Baltimore Police Face More Misconduct Woes – Caught Planting Evidence


Baltimore Police Department  and Prosecution Fail

This is a rather odd twist of fate for one Baltimore Police Officer and his fellow crew. It would seem that one Officer, Richard Pinheiro the use of body cameras could not have come at a worse time. And to make it even worse, the inability to actually know where the on/off button on said body camera is located, well that knowledge fell upon Richard way to late. 

Police Body Camera’s tend to record things such as but not limited to:

Arresting a suspect

A Foot Chase

A Bathroom Break


Planting Evidence

They do that because the body cameras that police typically wear, well those actually do ‘record” things. Which I thought was obvious but I guess I was mistaken?!?

Richard, according to the video did try to turn it off but he actually ended up just muting the camera instead of shutting it off. Just a minor detail. 

So in the January video footage from Richard Pinheiro’s own body camera, because he only muted his camera, it shows him planting evidence during an arrest. And if that were not bad enough, the case was actually scheduled for last week but was dropped because the public defender for the defendant requested to see the footage.

Forgive me here but wouldn’t a prosecutor review the actual evidence prior to actually oh, file actual charges and attempting to prosecute someone for a crime they really didn’t commit?

Do we no longer do that in this country, it’s just a free for all and hope that when someone is prosecuted he or she won’t have a proper defense thus gaining another notch in whatever prosecutors belt?


At least for Baltimore given last years disparaging report (August 2016), I am quite frankly shocked the prosecutor failed to look at the footage prior to bringing forth a case.

I’m sorry but if it were me, I’d be looking through that body camera footage for every case presented to me if I were the prosecutor, in Baltimore, to just make sure the cops didn’t make a mistake like PLANT EVIDENCE. But that is just me.

As a result of this case, because the officers involved are still witnesses in other active cases that are currently being pursued for prosecution in Baltimore City Circuit Court, Baltimore’s Office of the Public Defender is now, not surprisingly, demanding that dozens of cases, that Richard and his 2 illustrious colleagues were the arresting officers on, be dropped by the prosecutor’s office.

APTOPIX Baltimore Police Death

The Baltimore Police Department has had some pretty big issues surrounding police misconduct in the news for the past year if not longer. In fact in last years annual report the findings showed that the Baltimore police department had clear and ongoing issues surrounding police misconduct that ended up becoming national headlines.

One would think they might have learned after obtaining enough problems to fall into the national spotlight last year for bad behavior, but then again you know, not every crayon in the box is all that bright.

Cristal M Clark

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Rosie O’Donnell Encourages Pushing Trump off of a Cliff?


Push Trump Off A Cliff – Game in Poor Taste or Good Fun?

“If I am brutal and you use brutal methods to overcome me, then you become brutal like me. And this we have done for thousands of years. Surely there is a different approach than to meet hate by hate.” The Book of Life, By J. Krishnamurti

Rosie -O'Donnell-CrimeShop.jpg

It seems that Rosie O’Donnell can’t help herself here, Rosie and Trump have had a very long standing hate/hate type of relationship and generally enjoy things like trading insults, name calling and the like. This past weekend it would seem that she took to Twitter to share a link to the popular game, “Push Trump off A Cliff Again.”

The game was created by Justin Hook, a California-based app and game creator in what I am guessing was some form of light hearted protest to Trump becoming our President. It allows users to control a Trump figure, who can be thrown off a cliff, into a steaming volcano or down a New York City manhole as well as feed Trump to a hungry dinosaur.

While on the outside it seems like just a game and although I completely understand that people just loath Donald Trump and despise with a passion that he is now the President of the United States, I personally feel that the game and the encouragement to play it are both in rather disparaging poor taste.

I don’t much care for Trumps outlandish behavior at times or some of his choices for his administration, I would never suggest or encourage anyone to toss him off of a cliff. In a video game, in a letter, a drawing etc.

Here’s why, the game in and of itself encourages violence against an active US President and it could inspire an act of violence against Trump by a disturbed individual.

Many American’s feel a lot of Trump’s behavior is childish, foolish and un-president like. In fact a lot of the world finds most of what Trump says or does to be childish. Why on earth would someone take the time to stoop to that childish level and create a childish game aimed at a violent act that results in a sitting U.S. President’s death?

“Surely that thing which you fight you become.” The Book of Life, J. Krishnamurti

Cristal M Clark

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Jeff Sessions – Continues to Operate with Ineptitude

Jeff Sessions-War on Marijuana-CrimeShop.jpg

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions – Can we just give him a job that he can actually do?

Other countries are starting to take some pretty big notice of Trump and his Administration’s desire to keep America locked in a time that no longer exists. They are seeing, Trump and his Administration’s efforts to keep, forbade and prohibit America from moving forward in a progressive and well thought out manner, thus keeping America at the top of the food chain.

The Administration and policies it suggests at most turns seem to be a step at rolling back instead of forward. Which is the wrong direction as most of you would agree.

Jeff Sessions-Crime_Shop

One big todo has to do with how U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions feels about legal marijuana. Setting aside his announcement today to increase civil forfeiture and going with something simple. His take is that it (pot) is really no better than heroin although the yearly death rate of those that have OD’d on Marijuana has oddly and rather shockingly remained at zero, since oh the beginning of time. Shocking because Jeff seems so concerned that it is somehow a dangerous drug or a gateway drug of some type.


Yes, Marijuana is a gateway drug…to nacho’s, cheetos, and just about any junk food one could think of.

Of Marijuana users, if you were to actually take the time and look at those who are just using Marijuana, not mixing it with other drugs, legal or otherwise and alcohol you’ll note the users are typically non-violent, they just want to chill out for some reason.

Seems like really odd behavior for such a dangerous drug, right?

Well not according to our good friend Jeff Sessions who has vowed to lead this administration into all out war with states that have legalized. See, back in February, Donald Trump’s Department of Justice announced plans to aggressively go after states that have legalized both recreational and medical marijuana while good old Sean Spicer promised that Trump actually sees “a big difference” between the two.

I mean the guy (Jeff) is clearly just not qualified to do the job, he lacks any knowledge whatsoever about what is really going on here or even in the world, refuses to become educated and just wants things his way, because he can’t get past the fact that it just isn’t the 60’s anymore.   

A perfect example of Jeff’s ineptitude is that he once upon a time  made an ill fated joke that he thought the violent white supremacists of the KKK were and I believe it went a lot like, “okay until I found out they smoked pot.”  Then went on to establish a task force to investigate the connection between marijuana and violent crime. If actually done, you will find the report will be useless because cannabis users are typically non-violent until and unless you look at other contributing factors such as, other drugs used, alcohol and mental issues that may or may not be treated with other types of drugs. Again, to get a really good idea of cannabis users and so called violent crime, you’d have to look at just the pool of users who are strictly only using cannabis otherwise any task-force, study or numbers tossed out would be useless because they would not be factual but simply, just what this Jeff wants because he has a bone if you catch my drift. For no other reason that he wants it his way.

In rolling back states attempts at a much more sensible drug policy, Jeff is actually seeking to take America back to a time when misinformation and hysteria beat out science and reason.

Which also pretty much sums up the entire Trump Administration.

Let’s just look at a few facts:

Putin-Trolls-Donald-Trump-Crime- Shop

Trump’s approval rating is currently sitting at an all time low, in fact the majority of U.S. Presidents have never had the privilege of such a low approval rating. So quite frankly I am shocked that he is putting up that Napoleon Complex that just seeps from Jeff Sessions anytime the man enters a room, opens his mouth spatting out inept thoughts that are ill formed with the the sole desire to hold us back instead of move us forward.  

In fact, world wide Trump’s approval rating is even lower, and it continues to fall. Other Nations have an overall sense that Trump is in fact, destroying the United States, peice, by piece.

But here is the juice:

A recent Gallup poll found that 1 in 8 US adults admits to using cannabis and more than half have tried it. (I’m sure it’s a lot higher but you know people don’t want everyone knowing they use pot)

The US has 29 legal medical marijuana states

8 states have gone a step further and legalized cannabis for recreational use, allowing people over the age of 21 to enjoy it responsibly, like alcohol but without that pesky violent behavior that sometimes follows the use of heavy drinking.  

Another 14 states are looking to legalize marijuana


Here in Colorado, we topped a cool $1 Billion in cannabis sales last year alone, which in turn offered an even cooler $2 million in tax revenue for the state.

So why is this news now?

It’s not so much new news however, back in April Jeff called for a Justice Department task force to review policies in a number of areas, including marijuana. He requested recommendations “no later than July 27.”

Jeff Sessions is just an angry little man who just wants it his way and whose use is comparable to decaf coffee, it has no use and it belongs in the garbage.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Administration to Hand Cyber Command to U.S. Military

U.S. - NSA- CrimeShop

United States Military

So after many months of delay, the Trump administration is currently finalizing plans to revamp the nation’s military command for defensive and offensive cyber operations in hopes of “intensifying” America’s ability to wage cyberwar against the Islamic State group and other threats.


And what will the new plan look like? Well, the new U.S. Cyber Command would eventually be split off from the intelligence focused NSA because the reality is that it will allow U.S. Cyber Command more autonomy, freeing it from any constraints that stem from working alongside the NSA, who happens to be responsible for monitoring and collecting telephone, internet and other intelligence data from around the world. Which also happens to be a responsibility that often times tends to clash with military operations against enemy forces.

This is and I am shocked to admit it, a smart move considering it’s coming from the Trump Administration.

The move does stem from the escalating threat of cyberattacks and intrusions from other nation states, terrorist groups and hackers, and comes as the U.S. faces new and improved fears about Russian hacking following Moscow’s efforts to meddle in the 2016 Presidential Election.

The reality here is that other nation states have already created cyber armies made up of each respective nations military. The cyber army is it’s own unit and of the nation states that have these cyber units already in place, well let’s just say, they are years ahead of us so it will in fact, take the U.S. military time to find a balance let alone its footing.  


It will take time, the NSA already has what it needs to be the Cyber Command if it weren’t for things like losing intel, creating spy programs that were never approved and that were utilized to spy on U.S. Citizens that were oh, how do you say…unauthorized?

The point is, will the U.S. Military duplicate what the NSA already has, take/transfer or assume control over what the NSA already has or build the program from the ground up? The NSA has the people and the tools already in place, so my only question is, what is the price tag of putting something into place with a different agency, that is already more or less in place with the NSA currently?

This may just be me, but it seems that it would be less costly and far easier to change the rules by which the NSA is playing and move the NSA under the command of the U.S. Military.

Cristal M Clark

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HighRise – Intercepting and Redirecting Your Text Messages


The CIA’s dirty laundry, dirtier than we thought

In Thursday’s WikiLeaks dump it was revealed that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has yet another creeper-peeper tool, this one a little bit more on the disturbing side of things.


They are utilizing a rather nasty piece of malware codenamed “HighRise” aimed specifically at Android devices that can intercept and redirect your text messages.

In all reality this is not shocking, it is exactly what one would expect an intelligence agency to have and to use.


HighRise acts as a proxy server for text messages, and it was designed with one major flaw, HighRise must be manually installed onto a device, meaning that an agent would have to come into direct contact with the device in order to install HighRise.

So after getting to the point of handling a device, once installed, an application named TideCheck shows up in the list of apps on the device. TideCheck just so happens to house HighRise. The agent has to then open the app to start the program, then run a special code by entering the word “inshallah,” you’ll love what that means: “God willing” in Arabic. The code word is typed into a textbox that is disguised to look like it’s asking for an activation code for the app. Once the code is entered, the agent will have access the app’s settings.

After all of those hurdles the agent must go through, the initial installation kicks in and  HighRise runs in the background to perform its task. The application starts automatically every time the phone is powered on, so it could continue to intercept texts for more than a single cycle.

What is not clear is if the CIA is even still using the malware or if it’s been updated to work with newer android devices.

Again, not a shocking little piece of malware the CIA developed although what shocked me the most was how user unfriendly it is for any agent tasked with deploying it originally and I say originally because again, we have no idea whether or not the US Central Intelligence Agency has improved the product.

I would assume that they have, meaning it no longer would have to be manually installed on a device.

Not to worry however because, if the CIA didn’t improve it, someone else will or already has.  

Think about that one next time you are texting your beloved images of your naughty bits.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump – Russia Collusion – Fact or Fiction?


Trump’s Team and it’s Collusion with Russia


Let’s talk about the biggest elephant in the room shall we? Forget about Trump’s son and his meeting with Russia, the real elephant is the room is the fact that we simply, as in the entire world realizes and knows that Trump, his team and apparently family were in steady communications with those in Russia during the campaign.

It’s like when you know that a small child is doing something he or she should not have been doing, you know they did it, you know who they did it with, when they did it and when confronted with it, they are dishonest so then, you have to confront them with the evidence.

That is this whole team Trump – Russia situation. We all know already so stop trying to hide it and just tell the truth.

Donald Trump-CrimeShop

Not because the public demands it, but rather because Trump seems to feel a sense of being untouchable, above the law, unimpeachable. Fine, prove that you are those things simply by telling the truth if no laws were violated. 

Even die hard Trump supports have zero doubt of a collusion with Russia, they are fine with it because they didn’t want Hillary in office and so long as law’s were not broken it isn’t really a big deal.

So no one has any reason to lie except for one small fact.

In knowing the truth, how will world leaders react, better yet, what would that little tid bit of information do to current and future foreign relationships with the United States? My guess would be that is the sole reason why Trump and his team do not come forward with the full truth.

The fear of what it will do in terms of foreign relationships.

Still the same, everyone already knows the truth it seems rather silly to keep hiding it and only makes Trump and his team look pathetic. Like how Trump looked on Wednesday when he mistakenly claimed “I’ve done more in 5 months than practically any president in history.”

If he means by making the US Presidency look like a complete joke, then yes, I quite agree, but something tells me in his fragile little brain, he means something else entirely.

I mean which other world leader makes up a friendship (Jim the guy Trump loves to reference who does not exist but who will magically by next week because the HuffPost reported on this today), or who takes to Twitter to throw a temper tantrum, bash other individuals, foreign states, media outlets and the like?

Trump -JR-Meeting - with- Russia-Crime-Shop.jpg

Trump and his team really should take a cue from Trump Jr. He basically told the truth and although the mainstream media is making a big deal out of it, the truth is pretty simple, if he didn’t break any actual laws, not media made up one’s but actual real laws, then he didn’t do anything wrong.

What’s more and I know some of you will not like this, but has anyone ever heard of someone running for any office ever, that didn’t try to get dirt on his or her opponent and then broadcast said dirt like the damn commercials we are inundated with every time our states or local governments have an election?  

Cristal M Clark

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