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Trump’s War on the Media


I write about the mainstream media not doing its job quite often, in fact I openly have said several times that the mainstream media is no longer journalism and I have been saying that publicly since long before Trump was ever elected to office.

For the most part, the mainstream media is immoral and unethical, straying from doing its actual job for which it is protected under freedom of press.

Not freedom of speech for those two things are vastly different by definition and for what each represents and for whom.

As everyone knows, I do not care for Donald Trump much, his idea’s the way he overreacts, behaves like a child, has tantrums and the like.

The one common ground that he and I have however, is the way that we feel about the mainstream media.

For the last two mornings I have watched the most deplorable newscasts.

CNN yesterday morning went on air and stated that they witnessed the president collude with Russia all throughout his campaign back in 2016 and as back up played a clip of Trump asking Russia to find and recover those Hillary Clinton Missing in Action emails.

That is not bloody collusion. It’s a guy on TV doing the same goddamn thing I do with Russia when I subtly suggest they hack my Starbuck’s card (which I do often) and up it’s limit or when I suggest they go after some known terrorist hack group.

Other news outlets are reporting that Trump is punishing those who are no longer serving the US as intelligence officers by removing their security clearances and while making that such a huge talking point, they are also saying Trump made that move now in an effort to downplay the Omarosa tapes and newest drama.

But they are not reporting much on Omarosa to be honest, everything the last two days has been all about John Breenan.

John Breenan and all of those former intelligence officials who have or might lose those security clearances?

That is not news, it is not even news worthy.

They are not current employees of the United States Government and have no rights, legally to any such clearances.

It makes no difference as to why Trump decided to strip it away from them it was a privilege that they had not a right yet you are not seeing the mainstream media report that well known fact.

It is still irrelevant as to why Trump removed the clearances like it or not it is, when it comes to reporting just the facts and the news for two days, interjecting one’s opinion into the report, over and over again is nauseating.

Speculating that Trump is somehow turning our country into something that it is not quite yet because he is taking the security clearance away from those that no longer serve the US in any capacity is absurd.

If any of that is actual journalism it’s a complete and utter joke.


The media more often than not will do this play on words and get your attention then dominate a news story with the very thing they accuse someone of trying to use in order to get your attention away from other things.

The media also tends to confuse freedom of press with freedom of speech.

The media has a job to do fair, honest and ethical reporting.

Which cannot be done logically when all we hear or read is nothing more than opinion.

I am protected under freedom of speech, not freedom of press.

The media is protected under freedom of press not freedom of speech due to the media’s long-standing moral and ethical obligation for which freedom of press was created.

Trump could if he wanted, do away with freedom of press, and I would support that.

The mainstream media is immoral, unethical, reports opinion as if it were actual news and completely fails to inform the public.

Which is exactly what the idea of free press was.

Inform the public without personal opinion into the matter.

It’s not that anymore.

It has turned into nothing more than what I would consider entertainment, made up no facts, sort of like watching Survivor or the Bachelor.

Trump is right about the media and what it represents currently, he is right to point that out as often as he would like.

This week I am going to give a shout out to our president for standing up to the mainstream media.

Nicely Done, Mr. President.

Cristal M Clark

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560 Wildfires Rage

canada - wildfires-crimeshop

British Columbia – Canada

Currently 114 large wild fires are burning throughout the US. Some of the largest and most fierce are raging out of control in California.


In Colorado we are experiencing one of our own worst fire seasons as well. Each day the daylight is haze filled and at around 5pm the smoke moving across the entire US from all of our fires blocks the sun.

I read last night that our beloved neighbors to the north are experiencing something upwards of 560 Wildfires raging out of control in the Canadian Province of British Columbia.

It is so bad that the Province declared a state of emergency. This is also the second year in a row that the Province of Canada has faced out of control, raging wildfires, and the second state of emergency in 15 years that has been declared.

It was reported that last year the state of emergency in BC was in place for something like 10 weeks.

The Canadian Province of British Columbia usually see roughly 2,000 wildfires a year however most are contained within a 24-hour period.

The Province has requested help from Canada’s Federal Government to help battle the fires that are raging out of control.

Sadly, this is news we are beginning to see other nations and countries face worldwide.

Canada Flag Heart Glossy Button

Canada, from the US to you, we fell you and we are sending you some love.

Cristal M Clark

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Wait, Offering to Murder President Trump?


Whose up for a little game of Murder Donald Trump?

I have to admit, that while I am not Donald Trump’s biggest fan, in fact I could really go for an old-fashioned impeaching here, suggesting or offering to murder the president is a wee bit much for me.


That’s a pill that I am not willing to support or even consider swallowing.

US agents, are already seeking a Kentucky man for posting death threats against the President back in June on Facebook of all places.

In the past year since the violence in the Charlottesville riots, the left has gotten to a point where they are becoming a real concern.


They have threatened to harm/kill Trump Officials, ICE agents, Boarder Control, police officers, children.

Even a former Bernie Saunders staffer took the chance to open fire on a group of Republican congressmen who were practicing baseball.


This past Sunday which marked the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville riots, the progressives, anarchists and black bloc thugs decided to get together and collectively and quite openly threaten to Murder President Donald Trump – On Camera!


The group is lovingly called Antifa.

Some would argue that the group is traditionally made up of the mistreated, repressed, held down and under privileged and the group does stand against the Neo Nazis/white supremacy.

But…Let’s be honest here.


Violence begets violence.


If you are not tolerant of the Neo Nazis, you are a hypocrite for making your own threats of violence against specific types individuals, groups, races or people who share a common belief in something.


Period and end of story.

These threats from Antifa from this past weekend, should have everyone concerned.

Especially when those threats target the President of the United States.

The reality is, it also makes that cause less worth listening to or paying attention to.

How can anyone take them seriously?

The point they are driving home for me is that since they are not getting their way, they are going to threaten to or actually behave violently in an effort just to prove a point.

They just want what they want or else, they will make serious threats of violence which will escalate into actual acts of violence.

That is not a guess it is inevitable.

No war was ever truly won once you get to the bottom of things.

Each side that participated lost far more than they ever gained, not to mention that war is usually brought on because one side or the other wants something, in other words some form of greed or one or more sides of that war want to control something.

Being an ever-evolving species should we not be evolving away from the likes of violence whenever possible?

We are attempting to evolve here, at least for many.

Sadly, that cannot be said for all.

And I get it, Trump is the lying, cheating, racist, hateful, womanizing, bigot, running the United States into the ground, turning the White House into a trailer park full of trash, and filled the swamp with more scum than we could ever handle and the man responsible for ruining our relationships with other nations and countries.

Got it, that is duly noted.

Still, the same, by offering to kill The President, threatening violence, spreading hate, the world who is watching us, sees us as exactly like the man some are now delightfully offering to murder.

If you support that, then you are also, no better than President Trump.

When one makes threats to harm someone and people show support for that, you are basically advertising that you are all for violence, mayhem and murder so long as it is getting you and the masses precisely what it is that you want.

Groups like this much like a terrorist group are pushing their own beliefs on us all or they will kill for them.

Tell me why in the hell we would want to stop the Mexican Cartels? I mean they are all for the violence and death they cause because, it is getting them what they want.

The same could be said for IS, the Taliban and all other terrorist groups, because they are just another group killing in order to get what it is that they want after all.

If you support groups like Antifa then you cannot very well condemn the cartels or any of the many terrorist groups around.

And all of this killing started with mere threats to do so from the Cartels, the terrorist groups.

They all kill in the name of getting simply what it is that they want and the cold hard facts about that are, they each started the killing, by killing their own prior to taking it to a worldwide level.

In short, is Antifa not just another terrorist group?


Under the 2001 USA Patriot Act, domestic terrorism is defined as “activities that (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the U.S. or of any state; (B) appear to be intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.”


Yes, FBI I am looking your way, get them on a terror group list now rather wait until they do something really stupid here.

Oh, wait yes, I see we have to wait for them to actually start killing Americans who do not share in their beliefs.

Sorry Mr. President but not even a threat or offer to murder you by a group of individuals who want to force others to stand with them or die can get them the coveted title of “terrorist group,” until someone is killed.

If these guys want to fight for something fight for the right to run for office and do a better job than Trump is, undo his ugliness or support someone who believes the opposite of Trump and his kind rather than grow the hate and violence.

So, the idiot award of the week actually goes to Antifa, for showing us all that you are not an evolving species but rather a group of children who suffer from anger management issues because you are not getting what you want.


Cristal M Clark

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Hackers – Hacking ATM’s?

Dollar Bills

ATM Cash-Out Goes World Wide

The Krebs Cybersecurity blog reported on Sunday of a new threat to the worlds banks.

Hackers are now able to hack bank or payment card processors and use the stolen information to withdraw large sums of cash from ATM’s pretty much everywhere.

Which can be done without the benefit of actual malware.


The FBI shared this information with the banking industry on Friday which they typically do from time to time as cyber threats come about, it’s known as a “private industry alert.”


The FBI is not required to make a public PSA about such cybersecurity threats but with the way Wells Fargo rips off its customers from the inside, one would think that the FBI would at the very least inform consumers of the threat considering that it would take someone like Wells Fargo years to report that customer bank accounts had been wiped out by hackers.


Not to mention refund it, they like to well let’s just say, sit on money.

Just throwing out facts based off of the way certain banks treat their customers.


In the meantime, since the financial industry and the FBI did not send out a warning to consumers, thankfully Brian Krebs did.

Cristal M Clark

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The company that Brought About the Flint Water Crisis


About to Give onto Another

Yes, you read that right. The company that is responsible for poisoning the residents of Flint, Michigan are about to share that wealth by poisoning the largest city in Africa.


Veolia the company in question is sitting at the top of the list of private companies who will be awarded the opportunity to fix the water infrastructure which is virtually crumbling in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Veolia not only destroyed Flints water systems which is still un-fucking-fixed, they also created major issues for Pittsburgh’s water infrastructure.

Now they are moving on to Lagos.


While the move makes sense from an economic standpoint, private companies have deeper pockets than governments do, from a human being standpoint it allows for private companies to toy with human lives by doing shoddy work, having no accountability, being dishonest, cheating and poisoning residents with zero liability or accountability for it.


All while being able to walk away from the nightmare virtually untouched, leaving a corporation still intact.

They have and offer no real transparency either.

Which is a problem. By offering no transparency the company really does not have to answer to anyone unlike if the responsibility were that of the governments they would have to be transparent, the government would then also by default be held accountable should the water come out like it did and still is in Flint Michigan.

Veolia for the record cannot and should not be trusted, they are under investigation in at least three countries.

Governments, if they wanted to could however make companies like Veolia accountable and hand down harsh fines, threaten to put board members in prison etc, when things like Flint, Michigan happen. These guys are no better than common criminals after all, they just have money.

It’s time to stop allowing big corporations to get away with poisoning the world and treat them just as what they are. Criminals.

Cristal M Clark

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Putin and Trump – Time to Break Up?


Russia To Donald Trump – “We Really Don’t Support Your Sanctions”


Is anyone else getting the vibe that the Bromance between Putin and Trump is a lot like watching a Novella? You really don’t know if they have kissed and made up before watching as yet another dramatic argument unfolds.


Maybe they should just agree to call it quits and break up the love affair, quite frankly, Putin could do better anyway.


So far this week Russia has slammed the US over the sanctions against Iran and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia would consider any US move to curb the operations of Russian banks or their foreign currency dealings a declaration of economic war.

This past Wednesday the US announced a new round of sanctions targeting Russia that seemingly did not sit very well with Russia.


Earlier in the week, Putin and his Russia noted that while the US may have reimposed sanctions against Iran after walking away from the 2015 nuclear deal, Russia announced that they would remain part of the accord and protect its economic relationship with Iran.

A pretty wise move personally.

That of course pissed the Don off and his response was that anyone doing business with Iran would not be doing business with the US.

So, as you can once again see here, Donald and Putin have once again found themselves in a lover’s quarrel.

This not a game Trump is going to win, sure he wants his empire to rise but his stupidity is only going to serve as the means to watch it fall.

Cristal M Clark

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PGA Held for Ransom

PGA Championship - Preview Day 2

Hackers Hit PGA with Ransomware Attack


Not even golf is safe from the likes of ransomware, the PGA has been hit with an attack demanding a nice bitcoin payout.


On Tuesday someone hacked into the PGA servers, days before the scheduled 8/9/2018 PGA Championship locking out the golf association.

Naturally, the hackers want some bitcoin should the PGA want to regain access to its servers, which may or may not mean that regardless of whether the PGA pays the ransom that they will ever be able to actually regain access to any and all files that were stored.

Yep, you read that right because typically this type of ransom attack renders whatever had been stored on the servers permanently inaccessible.

Have no fear tournament, the championship will still go on as planned.

It’s not a huge loss for the PGA as most of the information stored on the servers being held for ransom would don’t share private user data and its replaceable.


All in all, it could be worse, Comcast gave a gift to their subscribers in that a recent security flaw ended up exposing partial addresses and the social security numbers of what is estimated to be 26M Comcast customers.

Funny how I never saw that on the channel lineup.

Cristal M Clark

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Nazi’s and Hitler Talk – Donald Trump


It’s About Time to Just Stop Already


I keep hearing people refer to Trump as Hitler, when someone opposes the other party, they refer to them as Nazi’s and it is time to stop it with all of that already because neither is true.


Sarah Jeong is herself a racist bigot who continually accuses Trump of being another Hitler, she mocks white men and recently Donald Trump Jr. was on live television calling the Dems Nazis just because he opposes their way of thinking and their idealism.

It’s time to stop.

These individuals explain away their own bad behavior with little more than piss poor excuses so as to excuse them behaving the very same ways they accuse whomever they are going after of behaving.

If you want white male privilege to stop, racism to stop then you have to stop behaving in such ways yourself.


Donald Trump is certainly a racist, bigot, lying, cheating, womanizer who is intolerant of others, lacks any and all empathy for anyone other than himself but he is far from Hitler.

Hitler was a murderous sociopath who got off on torturing and murdering millions.

Trump is far from clever enough to pull that one off.

If you don’t agree with someone or like them or what they stand for, be smarter than they are by not throwing hate, racism and intolerance around.

Insult them the right way not by behaving exactly like what you say you oppose.


Cristal M Clark

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R.I.P Alex Jones


Social Media Dumps Alex Jones & InfoWars


Facebook, Spotify, ITunes, YouTube all walk into a bar…


Not a joke, collectively the social media giants dumped Alex Jones and his popular right-wing conspiracy theories, officially banning him altogether.


A move Alex claims is a global conspiracy against him.

Now Alex has reached out to the president himself asking the president to pressure the social media world into taking Alex back.

In fact, he suggested to Trump that he make the censorship a big deal in this year’s midterms.

Of course, dear old Alex is neglecting to actually mention why he was banned from the sites. He is just claiming that everyone out to get him. It is a global conspiracy against him I believe is what he actually said.

Alex Jones continually violated each sites terms of service, period and end of story.

Maybe it is or maybe, just perhaps it a global movement in that people are tired of hate speech that does little more but to encourage attacks on others.

The problem with guys like Alex isn’t that they are conspiracy theorists, it’s that not even they themselves actually believe the conspiracy nonsense they spread, the goal for them is to create discord amongst the masses.

That is what gets people like Alex off. They spread misinformation and doctor that up with the premise that is his opinion then try to sell it as a diehard fact.

For instance; Alex Jones loved to pick on the victims and family members of victims from the Sandy Hook massacre. One of the points was that he tried to sell it as an event that had been made up by the United States Government.

Like 911, conspiracy theorists have capitalized on man’s deepest darkest issue with government, trust.

To that effect, many conspiracy propaganda machines try to sell 911 as a US Government attack on its own and trust me I have met some of the whack jobs that buy into this stuff and let me just inform you, most of them did in fact, vote for Trump.

They will believe anything as long as it goes against all logic and reality.

In turn his hateful, ridiculous hate mongering created followers that found it easier to believe what Alex was selling because as Alex knew all too well, the masses have never really trusted the government anywhere, in any country or at any time throughout the history of man and government entities.

Alex perpetuated and very much glorified violence, he spread hate and encouraged people to cause harm to others at times.

Some of these individuals waged open outright war on victims and family members of victims who survived mass shootings through social media, and Alex Jones encouraged, fed and grew that behavior to proportions so great that many social media giants felt it was too dangerous to allow for it to continue.

The point is, no one wants to or needs to see the sort of hate and misinformation that Alex Jones spreads.

And yes Alex, it is a global movement, of individuals who kept reporting your hate to the social media giants, it has nothing to do with First Amendment rights, you violated yours Alex Jones.

Not social media giants collectively removing Alex Jones.

But rather, the masses that Alex kept trying to inform.

The man and his beliefs are a dying a breed. They no longer have a place in today’s world.

No one knows if Trump is going to help Alex here, hell while I am sure Alex might feel like Trump is ignoring him, it is most likely just that the president simply cannot hear Alex under all of the makeup.


I swear Donald Trump’s makeup allowance has to be eating into our national debt at epic proportions.

Has anyone caught his newest look?

We all thought a clown took the Oval Office and now he is sporting a look to match that notion.

As to Alex Jones, well sir, normally I do the idiot of the week on Wednesday but why not just go ahead and award that now.

Alex, this week’s idiot award is all yours.

Good Riddance Alex Jones and Infowars.

Cristal M Clark

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