threatens their beliefs, comfort and is different from the 40’s and 50’s ideology.

Boomers are not an overwhelming majority, nor are racists and bigots, the one thing GenZ has on their side are the generations that came after the boomers, our majority stands right along with GenZ and those numbers at the polls are looking a lot like the revolution GenZ wants is in fact going to come to fruition. 

Let’s be clear, they are not seeking a revolution that urges violent behavior, they want a revolution that works with leaders, governments and each other to promote healthy change in this country. GenZ is very, very uniquely positioned to affect change because of social media and the way that it unites them. 

John Della Volpe, director of polling at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics: “This generation has grown up in a world that is considerably different from GenX, even Millennials. They’ve had friends, families, relationships with people who have been different than you based on whatever the difference is: socioeconomic, gender identity, and therefore, they’ve noticed that those friends and family members, even acquaintances are really no different than you as a generation. That is part of the reason they’ve been filled with so much empathy.” 

This generation truly does understand the world around them better than most of the other generations, they have opened their eyes to it where others refuse and continue to believe in things that are no longer healthy for this world, or simply because they are too selfish to care about the other human beings that happen to inhabit this planet. 

GenZ across this country have expressed their dismay with a culture that tolerates violence and are committed to learning how to combat injustice at every level, from violence to the way companies pay and take care of employees, to the way that we protest, what we protest, and how we combat injustice. 

If you are not willing to stand with GenZ to promote change in this country, you might want to step out of the way, like it or not change is and will be coming. 

Cristal M Clark

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